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Giveaway Because You Guys Are Wonderful - Giveaway is CLOSED/OVER

BlackberryBlackberry Posts: 1,527Member
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The last week has been a rough one for me. I don't post about or talk about my own medical issues, but they're tough and day to day activities can be greatly impacted when I'm having a flare. My kitty Grif was deathly ill this last week too and I nearly lost him. But we caught it in time and he's on the mend. Also - so many sweet and dear people have sent me such loving gifts and notes that have encouraged and uplifted me - this forum is full of such caring people. I want to pay it forward just a bit. I have two children's backpacks to give away to two people in need. Please only ask for one if you truly need it or know someone who does. If you need one, please PM me with your name and mailing address or the name and mailing address of who to send it to. I will go with the first two people who PM me. I will do my best to fill the backpacks with a few school items too. Love you all!!
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