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Awesomely funny swap item descriptions

TamaraTamara Posts: 616Member
Do swap item description ever delight you so much, you want to initiate a swap just to say tell the swapper how awesome they are? I just found this and had that thought...

"This is the adjustable Helles Double Tier Ring in silver with turquoise stone. I'm from the Southwest originally and so I'm one silver and turquoise piece of jewelry away from taking cultural appropriation to a new level. I put this on and I hear pan flutes and the Kokopelli statues from my childhood home dance in my head like a vision from an old hippies LSD fueled flashback. Please take this from me. I'm going to end up with a dreamcatcher tattoo if I wear it. I cannot be trusted with it. Do you know how much turqouise jewelry I already own? I love it. It looks amazing on everybody. I have a problem. Someone save me from my stylistic errors. Like, does anyone have something classy in, say, red? or white? OR ANY OTHER COLOR AT ALL. My jewelry box looks like I mined smurfs for accessories. Would love to swap for the white stone in gold or silver or another jewelry piece. Trades as well. No beauty unless from an organic box (Looking for the Watermelon Art of Organics box) RV $90."

I think I love this woman. :D


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