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Question about Nature's Bounty Hair, Nails and Skin gummies

SusanDSusanD Posts: 204Member
Hi forum friends.....I have a question to pose to you all. I just had an awesome swap with a forum member. She was going to send me a followed item the gummies in a 40ct bottle. When she went to gather my stuff she found she had a 120 Ct bottle and was kind enough to send me that instead for she had a few 40 Ct bottles already. It came today and when I opened it there was no plastic seal on the outside or paper/foil seal on the inside. The cap had a little give at first but then opened up. I questioned the seal and she wasn't sure. She looked into it she found out she received the 120 Ct in a swap. So now we both wonder if that count was ever offered in a box or just the 40 Ct. and if it was and you received it do you recall if it was sealed?? She also stated that some of her 40's were sealed and some were not. The thought is maybe coming through a sub box they are not all sealed unlike if you boughtbin a store

Thanks all!!!


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