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Welcome to the MSA Forum Trick or Treat Box Exchange 3.0!

Everyone is welcome to participate, but must follow the GUIDELINES in this post. (We may modify the GUIDELINES in the future depending on how this goes.)

Basic Rules:
1. At least one item in the Trick or Treat box must be from a subscription box, but the exact ratio of items from/not from subscription boxes is up to the sender. (Please somehow indicate items that are not from subscription boxes in your package so that they don’t accidentally end up on the swap site.)
2. Brand new items only. Do not include items that have been swatched or otherwise used or tested in any way. Do not include expired items.
3. Retail value guidelines are estimates, but please try to stick close to these to be fair to everyone. (Even if an item can be found for less than retail, has gone on sale, etc., let’s stick to retail value to keep this simple for everyone.) Retail Value (RV) refers to the total value of all items in the box; it does not include packaging materials or shipping costs.
4. We are allowing food/candy/alcohol this time.
5. Consider making your box festive somehow to keep this fun and different from a normal swap.

1. The exchange begins when this post is online.
2. Anyone who sends me an email with the information requested below by 10 PM Pacific, Saturday, September 16, 2017 will be included in the exchange.
3. I plan to send everyone an email reply containing the information for their match(es) as soon as possible, but not later than Tuesday, September 19.
4. Keep a copy of your tracking number just in case. You do not need to send this number to me.
5. All packages should be delivered by Tuesday, October 24th, at the latest.
6. We will have an optional reveal thread where people can post what they receive if they would like to. If you don't want to post photos or a description that is fine, but please at least acknowledge when you receive your box so your match is not left wondering.
7. I plan to provide periodic reminders here about the timeline for everyone’s convenience.

To participate, please send an email to [email protected] including all of the following information:
1. Your forum name
2. Your real name
3. Mailing address USA or Canada addresses only. If you are in Canada and want to participate, please sign up! I will match Canadians together. :)
4. Your swap user ID number**** (OPTIONAL, but can help inform the person receiving your name about you if they choose to look at it)
5. Five things or categories of things you like (for example, jewelry, sheet masks, Harry Potter, books, dog toys, etc.). You can also add your favorite colors/scents here if you want to in addition to the 5 categories.
6. What Halloween themes are your favorite(s)? (pick one or more from this list): cute, scary, creepy, horror/gore, autumn (OPTIONAL) (This doesn't guarantee anything regarding what you will or will not receive, but your match can refer to this if they want to.)
7. Are you okay with receiving food/candy/alcohol? Please specify.
8. If yes to 7, list any food allergies you want the person receiving your name to be aware of.
9. Number of matches you want (We are limiting this to 3 matches maximum if you already participated in a past forum exchange and/or have a satisfactory swap history.) If you are brand new, you can request one match in the lowest RV category for this exchange. If you request multiple matches and/or the mid or high range RV categories, please tell me how you qualify for that here (for example, participated in past exchange or your swap user ID number**** if you didn't list it already above.)
10. Which category/categories you want to participate in for each of your matches:

Trick (Retail Value $20-34)
Treat (Retail Value $35-50)
The Great Pumpkin (Retail Value $51-70)
Pumpkin XL (Retail Value $71-100)

Note that Retail Value category is per match. If you want a match in more than one Retail Value category, please make that clear or I will assume you want your match(es) in the same category.

For example, if you want one match in each of 3 different RV categories, you would write:

Match 1: Trick
Match 2: Treat
Match 3: The Great Pumpkin

or if you want 2 matches both in the Treat category, please write:

Match 1: Treat
Match 2: Treat

In order to have an even number of matches in any particular category, it is possible I might have to move a person to a lower RV category. I try to avoid doing this, but it is not always possible. I will never move anyone up into a higher RV category than requested.

11. Anything else you want me to know in making your match. (The default will be random matches within a Retail Value category, but I will make sure you are not matched with the same person multiple times, etc.)

****Your swap user ID number can be found by logging into the swap site from a non-mobile device, clicking on the upside-down triangle in the top right corner of the screen, and then clicking on My Swaps, and then on Profile Page. The URL information at the top of your screen will contain your swap user ID number: for example where XXX is your swap user ID number.

Fine Print:
By sending me your information, you agree to follow all GUIDELINES listed in this post. (I do not plan to modify the GUIDELINES listed here, but reserve the right to do so if necessary. I will notify everyone if that happens.) I am not participating in this exchange. MSA reserves the right to deny participation to anyone if deemed necessary. I will not share your information with anyone aside from the person you will be matched with. Note that the person whose name you receive may or may not be the same as the person who receives your name. Please reach out to me with any questions.

Have fun! :)
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