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Item returned to sender

annazannaz Posts: 244Member
Hi more experienced swappers

Can you please advise how long it takes for a package that is "returned to sender" to make it's way back via USPS? I recently had a swap where the other swapper forgot to update her address after moving, and informed me that when my package was almost delivered. She said she had the package at the old address directed to be returned to me and that was about 1.5 weeks ago at this point. Any idea how long it may take to get back to me?

I'm getting kinda stressed out about it since she wants me to re-mail it to her (which I am fine with) but I'm worried that it's just lost now in USPS mysteryland. I don't have a backup/duplicate of the item in question (a FFF necklace) so am really really hoping it does get returned to me soon so I can finally complete this swap.

@Jennifer3141 maybe you have some advice/info too on this? A girl can hope :)

Thanks everyone!


  • careybcareyb Posts: 1,295Member
    Hi! What's the tracking say? When it goes back to a sender it will usually show the progress.
  • annazannaz Posts: 244Member
    @careyb Tracking says delivered at front desk (of her old address) and hasn't been updated since :(
  • CarmenCarmen Posts: 205Member
    @annaz I had this once with something I sold through eBay. I took two weeks for the package to get back to me from NY to LA. The tracking did not get updated and I was very nervous that the package got lost but at the end everything worked out :)
  • annazannaz Posts: 244Member
    @Jennifer3141 yep she did and thanks for the calling tips, I will call later today and hope they can help

    @Carmen good to know, thanks!

    @wldflowur13 She didn't contact usps, she said she called the front desk of the old building and they said they had the package returned to sender.
  • HappyCatHappyCat Posts: 1,383Member
    @annaz Assuming the receiver returned it and didn't keep it, it seems to depend on the post office. You did what you where suppose to do so you needed worry about her not getting it. She is responsible for putting in her correct address. If and when you receive it you should letter her pay for shipping.

  • Jennifer3141Jennifer3141 Posts: 3,135Member
    @annaz The story is a little different than I'd thought. If it were me, before I called USPS, I would get my Google on and get the phone number for the front desk at the old building. I could call them and verify the story and get the date of when it was picked back up to be returned to you. If it's been less than a week, I'd give it a bit more time.

    If the front desk can't verify the story, I'd have a chat with the swapper and ask her to follow up with the folks at her old building.

    If they can and it's been more than a week since the package was sent back to you, then I'd call USPS.
  • flirtmdflirtmd Posts: 618Member
    @Jennifer3141 as usual you are a wealth of knowledge. Who knew carrier would be the magic word at USPS as in my experience, the carrier is usually why I need magic to happen!

    Just remember… "Life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes."
  • CCBloomCCBloom Posts: 252Member
    edited September 12
    @annaz I had a package show up as delivered to my house from a swap partner and it never was. I had no luck tracking it down with USPS. I even filed a claim with no luck.
  • ducktorwhoducktorwho Posts: 597Member
    edited September 12
    I would recommend calling the post office there. If you google "post office" and the zip code on the tracking (the post office it was at last) then you can usually find it. I've had great success with this. Tell them the situation and they can likely help you track it down.

    By the way, I've had this happen when selling something before and the person almost acted like it was my fault. I'm glad to hear that your swap partner isn't blaming you for it.
  • nelliebelle1197nelliebelle1197 Posts: 2,592Member
    @annaz um, the other swapper should be doing all this. She made the mistake and at this point it is all on her. Don't work yourself up over this or go out of your way.
  • Jennifer3141Jennifer3141 Posts: 3,135Member
    @annaz To clarify: I had thought that the other swapper had contacted USPS and the package was now lost somewhere in the USPS system. I didn't realize this was all dependent on her word that a third party had done the legwork on this.

    My suggestion that you contact the front desk at her old building yourself was so that you could verify from the source that the story is true. After that, the responsibility for tracking down the package lies with the swapper who didn't provide you with a correct address, didn't arrange with USPS to have her mail forwarded, and didn't give her old building a forwarding address.
  • annazannaz Posts: 244Member
    @nelliebelle1197 @Jennifer3141 thanks for the additional advice, appreciate it! Part of me feels bad even though I know it's not my fault and I'm also worried since she hasn't left feedback yet that she will leave negative feedback if I can't somehow get USPS to track down the item.
  • SKDSKD Posts: 236Member
    I agree with @Jennifer3141 and @nelliebelle1197 You are going out of your way and fulfilled your end of the swap as well as agreed to reship should it make its way back to you. If the address was incorrect the swapper knew this before the swap was accepted and should've communicated that.
  • wldflowur13wldflowur13 Posts: 687Member
    I agree with @nelliebelle1197 as well. This is something that the other swapper should be doing. She should be making these calls and trying to figure out where the package went. You shouldn't be having to stress and spend a lot of time or effort doing this. Maybe politely message her and just say that you've still not gotten the package back and that maybe she should call her old building or the usps to try and see what's going on.
  • KatieKatie Posts: 293Member
    Did she not fill out a change of address form? That's odd - it would have been sent automatically.

    We had a package go in limbo when we moved earlier this year and we figured it had to be misdelivered to start as we had mail being forwarded but unsure of that. It took over 2 months for us to get it from when it was originally "delivered", based on all the times it was scanned (it was an item we didn't know ahead of time was being mailed to us, so it was a surprised when it showed up and we looked at the tracking nonsense!).
  • lisadlisad Posts: 2,347Member
    It's your swappers fault, tell her you will let it know if it comes back so she can PayPal you additional shipping to resend at that time but she needs to figure it out from here. If you get bad feedback let msa know.
  • Brandi1441MarieBrandi1441Marie Posts: 236Member
    I think this is a case where you could talk to Chris about removing the feedback. I mean in her own words she did admit the package was delivered to the place she herself put for you to send to. But I do think it's really sweet you are going above and beyond to help her out. But that's the key word you are not making this right (because you have no fault) you are helping her out.
  • annazannaz Posts: 244Member
    thank you all for the additional advice! I appreciate it and it definitely is making me less stressed about this swap

    @Katie nope, she said she didn't have mail forwarding in place

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