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How Do You Feel About Non-Sub Box Listings on the Swap Site

nelliebelle1197nelliebelle1197 Posts: 2,653Member
edited September 26 in Swaps
Just wondering what everyone thinks. I have noticed a couple swappers who are posting non-sub box items from sub box brands, which seems really extra sneaky! As you all know, this is against the rules. But are you a rebel or a good girl/boy? Personally, if I catch this, I flag and won't swap with the person. I don't feel I can trust people who are dishonest in their listings.

How Do You Feel About Non-Sub Box Listings on the Swap Site 113 votes

I always flag and/or report
47% 54 votes
Does not bother me
52% 59 votes


  • ChristinaCChristinaC Posts: 50Member
    I voted that I always flag, and I do - but only if it's blatantly obvious that the item isn't from a subscription box. For example I've flagged Mainstays candles. They're from walmart, and I know they've never been in any subscription box.
  • nelliebelle1197nelliebelle1197 Posts: 2,653Member
    @SMZ if it is from a smaller box, I always research before I flag unless it is blatant.
  • NyxNyx Posts: 1,568Member
    edited September 26
    I leave the flagging only to truly obvious violations. If it's a sub box brand I just assume they either got it as an add on or they possibly bought it, didn't like it, tossed in their pile of rejects and forgot where it came from. If you are listing stuff and you find a ready-made listing, people are going to assume they got it from that box and forgot. Like sometimes I will do a search for an item I want to list when I don't remember where I got it and ten listings come up for a box that I get. I just assume that's where I got it and I can give others that benefit of the doubt as well. Never assume bad intentions when forgetfulness explains it. EDIT: I just realized that's not really what you're talking about. You're talking about when someone makes a new listing and picks a box that it could have come from. Okay. Sneaky. I guess if it's the only listing for the item, that could be a giveaway that the listing was created just to swap that one non-sub item. I have noticed some of those but I don't flag as I really just don't know.
  • PamPam Posts: 2,234Member
    I agree with @whitpick There are some grey areas. I'm okay if someone posts something that they got with say a FFF gift cert. or if it seems like maybe they aren't sure what box they got it from but its clear its from a sub. But every once in awhile there are a ton of Little Black Bag posts, which hasn't been around in ages, and its clear someone is posting things not from them all at once to sell things that aren't from a sub box.
  • Julie39Julie39 Posts: 61Member
    @nyx I agree. I will periodically go through my products that I intended to use and haven’t and look them up on the swap site. Sometimes I’m not sure what box it came from so if I don’t see the item or it doesn’t match a box I get I know it isn’t a sub box item.
  • NyxNyx Posts: 1,568Member
    @Julie39 - If I look up an item I want to swap and it's listed under boxes I don't get, that's a sure sign I got it from another swapper. In that case I still list it but note that I swapped for it and just never used it. I note it because some people will avoid items that have changed hands numerous times, some don't care, especially if it's non-perishable like a necklace or throw blanket.
  • Jennifer3141Jennifer3141 Posts: 3,161Member
    There are honest mistakes and occasional confusion, but then there are people who abuse the system- that's who we're talking about here.

    I agree with @nelliebelle1197's point that if a person is willing to engage in these kinds of shenanigans, their honesty in general is in question and I'm not going to swap with them.

    I've never sold on eBay, but I've heard from many others that it's not difficult and can be quite profitable. Why bother looking like a sneak on MSA when you can openly sell your goodies with pride just a couple of clicks away? Use the cash for all the fabulous LE boxes that are about to start coming out and then swap away with a clear conscience.
  • NyxNyx Posts: 1,568Member
    @Jennifer3141 - That's exactly what I do - I sell quite a few of the beauty items I can't use on ebay but I wouldn't call it profitable. Retail arbitrage is rarely profitable on these little beauty sub items. I'm just making a small dent in my bills by clearing ten bucks for a box of maybe 17-20 items I would never use. My downfall is that etsy takes paypal and when I sell a few things on ebay I am tempted to go shopping on etsy!
  • reneewreneew Posts: 754Member
    I voted that I flag, but only when blatant, because sometimes I'm not sure.
  • LaurenLauren Posts: 618Member
    I think it'd be nice if maybe there was a "hidden" non-sub box swap for people with a certain number of swaps completed (people who have shown they can be trusted - like an achievement level you can unlock!). There's one swapper with a substantial number of listings from what I think is a defunct box to the point I just figure its their TJ Maxx hauls.

    My bigger irk is product age left unmentioned. I don't want crusty Birchbox samples from 2013.
  • MariaNGMariaNG Posts: 1,800Member
    edited September 26
    @Pam most current listings from LBB are from there. I was very active on LBB, and have looked through the listings and found a couple that are questionable but not the majority. For example, I don't remember Disney Couture, but perhaps I never traded for them. And there's some jewelry without a brand name that I question. There were some crazy shoes available near the end. When I see Jules Smith, All the Rage, Stephan & Co, Ettika, bindy bracelets, I see a lot of memories! Oh, and Emma Fox and Pour La Victoire. I still love my Emma Fox bags and PlV shoes.
  • MisaMisaMisaMisa Posts: 635Member
    @MariaNG I still miss LBB! Maybe one day I'll get around to listing all my LBB stuff that I still haven't gotten around to using. Were you there for the pink mazzie craziness? I swapped so hard for that one... And it's just sitting in my closet, lol.
  • MariaNGMariaNG Posts: 1,800Member
    @MisaMisa I was around for most of it but did not get into that particular craziness. I had some epic swaps for leather bags though. And when LBB ended, I had so many bags in "inventory". I wished I'd saved a pic of the huge box I got. All of my gfs and female family members got to pick a bag :).
  • jewlzjewlz Posts: 1,303Member
    @Pam that isn't entirely true. I found a black leather bag in my swap stash when I moved last year. Still in plastic. It was from LBB which had been gone for years but there were other swappers here who had the same bag and lots of us remembered it. I didn't list it for fear of ppl thinking exactly what you did and flagging it. However I should have been able to because it was 100 percent legit but I just wasn't down for the hassle or suspicion so I gave it away. Not your fault or others who would assume that but just to clarify despite us all being screwed over to the point of being jaded that sometimes it is legit. But since I'm as jaded as everyone else I knew I would have found it suspect so I didn't list it lol.
  • MisaMisaMisaMisa Posts: 635Member
    @MariaNG Yes! Those boxes were huge! We cut out a door and windows and made one of them into a play house for my daughter.
  • PamPam Posts: 2,234Member
    @jewlz @MariaNG That may not always be the case, but I definitely have seen people flagged left and right because almost everything they've posted is under LLB and clearly not from there, even multiples of the same things in different colors etc.
  • Jennifer3141Jennifer3141 Posts: 3,161Member
    @Nyx It makes sense that the "margin" on smaller beauty products sold on eBay is pretty small, especially after shipping and fees. I was thinking more of the folks who list the hero items from Box of Style and some of the luxe boxes. I know a couple of people who cover a healthy portion of their sub box budget that way.

    Anyway, my point wasn't to advocate for the joys of eBay, just to suggest that there was an alternative for folks who have a large stash of non-sub box stuff they'd like to see gone.
  • mycatbuttersmycatbutters Posts: 827Member
    I do wish we were able to list one non sub listing per person or something. I have a lot of sub box stuff that I would trade for a couple of used non sub paperbacks or planner stuff.

  • whitpickwhitpick Posts: 1,193Member
    @mycatbutters if there were a "box" category that was Other - NonSub or something, where people could post things - like the cute stuff in the Cute Finds! thread - I would be interested in swapping. As long as people are up front about it.
  • whitpickwhitpick Posts: 1,193Member
    @jewlz imho, the difference between something like a 1951 purchased from the manufacturer, and candles bought for super cheap on hollar, is that in the former you've actually paid a retail value much closer to the listed RV, even on sale. If you then swap for a comparable RV item from a box, the actual split-price-adjusted cost is likely much higher with your purchased 1951. But I've also heard people may be buying things on AliExpress which are clearly fakes and very cheap. That is just not kosher at all and really concerns me.
  • GrishmaGrishma Posts: 1,905Member
    I voted that I flagged... but I have several points here...personally most of the time i don’t know which box an item came from (this is when I’m looking at others listings, not for my own items). I don’t subscribe to lifestyle boxes yet so when a lot of listings show FFF for the same item I do tend to ignore to check whether they are true or not. Maybe I should do the research in the future but till date I haven’t. Secondly - I did try the other day to give away my gift cards from a non sub box retailer for sub box swaps on the iso thread but deleted the post soon when pointed out since that really is against msa rules. I guess I got desperate to get rid of the damn reward point cards. (P.S - I don’t know if that’s what everyone is talking about when they mention the Visa card swapper, hopefully not!)
    Thirdly, I have seen listings from people saying ‘I received this as an extra in a swap’. I’ve even done those kind of listings a few times. Ofcourse if you have to make a new listing for just that item (and you can’t find it on MSA already) then you should just NOT make the listing. For unknowns tread with caution. But if you don’t know if an extra is a non sub box item and you find MSA listings for it then wouldn’t you add your listing too? I think that’s what confuses me the most. And that’s what might confuse a new swapper as well.

    For those who are blatantly making listings knowing that the item isn’t from a sub box (esp the first listings), that’s just pretty bad. And I don’t think MSA’s swap definitions are ambiguous at all. At that point a swapper is just choosing to I guess ignore the rules?

    Lastly I’ve been looking for that back scrubber listing just to ask if the swapper really means a used back scrub. That’s a grossly hilarious listing.
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