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Robb Vices - October 2017 - *Speculation* & *Spoilers*

AlexAlex Posts: 832Member
Since the September thread is already full of speculation.... ;)


  • rwbowserrwbowser Posts: 136Member
    So much speculation. It's basically a hobby now. I really thought I was on to something with that single malt, and I hadn't seen it before since apparently it was used 2 years ago. Dang! Now to stalk Instagram to look for hints.
  • AnnAnn Posts: 2,020Member

    I don't necessarily think you are wrong. What you spotted was a good clue. Another forum member also is correct that Robb Vices does occasionally repeat -- like the tequila box that had two different lower RV tequilas and a tequila worm lollipop and then the more recent box with one higher RV bottle of tequila from the same brand.
  • rwbowserrwbowser Posts: 136Member
    There were some bar accessories pictured as well that I didn't recognize but I've only been subscribing to RV for less than a year.
  • ikimashokieikimashokie Posts: 194Member
    @rwbowser I'm stalking you, it's a good month for the VA Distillery cider finish.
  • rwbowserrwbowser Posts: 136Member
    @ikimashokie I'd be all about that. I'm interested in what they do this month--well, every month--but seeing that the Highland Park bottle was featured so prominently in the RV ad I was convinced that was what it would be. Maybe after the DiRocco leak they don't want to run the ads with new items?
  • bunneebunnee Posts: 481Member
    I would love a nice port or brandy!
  • cleegiantscleegiants Posts: 1,854Member
    i would LOVE a hard cider!

    I stalked looked at Highland Park's website and saw they have a new 18 year Viking pride that is 'coming soon'. Would be great if RV subscribers got early access to it, but not holding my breath for that.

    I'm trying to decide when to use my gilt city voucher for a double box. I think the voucher has to be used by early November, so do I subscribe for October or November? November is my birthday month though, plus it might have some things for Christmas to use. Oh the decisions.
  • ginamarie135ginamarie135 Posts: 667Member
    They did hard cider in one box (Shacksbury...last November I think), but it wasn't anything spectacular (I would know I drink a LOT of hard cider lol). The can was better than the bottle if I remember correctly. I'd be down for more cider if it's an improvement over that!

    Another alcohol option would be a framboise, kriek, peche or similar Belgian fruit-infused beer. They have become a lot more popular recently (similar to the rise of cider for probably the same reason), and a lot more have come onto the market rather than just the traditional Lindemans. Brewers like Ommegong and other Belgian staples have expanded into offering one or two of these. They can definitely run close to $20 (or more in some cases) for a large bottle, so it would be similar to what they offered with the Shacksbury value wise.
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  • megabnmegabn Posts: 116Member
    Thanks for saying something, @cleegiants, it's 11/3/17.
    Hmmm...... October or November???
  • AlexAlex Posts: 832Member
    @ginamarie135 I would love a Belgian beer, and think it would be sort of seasonal (not that they always stick to the seasons). Also hoping for some chocolate since it’s Halloween! Maybe they will do a dark perfume/cologne? Or a “manly” candle?
  • reneewreneew Posts: 754Member
    @Alex I'm sooo hoping for no candles in RV. So many other boxes have that category super saturated already. :)
  • rwbowserrwbowser Posts: 136Member
    I'm too picky about cologne, having worn the same scent from Creed since college, so any new one would just go in my guestroom's bathroom. Candles are good though. I haven't burned my charcoal candle all the way through yet, from Apotheke, and it has been great. Wife doesn't like it though so I only burn it when she isn't around. I feel like I'm the only one here who only has one subscription box (RV) so I don't get a ton of candles every other month :) I'm hoping for something different and interesting like cufflinks or an interesting belt buckle or a nice pocket knife. And booze. Always booze. The aperitif in this month's box is highly addictive with club soda. Will need more soon.
  • ikimashokieikimashokie Posts: 194Member
    Pocket knives and booze don't mix.

    Sadly I was telling my coworker that I was on the fence about a renewal come March because this last box filled my booze shelf. Maybe it's more reason to make the closet.
  • bunneebunnee Posts: 481Member
    @rwbowser - as a country girl originally from Missouri, I have a decent pocket knife in my car. I used to have a pretty little pearl handled one in my purse, but TSA got it, so I learned my lesson
  • ginamarie135ginamarie135 Posts: 667Member
    @rwbowser I could see something like a fancy pocket knife. I probably have no reason to have it, but it would make a great gift for several in my family.
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  • whitpickwhitpick Posts: 1,192Member
    edited September 27
    @rwbowser @ginamarie135 @bunnee My dad got me a hot pink small Swiss army knife when I was in college. I got a newer one a few years ago. It goes on your keychain, and I always have a knife and scissor when I need it (also has essential tools like a nail file & tweezers!). And I make sure to leave at home when I travel by plane!
  • Carla618Carla618 Posts: 28Member
    Another girl with a knife. I keep mine in my purse. It's amazing how often I use it.
  • miccartymiccarty Posts: 205Member
    I'm originally from Texas, and count me in as a woman with a knife as well. If nothing else, I use it all the time to open packages, lol.
  • bunneebunnee Posts: 481Member
    @rwbowser - LOL @ drunks-on-the-go ; ) My hiking friends always set goals, if we hike THIS far, we can break out the food and the booze!
  • rwbowserrwbowser Posts: 136Member
    That's a solid rule, @wallapopit . My son is only 2.5 so he's a long way off from his first pocket knife, but I'll have to remember that rule--my oldest is 6 and hasn't asked for a knife yet but she did get a nice bow and arrow for her 5th birthday and has been very safe with it.

    I really want RV to do more semi-custom experiences, like they did with the hat (which I didn't sign up early enough for). So many companies like that, we could get custom belts, or sandals, or something else fun. I hope Daniel reads this!
  • wallapopitwallapopit Posts: 412Member
    @rwbowser We've only had to put it in effect once, when he decided to cut out a pencil eraser. So. Much. Blood. *shivers*

    I like the idea of a semi-customized experience!
  • NyxNyx Posts: 1,566Member
    Knives aren't a southern thing.. all my peeps are from NY and love their knives, too.
  • jewlzjewlz Posts: 1,303Member
    @Nyx and @reneew I had to laugh at the reference to your shocked brother in law from Chicago. I am from Chicago and can vouch for never owning a knife in my life that didn't go in a rack in my kitchen or packed with camping gear. I am so intrigued by this convo and learning it was is so common. I'd have had the shocked reaction lol. I can honestly say carrying a knife with me had never even crossed my mind lol.
  • whitpickwhitpick Posts: 1,192Member
    @jewlz my little pink Swiss army knife is a knife with which you would slice cheese in a pinch or open a package - definitely not as a weapon. LOL!
  • DarCoDarCo Posts: 638Member
    @jewlz country girl here. I have pocket knives all various sizes stuffed around the house, in all my vehicles, in my purse, backpack, etc. Not sure why I have so many except that I keep seeing new ones I just have to have.. lol. But in all honesty, they really do come in handy and sometimes you can get a look of appreciation (or surprise) when you whip one out in front of the guys o:) I'm Darlene in the real world
    Be curious about the world around you, and never stop learning
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