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Issue w/recv broken item

luckymarypluckymaryp Posts: 5Member
Has anyone ever had this happen and what is the best solution? I recv a $38 rv broken and the other swapper isn't willing to fix this. Suggestion? Does Chris get involved in these issues? How can I get in touch with her?


  • LaurenLauren Posts: 618Member
    Was the box insured? If it was sent priority mail, it has 50$ insurance automatically. You'll need pics of the box, packaging and item to file a claim. I've had this happen twice, thankfully the box had insurance both times.
  • luckymarypluckymaryp Posts: 5Member
    Yes Irvine was sent priority but I don't have the original box anymore only the tracking number. The box was bigger the the swapper placed it in a padded envelope but didn't stuff it so it had room to move. That's why I think it broke. But can I file a claim with the number alone?
  • LaurenLauren Posts: 618Member
    I had to provide pictures of the item, proof of the items value (a screen grab of the web page where you could purchase it was sufficient) and shipping box but you can always try. I can't imagine there's a huge market in filing 38$ false claims.
  • luckymarypluckymaryp Posts: 5Member
    Thanks i will do that
  • MiriamMiriam Posts: 1,827Member
    I have never filed a claim before but if luckymaryp files the claim won't the money go to the shipper of the item? And if she is unwilling to replace the broken item isn't it safe to assume she'll just keep the money too?

    @luckymaryp I think you should message chris as well, she can be very persuasive sometimes.
  • cindybear0320cindybear0320 Posts: 751Member
    I do think it’s crappy the swapper is not willing to help! Make sure u put it in the feedback
  • Brandi1441MarieBrandi1441Marie Posts: 254Member
    I agree with @cindybear0320 if it is clearly her fault in the packaging of the item she should take responsibility and return your items. If it's a case of usps mishandling then go the claim route. You can message chris and ask her what the best course of action would be that way you know how to handle it from an official at least.
  • LaurenLauren Posts: 618Member
    @Miriam either the shipper or the recipient can file a claim but it can only be one or the other. Part of the process is declaring both the sender and recipient names / addresses.
  • Jennifer3141Jennifer3141 Posts: 3,161Member
    I've filed a claim before. I was the sender. I filled out a form on-line. I did not need the box, just the tracking number. I also included a scan of the receipt for the item (I'd purchased it on line, received it, and then sent it on as part of a forum exchange) as well as pictures of the broken item.

    I received a check in under two weeks. I was reimbursed only for the cost of the item, not the cost of shipping the item from the retailer to me, or for the postage I paid to send it onward to my exchange partner.

    Here's the site where you can file the claim:

    You may need to create an account at first. I'm not sure if you can get to the form without logging in.
  • itshollyagainitshollyagain Posts: 33Member
    I filed a claim when I did a swap on a different site. My package was shipped VERY securely but it was like the Post Office was mad at me that day. I should try to find pictures because my box was legit smashed in on one side. Now, I'm not saying we shipped wine to each other. But my box was literally leaking. I had the ability to get paid or have her get the money, IIRC.
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