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NYLON box - anyone else not received Sept yet?

Has anyone else not yet received their September NYLON box? I sure wish they would send shipping info! My payment came out of my credit card on the 15th, same date as the two previous payments.


  • lilyannelilyanne Posts: 62Member
    I skipped September and got the box anyway! So you should definitely contact them about your missing box.
  • MidoriMidori Posts: 24Member
    I skipped September as well and the box randomly showed up at my house. I've never received a shipping notice from Nylon Box. You should be able to see tracking info on their website, but if not definitely send them an email. They are very good about responding in a timely manner.
  • KimberlyBKimberlyB Posts: 32Member
    @lilyanne @Midori Thank you both for your replies! I contacted Customer Service, who was really friendly and apologetic. She looked up my first box, and it never went past the limbo of Pre-shipment, so she sent another and it showed up yesterday, hurray!

    I hadn't gotten tracking info on the previous two boxes, and I never thought about going to their website to look, thanks for the idea~
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