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Gingiber Mystery Box! (Spoilers)

Origami99Origami99 Posts: 218Member
edited October 1 in POPSUGAR Must Have
I just got my Gingiber mystery box and it is FABULOUS!!! I've listed below what was in mine. If you ordered one, I'd love to hear what you received!

FYI - the box was $50 and is sold out. (It sold out in less than a day.)

I received

- 3 tea towels ($54) one each of the following: owl towel (yup, just like the one that in the upcoming Sugarbash box. And yes, it's great!!); the chicken (has 1 large chicken, b/w); and the roosters and chickens towel (in color). See all towels here:

- Tiger and stars notebook set ($10) - two A2 pocket notebooks w lined paper.

- Things to do notepad w lion (reg $9 on sale for $6).

- zoo animal perpetual birthday and milestones calendar (reg $20, on sale for $16).

- giraffe print, 8x10 B/W. (est $24). This is a print of the same giraffe image as shown in the cover of the perpetual calendar above. It's not listed online, but their similar prints of this size go for $24.

- six hedgehog diecut flat cards. (Each card + envelope is $5, but these came without envelopes (an easy fix, I have sooo many envelopes!) I used $4 as estimate for the card alone. 6x4=$24)

- three of the black cat enamel pins (3x$12=$36).

Everything I received is very high quality. The only flaw that I noted in anything that I received is that on the chicken tea towel it looks like there was a minor fold in the fabric when it was printed. That resulted in is a slight imperfection in the beak of about 4mm. But (a) it is hardly noticeable, (b) if I wanted to I could probably correct it with a black sharpie, and (c) at this price it is still totally worth it.

They promised each box would contain at least $150 RV. The total RV of my box is $177 (or $170 if you use current sale prices), which is like paying only 28 or 29% of full price. WOW!! I wish I had ordered two!
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