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PSA: Why you should swap your books after you read them :)

reganb1reganb1 Posts: 1,093Member
edited October 3 in General
Just a general post to all the readers and book sub box lovers out there! If you don't already swap your books after you read them you should start.

When you swap books for books or even if you get a lovely swapper happy to take books for non books or vice versa you can use media mail. As long as you don't mix books with other things it's super cheap. Books fit perfectly in padded envelopes and arrive safely, one book is usually like $3.50 and two like $4.50.

I know lots of people already know this but considering how many people I see on the forum that love reading and book boxes there are not that many books up for swap, at max you only ever see like 5 copies of any BOTM book.

So to sum up you should swap them so I can read them! Sincerely lover of all the books!! ;p


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