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Tell me about your favorite makeup brushes

SmarwSmarw Posts: 500Member
I have way too many makeup brushes but I feel like I’m still searching for the perfect ones for each category. I typically use a beauty blender for foundation and concealer but anyone have any other recommendations for foundation/concealer brushes? Blush brushes (really interested on people’s opinions on this one since I have yet to find a great one), highlighter, bronzer, eyeshadow packing/blending/crease?? What else am I missing? I would love to consolidate my mass of brushes into just a couple fantastic ones that work well.


  • lalalalalala Posts: 1,532Member
    edited October 5
    I'm no expert in this category, but I have been learning a lot because of sub boxes, and discovering more about makeup than I ever knew before.

    I chose foundation and concealer brushes versus a blender because I prefer the feel of brushes. I have 2 Sephora Brushes. The foundation brush is #47. It was what the Sephora worker used on me to find a new foundation, and I liked the shape of it. For concealer, I have #71. Both of them are designed in a similar way, and they work really nicely for me.

    I use a blush brush from Target. I LOVE It. It's fairly new to me:

    I have random brushes that I use for my highlighters (2 - one for each 'type'). I also have a random brush for eyeshadow, but I rarely use it, because the set I have for eyeshadow included one that I use.

    OH...and as for random brushes: I totally overhauled my brushes once I bought new ones. Anything that was barely useable, falling apart, or that I plain hated, I tossed out. That was how I could justify my new purchases.
  • GrishmaGrishma Posts: 1,905Member
    edited October 5
    Ooh I love this post!!! I’ll have inputs (lengthy post warning!) when I get home today. I’ll sound like a morphe fan girl (hopefully less perky than Jaclyn hill) but I can live with that label.
    I’d love to read what everyone else says as well. Always iso some new brush knowledge.
  • joiedevie99joiedevie99 Posts: 952Member
    I'll post specific brush names/numbers when I get home tonight :) They are all different brands: Sigma, Too Faced Teddy Bear Hair, It Brushes for Ulta, Hakuhodo for Sephora, and Sonia Kashuk.
  • GrishmaGrishma Posts: 1,905Member
    Sonia kashuk is somehow getting a lot of attention these days no!?

    I like the name hakuhodo. Very ninja :sunglasses:
  • KECKEC Posts: 296Member
    edited October 5
    I have an Urban Decay foundation brush that I really like (but I hear they redesigned it and the new one's no longer as good), an Urban Decay finishing powder brush that I also use for blush at the moment (I just pinch it in at the sides and apply--works well enough and is soft), and a tiny-gauge Sigma brush that I use for concealer. I LOVE that one because covering my blemishes becomes more like pointillism than spackling, and the end result looks way better. Then I have your assorted eyeliner and crease-sized brushes. No favorites there.
  • GannySanGannySan Posts: 69Member
    Real techniques for regular foundation powder. Every time I get a new powder brush, I go back to real techniques. I use the Moda brush from BoxyCharm for setting powder.
  • AACAAC Posts: 642Member
    My favorite brush is the Mac 239 eye shader brush. It picks up a lot of product with very little fallout. It usually just takes a couple sweeps and I'm done - versus other less dense brushes that I feel like I'm constantly applying more product to my brush over and over. Just FYI for those that have a preference - this is NOT vegan. The bristles are natural.
    Ask me for my swap profile. :#
  • SmarwSmarw Posts: 500Member
    Thanks everybody! This is all very interesting to me!
  • ginamarie135ginamarie135 Posts: 668Member
    edited October 5
    I use a mini blender to apply my liquid eye concealer. For mineral powder foundation I use the IT for Ulta #115, it has a nice firmness to the bristles and is the perfect size for all over foundation. (@RaeKatz they are as nice as they look and feel :))

    For other things I'm not as picky.
    Please ask for my swap id if you are interested!
  • GrishmaGrishma Posts: 1,905Member
    > @RaeKatz said:
    > If I had all the money in the world (and didn't depend on the sub box gods to send me what I have), I would buy the It cosmetics brushes at Ulta. I always find myself at that section stroking the makeup brushes like they were precious kittens. Then I go home and glare at my perfectly fine (but not nearly as soft and luxurious) collection of Luxie, Glamour Dolls, whatever else was recently sent by ipsy brushes.

    You’re not alone. I embarrassingly do the same. I’m really close to giving in to the ulta 50% off deal. But my Halloween is turning out to be too expensive so I’m kind of trying to refrain. Phbt :disappointed:
  • GrishmaGrishma Posts: 1,905Member
    Here my my favorites:
    Powder - G36 (I used to use this for foundation as well cuz it gives a perfect airbrush finish but I love this brush and washing it every week hurt me so I stick to setting/finishing powder...something that morphe recommends)
    Foundation/BB cream - either a blender or my favorite UD optical blurring brush. This brush doesn’t streak or shed.
    Blush - I really like body shop travel brush. It’s pretty indestructible lol. And blends perfectly without being patchy.
    Highlighter - my holy grail brush is the crown brush ipsy sent me. It’s blends like no one else. However my old favorite was morphe 501. It gives a really sharp high cheekbone look because of the bristle density.
    Bronzer - morphe m108. This is a large all over the face bronzer brush. I’m yet to find a small brush that works on the hollows of cheeks (or atleast something that makes my chubby cheeks look like they have some hollow!).
    Undereye - again body shop tapered brush. I don’t know what it’s called and it doesn’t have a number. But I know it has a wooden handle and it’s from their new line (vegan n the works!)
    Shadow blender - morphe m433. It’s a game changer for a really inexpensive price
    Packer or sharp crease - morphe g15
    Morphe gun metal line is the best inexpensive line ever. Not all of morphe brushes are phenomenal (even if Jaclyn hill raves about it) but their gun metal line is pretty close to perfect. Looove them!

    I’m still working on finding eyeshadow n contour brushes that work for my face. I’d appreciate inputs :smile:
  • BlondieBlondie Posts: 57Member
    What a great thread! I’ve just started using brushes for foundation and blush. I like my Tarte foundation brush. But I need to start using shadow brushes. It’s overwhelming to know which set to get! Then I have to figure out how to use them! :)
  • chefkristinchefkristin Posts: 2,021Member
    I love the Creme Shop OMG brush that was in boxycharm for foundation, does an amazing job blending.
  • Nadiagirl1Nadiagirl1 Posts: 135Member
    @chefkristin I can believe they named a brush OMG Brush.
  • MoiSurtoutMoiSurtout Posts: 649Member
    Awhile back I replaced most of my brushes with Suqqu brushes. The cheek brush is particularly nice. (Warning though: they use real fur and are not vegan.)
  • jewlzjewlz Posts: 1,303Member
    Ok my single favorite brush i own is the IT cosmetics heavenly luxe powder brush. It came in like 2014 in new beauty test tube. It sells for $48 but you can get them on ebay for like $20. I LOVE this brush. I can use it for a dusting of finishing powder or for applying a powder foundation like laura geller or for applying bronzer. Its huge, soft and literally my fave brush. Actually the only brush I have to replace with the same one. Every other brush I like, I don't like enough to buy and just replace with whatever comes in the sub boxes. I think my makeup dramatically improved with the addition of this brush and a beauty blender for liquid things.
  • flirtmdflirtmd Posts: 628Member
    I am a certified brush junkie. I swap for the constantly. I currently use 9 makeup brushes daily. I packed them all for vacation and forgot my hairbrush! :# I have a photo of the brushes I am currently using. I swap them out periodically, depending on the look I want.
    1-Ulta rounded foundation brush. This is a firm brush I use for both my primer and foundation. I follow this with
    2-Aveda kabuki. This brush is full and soft. I use it for pressed Powder.
    3-Le Metier De Beaute and led foundation brush. You know that ISH contour palate everyone hated from FFF? This brush is perfect for defining. The stiff edge and angle are perfect for cutting in that angle under the cheek bones and hiding my jowl along the chin line.
    4-Luxie #504 Large Angle brush. Another soft brush on a wide angle. I use this to smooth out the countour lines from brush #3
    5-Too Faced Retractable Bronze-Buki I use this soft round brush to fill in with bronzer between the countour lines and on my neck and forehead. It alllows me to control the amount of bronzer I apply. I also then use brush #4 to smooth out any dark patches.
    6-Ulta long handled Kabuki. Great for blush and highlighter.
    7,8,9 - Royal & Langnickle Revolution 3 piece eye set. This came from a 2016 Boxy charm and work great to apply foundation crease and blend in eyeshadow.
    Rounding out my brush routine is not really a brush but the Butter London Iconoclast mascara. The wand is amazing.

    Oh-The hairbrush I forgot to pack is the Aveda wooden paddle brush. LLB sent out one similar. I wound up buying a poor substitute at the airport.

    Just remember… "Life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes."
  • LeahLeah Posts: 4,102Member
    Most of my favorite brushes are EmilyNoel83 (from youtube) recommended. She introduced me to e.l.f. brushes. Super cheap, but super soft and very effective. Don't be scared off by the price tag! The other line she introduced me to are up & up from Target.

    So here are my favorites:
    Foundation: up & up round foundation brush. It was $6 at the time I bought it and is better than my Tarte foundation brush, which I thought was the best. It's still good, but much more difficult to clean and control.
    Concealer: e.l.f. flawless concealer brush
    Powder: e.l.f. powder brush
    Blush: up & up blush brush (I've tried the Sonia Kashuk No. 29 which is highly recommended on youtube and after a few years of trying to make it work, gave it away. It shed terribly. Most blush brushes are too large.)
    Highlight and undereye powder: e.l.f. small tapered brush (amazing amazing brush)
    Cream blush: e.l.f. small stipple brush

  • BlondieBlondie Posts: 57Member
    @flirtmd love your detailed post and pic! Now if you would just do my makeup for me, I’d be super happy! ;)
  • PamPam Posts: 2,234Member
    I love the bent eyeliner brush for gel eyeliner. Also, believe it or not, I got a fat mermaid tail blush brush that is the best one I've ever had. Its the perfect size and shape to put on blush.
  • SmarwSmarw Posts: 500Member
    edited October 11
    @Pam where is that mermaid tail brush from??!
  • PamPam Posts: 2,234Member
    @Smarw I got it in Peachy Box I think, but if you google it you'll find plenty of them and they're inexpensive.
  • PlaidGirlPlaidGirl Posts: 939Member
    @Pam I have that exact same brush and I've been wondering what to do with it. Like what products to apply it with.
    PM me for my swap profile. :)
  • briabria Posts: 384Member
    I've had the same MAC brushes for over 10 years and they're still perfect! Love everything MAC!
  • PamPam Posts: 2,234Member
  • KECKEC Posts: 296Member
    I have a question about brushes for finishing powder. I got this Crown powder brush in a Sugarbash box. It is absolutely enormous and takes up a ton of space due to its girth. Are powder brushes supposed to be enormous? So far I haven't used it, and I was thinking of trying to swap it.
  • GrishmaGrishma Posts: 1,905Member
    @KEC that’s a horrible brush!!!! Swap it to me :naughty:
  • maggieannmaggieann Posts: 17Member
    edited October 11
    I am so picky about brushes & almost all of my favorites are Sephora collection. My must-haves are:
    Pro Flawless Bronzer (#46)
    Pro Angled Blush (#49) -I was in the same boat as you with a blush brush and I am now on my 2nd of this brush I love it so much
    Pro Flawless Powder (#40)
    I can't remember off the top of my head which eye brush set I have, but it is also Sephora collection.
    For foundation, I use the Sephora collection Cake & Bake by Vera Mona sponge, and it is amazing
    Hope you find some brushes you love!!!
  • entwashianentwashian Posts: 1,826Member
    @kec yes! More girth = more bristles! More bristles = softer (typically!)
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