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Photoshop / Photo Manipulation

DebraDebra Posts: 696Member
I need to take an image from a picture and put it on a different background. I don't have Photoshop, but is that what I would need? Is it hard to do? Are there other applications that can do this? I've tried a few phone apps and they didn't work. It's not possible for me to use my finger to trace around the image I want to cut out. I probably can't do it with a mouse either. I was hoping there's a program that would just recognize that this is a "person" and cut it out for me. Is there such an application/ would Photoshop do that?

Or what kind of business would I look up if I want to someone else to do it? I first looked up "Graphic Designers" but I don't think that's accurate, or is it?

Thanks for any tips!


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