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Beauty box 5

erineevanserineevans Posts: 157Member
Sooo, has anyone received august or sept? I don’t believe that I have. Just curious.


  • careybcareyb Posts: 1,372Member
    I believe they are officially done. :-( Do a quick search on the main page, I think there was an article here about it. If you paid via CC then it's time to do a chargeback.
  • Nadiagirl1Nadiagirl1 Posts: 135Member
    I actually asked my bank to refund me 2 months that I did not receive I will go back to the subscription box when they get there website and things together.
  • Svetlana7eSvetlana7e Posts: 43Member
    I looked at FB page and people were saying that their accounts are canceled (I canceled mine) and yes, they are GONE. I still have five boxes with them, since I did annual subscription. The CC won't reimburse me because the charge is more then 90 days old.
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