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Luxe Provence Mediterranean Gold

vkbrownvkbrown Posts: 435Member
This thread should actually be titled "Someone Take Away My Credit Card".

I just pulled the trigger on the year-long subscription. Every piece so far has been my style, and the per-box cost is half of the Luxor Black Boxes, which I purchased after not loving the spoilers. (This is what rationalization looks like people.)

So excited for the items. Is anyone else as insane as me?


  • pj2014pj2014 Posts: 174Member
    I am tempted too. Those darn fancy slippers looks so chic...
  • rembolrembol Posts: 206Member
    I am really trying my very best to not sign up but I am so tempted!! I love the silk piece from the spoilers and the slippers look so nice!! I may just do the 2 box subscription. I am so bummed I missed the Autumn box from luxe Provence and I don't want it to happen this time too!
  • rembolrembol Posts: 206Member
    I have been scouring the internet for a decently priced REM tumbler but the lowest I have found is $125 so I'm really kicking myself for not getting the autumn box when it was available!!
  • sarasara Posts: 3,877Member
    @rembol, they sometimes go on sale at Frontgate.
    I would love to swap- ask me for my profile!
  • rembolrembol Posts: 206Member
    @sara thanks!! I will check there!
  • aggieaggie Posts: 217Member
    Okay... I was wondering who has subscribed... but my fear is... what if I don't like the items?!? Then i am out $700!!!
  • rembolrembol Posts: 206Member
    @aggie that's exactly what I'm worried about! Especially since you only get 2-3 items.
  • lovethesnowlovethesnow Posts: 613Member
    I haven't seen REM tumblers on Frontgate in a little while. I'm kicking myself for not buying one when they went down to $50. By then they only had red left.
  • rembolrembol Posts: 206Member
    @lovethesnow I actually emailed Fromtgate about the tumblers and they said they don't carry them anymore. I'm considering signing up for the Luxor box because they seem to send them in the boxes sometimes, but I've seen so many mixed reviews on that box that I'm not sure I want to spend that much on the box just to try to get the Tumblr. I've also been spending way too much money on fifth Avenue style boxes lately…
  • sarasara Posts: 3,877Member
    @rembol, Luxor usually comes out with spoilers ahead of the box, if it’s a tumbler in a regular bi monthly box, I think you would know ahead of time to sign up for that month, no need to subscribe blindly. Also, for what you’d pay for one month that didn’t have the tumbler in it, you could buy a tumbler!
    I would love to swap- ask me for my profile!
  • aggieaggie Posts: 217Member
    @rembol Luxor is actually my favorite box of all Luxe boxes because they always have at least 2 really nice items :)
  • AnnAnn Posts: 2,020Member
    I used to sub to an army of luxe boxes but I have dropped them all. Luxor and Robb Vices each have a few more boxes in the annuals before they end.

    It is hard to find joy in a box after a couple of years of sub boxes. It isn't the fault of the box . . . just the way it is.

    It is actually nice to not feel any desire for this box.
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