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Lost it, so now I am losing it

jackiebluejackieblue Posts: 91Member
edited October 10 in Swaps
Please tell me this has happened to you and come out all right: I cannot for the life of me find an item I agreed to swap. I am freaking a bit. It's not even a high value item, but I feel so awful. I reached out to the swapper using the message system asking her not to ship until we get this resolved and offering her something similar to items on her want list more than 2x the RV of the original item. I let her know how sorry I am and told her I would understand if she wants to cancel but I hope I can make this right instead. I hope she reads the message on the swap. Crossing my fingers her notifications work.

Very frustrated with myself. I swear I went through all inventory recently. Once I get this resolved I am going to have to put myself on vacation and do it again.



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