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Do you subscribe GeekGear World Of Wizardry?

JenMagsJenMags Posts: 124Member
Just wondering if anyone subscribes to this box and how your experience was. The reviews look cute, but there is only one subscriber review on the website and it is absolutely awful (no comments but the number is less than 1) . So I was reaching out to see what people think and have experienced with this sub. Thanks in advance.


  • JenMJenM Posts: 29Member
    I was subscribed to both the World of Wizardry and the World of Wizardry Wearable boxes. I think I cancelled them 3-4 months ago, but still purchase their old stock boxes. I only cancelled because my house was becoming overrun with Harry Potter items and t-shirts. I didn't encounter any issues with their boxes or customer service, and if I remember correctly, I got the main box for about 9 months and the wearable from the 2nd box onward. The one damaged item I received from them was replaced without issue. If you've seen reviews of the box, you probably already know that most of the items they send are unlicensed and the ones that are licensed are generally "filler" items-I think that may turn some people off.
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