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Bark Box Billing

EmilyGEmilyG Posts: 159Member
I just got a puppy a few weeks ago (YAYYYY)! Of course, the doggy needs a subscription box to be like her mamma. :) SO I went ahead an subscribed to barkbox, but it seemed goofy to me!

Does bark box charge monthly even when you get an annual subscription? My credit card was only charged $21 when I signed up for a year. I was expecting the full amount. I want to be sure that this isn't right before calling customer service and telling them I ripped 'em off. Lol.

Who all gets bark box? What are your opinions?


  • alexntanzalexntanz Posts: 114Member
    I subscribe to Barkbox for my son's dogs. I've always done the monthly for him so I don't know how the annual billing works. I can say that the quality of the toys and treats is great. My son occasionally gives me one of his boxes for my dog and the toys always end up being Pippin's favorites.
  • erineevanserineevans Posts: 157Member
    I used to get BarkBox and they usually charged me all at once for the full year, but I also used a promo code. Maybe they changed the system or only charged full amount because of the code. Regardless, BarkBox is amazing. I was usually just as excited to see the theme as my dog was to get the toys and treats.
  • redbrchredbrch Posts: 19Member
    I've been a member for years and they always charge me all at once. I would give them a call.
  • minniethecatminniethecat Posts: 384Member
    My mom gets this box and she pays all at once not monthly.
  • mimiretzmimiretz Posts: 615Member
    edited October 11
    I also subscribe yearly and am charged all at once. And I agree, it's amazing! I love that the toys, and sometimes even the treats, always stick to the theme.

    What kind of puppy did you get, and where are the pictures?
  • EmilyGEmilyG Posts: 159Member
    @mimiretz She is a little rescue puppy, so I am not 100% sure on the breed, but I think she has some beagle in her.

    And thanks for all your help guys, I am going to give barkbox a call. I knew it seemed fishy. ;)
  • EmilyGEmilyG Posts: 159Member
    Reached out today, and received this reply

    "I do see you signed up for the 12 month plan. We currently charge monthly so you won't be charged again till next month on the 3rd."

    Goofy way to do the billing, but as long as it's correct I am good! :)
  • mimiretzmimiretz Posts: 615Member
    @EmilyG She's adorable!!!! And thank you for rescuing a puppy.
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