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Send Me Snacks!!! (And Other Silliness)

SMZSMZ Posts: 1,788Member
edited November 2017 in Free Stuff
Here’s a fun game that’s a yummy REVERSE take on the pay it forward thread.

Person #1 (me) puts out a request for snacks
Person #2 Whichever wonderful forum member wants to send me snacks, tags me and lets me know snacks are on the way. And puts out their own request for snacks
Person #3 sends person #2 snacks
And so on

Please don’t send any open or expired items
You can jump in as often as you like
You are free to specify your likes in your request (send me sweet snacks, Send me spicy snacks, send me healthy snacks, etc)
This is meant to be a fun way to share and try new snacks
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