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5th Avenue Second Luxury Home Box



  • RRZRRZ Posts: 242Member
    Those green ones are gorgeous. If they would just commit to shipping me one of the two boxes I am owed I would pull the trigger. I ordered the others in September and it's now December. Ship me a box and get more money - cmon 5h avenue.
  • LeahLeah Posts: 4,650Member
    @oniontears Me too. This box is incredible. I love the green, but I'm thinking the natural is a safer bet. I'd love to see what the outside of the book end looks like (if you're looking at it from the side)!

    Getting this box AND the Barney's box....almost $1000 on boxes....I'm not sure that's something I should be doing. I need to put some thought into this.
  • oniontearsoniontears Posts: 493Member
    @Leah that's a good point - it would be nice to get a 360 view of the bookends. I really love everything they've spoiled so far in this box, but I don't really need any of it. Especially bookends - there's no empty space on my bookshelves to even put them, yet I still want them so badly.
  • LeahLeah Posts: 4,650Member
    @oniontears Right. That's what I need to force myself to think about. Do I have room for this stuff? Bear in mind that swapping will be very challenging because these things weigh so much and will need to be packed so carefully, so if you buy the box, you need to want everything.

  • MoonAndStarsMoonAndStars Posts: 791Member
    As soon as I saw teal was an option, I was sold! Can't wait to see the Daum item.
  • terriergirlterriergirl Posts: 189Member
    Anyone interested in a box split - I am only interested in the Daum piece, and am a 5th Ave. member, so it will save some $$!
  • oniontearsoniontears Posts: 493Member
    @Leah agreed! If I do get this box, I am definitely getting it because I love the bookends AND I have somewhere specific in mind to put them.
  • I dropped the cash on their Holiday box (still waiting impatiently lol). For this box by 5th avenue, I am going to pass just to save some money for other stuff. I do love 5th avenue though.

    I DID buy some comparable-looking (IMHO) agate bookends on amazon for around $25 though to help satisfy my craving for this box. I am sure they are not by a luxury brand, but if it's genuine agate and looks nice, that works for me. :)
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  • joiedevie99joiedevie99 Posts: 1,003Member
    I picked up a pair similar to the natural colored set in Home Goods for my office. They're lovely!
  • LoriLori Posts: 16Member
    Based on my experience, you should buy this kind of products from a trusted source. My 5th Ave coasters are gorgeous, and I hope that bookends will be great as well. Once I tried getting similar stuff from the Intenet and got burned: the price was low, but the quality was awful. I had to return it.
  • I buy stuff from all over the place (high-end to low-end). I have found amazing steals and high-quality for insanely cheap. For example, there is an Etsy seller that I discovered this year that sells Lush-style quality bath bombs for a fraction of the price. I have also been burned, as well by buying from new and unknown sources. I have gotten items that look nothing like what the descriptive photo shows!

    The same goes for the high-end or "trusted" sources, as well. Long story short, Luxor is on my naughty list this year. Sephora (a company I love) has sent me poor-quality products that had to be replaced or returned (e.g., smashed Tarte palete, Perricone MD spoiled product). Sephora has good Customer Service though when issues inevitably arise (at least for me since I am a frequent shopper).

    As for 5th Avenue, I think they are a great company, but I did have jewelry items break with light use not long after I got them. Something that surprised me, considering the cost of the boxes that they came from! I have not had problems with the majority of my 5th Avenue items though.

    And sometimes the companies I expect the most from, are the most disappointing in the end. Bottom-line: You can't 100% trust ANY company lol (or else you set yourself up for disappointment...eventually). :smile:
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  • careybcareyb Posts: 1,651Member
    @bunnee Lol, yep. :-) Still purple.

    I got the spoiler email and didn't notice that it said the box comes with FOUR bookends and FOUR coasters. Seems a bit odd no? lol Anyways, was just making sure you noticed that cause I haven't seen anyone mention it.
    You are a club member right ? Just want to make sure we are on the same page as far as the initial outlay so that the split out will be fair to us both. :-)

    I know it will be forever til they arrive, but am so excited! I have the perfect spot picked out already!
  • ZuZuZoomZuZuZoom Posts: 595Member
    @terriergirl I’m going to send you a PM.
  • SMZSMZ Posts: 1,931Member
    Not 5th Avenue related, but sometimes even quality, well known, expensive brands won’t back up their jewelry. I had a couple David Yurman pieces break on me, and they charged a ridiculous amount to repair them. I’m still ticked over it :/
  • @SMZ Oh man that is a bummer. :( But you are a 100% right!

    This past year-- I found it ironic one of my Movados broke on me, yet some of my significantly older and much cheaper non-swiss watches are ticking just fine (assuming their batteries get replaced when needed).
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  • LeahLeah Posts: 4,650Member
    Are the coasters, bookends, votive, and Daum piece everything in the box or is there more?
  • lynndeannelynndeanne Posts: 942Member
    @Leah I haven't seen anything from them that answers that question. With their jewelry boxes, there are some secondary items. But, these home boxes are new. Probably best to as them.
  • careybcareyb Posts: 1,651Member
    @smz boo..... I have a Yurman ring, the starburst one and the garnet center stone is actually chipped. I was hoping it wouldn't be a hassle to get it fixed when I eventually get around to it. lol
    You know, now that I think about it maybe I am spending my money on the wrong brands. I have had crappy luck with my Tag's, I bought a new one recently and the battery lasted maybe a year. But the kicker is you can't just toss any battery in there, it has to be sent out and JUST a new battery is $85. And usually when they open it they say it needs the "tune up" which is $160 ish if I remember correctly. AND I am out the watch for a minimum of one month.
    The only place I actually LOVE is LV. They work so fast at repairs and are so nice. Granted, you pay alot for that but some services are free or somewhat cheap. :-)

  • SMZSMZ Posts: 1,931Member
    @careyb Wow! $85 for a battery!

    Good luck with David Yurman! They are totally useless. The clasp mechanism on my watch broke and they made me buy a new band at a ridiculous price (even though the watch was not even that old) Then I also had a cuff that the decorative band snapped and they charged a fortune to repair and took forever. (The design is supposed to be able to bend) You would think that they would take some responsibility on those or at least not charge ridiculous prices to repair their items but Nope!
  • careybcareyb Posts: 1,651Member
    @smz That's really sad to hear about DY. I really have wanted one of the cable bracelets for awhile and I have fat wrists so I would be LIVID if it broke and they charged me. When I was in their store I tried on several of those bracelets and they actually recommended that I get a Medium as it bends, glad I didn't do that. lol
    I've been somewhat picky about my jewelry, I don't wear all that much. I always have on a watch 24/7, a necklace and bracelet. I only wear the DY and my wedding rings when I leave the house so I'm not too too bad. hehe This month is Tiffany month, I have the matching toggle set which is durable enough for me not break it. There's another place that I get annoyed with! The customer service is impeccable BUT they nickel and dime you to death. Every time I have work done they have to send it up to NY which takes forever and it ain't cheap.

    First world problems eh? lol
  • RRZRRZ Posts: 242Member
    @smz @careyb I had a David Yurman ring where the prasiolite center stone pretty much shattered after less than 6 months of owning it. David Yurman wanted to charge over half the cost of the ring to repair it, but I bought it from Neimans who replaced the stone for free. I am a big believer in buying things through stores with good customer service rather than direct through the vendor for that reason. Neimans and Nordstroms in particular stand by what they sell.
  • bunneebunnee Posts: 742Member
    @careyb - I have a Tag and my local watch guy has always replaced the battery. Never told me I needed a tune up either. How old is yours - maybe this is sometching new? Mine is at least 12 years old.
  • careybcareyb Posts: 1,651Member
    @bunnee You might have a guy who can get the back off then! lol This new one is only about 2 years old BUT the other two Tags I had needed to be sent out everytime. :-( But thanks for giving me hope! lol I miss wearing the watch so much and I spent so damn much on it I should be wearing it right?
  • bunneebunnee Posts: 742Member
    edited December 2017
    @careyb - whoops, just reread your other message - yes, I am a club member and I did see we are getting 2 sets of bookends. I have the perfect place for one set, but don't really need a second set, so that is why I offered them up. I asked for purple for you and I think I am going to get the black ones for me.
  • jamzillijamzilli Posts: 698Member
    edited December 2017
    @RRZ Totally! I love Nordstroms for that very reason. I have a pair of ear climbers from them -- nothing too fancy, got for $20 or something on sale -- but even those they will fix if any of the stones come out. Granted, I haven't had to do it yet, but that's also a good thing!

    I especially watch a store's return policy. If it's too tricky, the time period is too short, or if they charge return shipping, I tend not to shop there.
  • LeahLeah Posts: 4,650Member
    I have 59 minutes to decide. I had already decided no, and now I'm thinking about it again. I went to ebay and checked out the Daum pieces and the style didn't really speak to me (do they generally do a frosted glass look?) and while I love the agate, I have no space or need for them...and yet I want this box. Do you think the Daum piece will be sellable if I don't like it? The prices on ebay all seemed to be pretty high.
  • lynndeannelynndeanne Posts: 942Member
    @Leah I have to decide too. I have too many 5th Avenue boxes and I'm afraid to get started on the home boxes.

    I have no way to evaluate the Daum listings... it seems to sell, but I have no idea whether pricing is low, high, or fair.

    They did say you can opt out of Daum if you don't want it.
  • LeahLeah Posts: 4,650Member
    edited December 2017
    @lynndeanne I should probably look at the Daum site again. I need to remind myself I don't have room for bookends, gorgeous as they are, and I don't use coasters. I love the votive, but I'd want the clear quartz votive, and the RV of that one isn't as high as the amethyst one, so there's a chance I can swap for one...maybe?

    @oniontears What did you decide?

    I'm sitting here with my credit card next to me and I just can't pull the trigger.
  • lynndeannelynndeanne Posts: 942Member
    I reaaallllyyy want the book ends. All the book ends. Everyone's book ends. My house is full of boring shelves with boring books. But I'd need so many to make an impact, I just don't know if I should start.
  • lynndeannelynndeanne Posts: 942Member
    And, even though I have cancelled most of my other boxes, I think I have a 5th Avenue problem.

    I'm waiting for Autumn, purple (didn't jump until the all-evocateur deal), mystery, and holiday.

    Plus, I got Black Friday deluxe subscription deal for 3 months and I'm going to get the Mystery Adventure box.

    That's 8 boxes over the next few months. How much jewelry and how many bags does one woman (who works at home) need?

    On the other hand... maybe home decor is the way to go?
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