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5th Avenue Second Luxury Home Box



  • LeahLeah Posts: 4,644Member
    @lynndeanne I'm in a similar boat. I think I'm going to be upset at myself if I purchase this. I just feel a little bad because I told 5th Avenue last night that I'm probably going to buy this (I had a few questions for them).
  • oniontearsoniontears Posts: 491Member
    @Leah I decided not to get it. I love all the items, but I already have a set of coasters from GlobeIn that I really like and there's no space on my bookshelves (or really anywhere else) for the book ends. We're also thinking about adopting a dog, which means I should probably reduce the number of breakable/valuable things I have around the house.
  • LeahLeah Posts: 4,644Member
    @oniontears That's a smart decision. I think I'm going to do the same.

    I would like a clear quartz votive, but do I want it $400 worth? I don't think so.

    It's a beautiful, beautiful box and I hope everyone who gets it loves it.

    As an aside, I just did a lot of searching to find the pictures of the coasters and oddly enough they're not shown in the spoiler email!

    Also, there is another item in this box which has not been spoiled.

    @lynndeanne Good luck with your decision! You have 18 minutes!
  • oniontearsoniontears Posts: 491Member
    @Leah I got the coasters in the 5th Ave Mystery Box (I'm assuming they're sending the same ones) and, while beautiful, they are bigger than coasters normally are. They almost look like a mini cheese plate. Also, if you live near a Homegoods, I've been seeing similar clear quartz votives there :)
  • LeahLeah Posts: 4,644Member
    @oniontears Is the quality decent? I bought a similar looking votive from Hautelook and the quality was pretty poor. You can see the glue peeking out on the bottom that attached the votive to the glass base.

    I'm feeling good about my decision. I feel a little silly now that I wasted so much brainpower over the past week mulling over if I should get this. It was on my mind entirely too much...
  • pj2014pj2014 Posts: 249Member
    Whoever gets this box please post pics as soon as you get it. Those of us who couldn’t get it would love to live vicariously through you. I wanted this box so bad but I have nowhere put these fancy things with a 3 yr old. I came home after a day of business travel to see that he was doing handprints with a stamp pad so there is blue ink on the sofa and on him and then it ended up on me.
  • oniontearsoniontears Posts: 491Member
    @Leah I totally understand - I spent way too much effort debating whether or not to buy this box and alternately persuading myself to do it, then not do it. Regarding the votive quality, @whitpick may be a better person to ask since I sent a few to her a while ago.
  • LeahLeah Posts: 4,644Member
    @pj2014 They're saying it's 6-8 weeks until they ship, so it's going to be a while before you see any pics!
  • lynndeannelynndeanne Posts: 942Member
    I can't decide. I am going to think about it. They usually do the code again. (Or do another box.)

    My problem is I just have too many shelves. In the main room, I have 5 bookcases, each with extensions, so it is 10 or 12 shelves each. I wouldn't have to put on every shelf, but 4 wouldn't make an impression.
  • jamzillijamzilli Posts: 698Member
    @lynndeanne FYI West Elm has agate bookends in several colors for not too bad a price! I don't want to ruin the sub box fun, of course, but they are on sale for $16 each or $32/pair right now. :)
  • LeahLeah Posts: 4,644Member
    For anyone who is lusting over the Daum piece but couldn't spring for this box, 5th Avenue did tell a forum member that they're hoping to work with Daum in the future, so hopefully there will be more opportunities to get something from them.
  • lynndeannelynndeanne Posts: 942Member
    @jamzilli That would be a lot easier to justify in quantity!

    Or, I could put expensive ones at eye level and cheaper ones in other areas... although a whole array of agate at any price should make an impression. Certainly better than what I have now.
  • WhitpickWhitpick Posts: 1,626Member
    @Leah I’m happy with the amethyst votive holders @oniontears found. The individual crystals are shorter than the McCoy ones but the visual appeal is very similar. I’d compare it like this: you can get a nice bottle of prosecco for $20 or spend $500 on super fancy champagne. Will one taste better? Probably. But is the difference worth spending that much more money? Not to me.
  • rembolrembol Posts: 295Member
    edited December 2017
    Sorry guys, I'm just getting around to taking the book ends out and measuring them. I am apparently terrible at eyeballing measurements. They measure 6" x 3" x 3" . They are super heavy and they have a sticker that says they were sourced in Brazil.

    I still absolutely love them and hope to get more!
  • SJPSJP Posts: 2,250Member
    @lynndeanne I'm so envious of all your bookshelves! We left tons of our bookshelves behind when we moved (built-ins) and we still don't have decent places for all our books. (My husband & I both really love books and we refuse to part with them.)

    I'd adore the agate bookends---I'm sure they'll be gorgeous!
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  • LeahLeah Posts: 4,644Member
    @rembol That's smaller than I thought from the pictures! I was picturing a huge hunk of rock, like 10" high.
  • rembolrembol Posts: 295Member
    @Leah! I know! I'm so sorry!! Even the pictures I took look a lot taller than 6". They are absolutely gorgeous though and I'm looking for more if anyone wants to work something out!!
  • rembolrembol Posts: 295Member
    Did ya'll see the email with the new spoiler ?? I am obsessed with bone china, and now they have Prouna bone china embeded with swarovski crystals!! I also desperately want some more of the beautiful bookends!! They have another coupon for $500 off. I really don't need the coasters and possibly the votive though. Decisions...
  • bunneebunnee Posts: 740Member
    @rembol - I can't even with the Prouna - it is gorgeous! I have fallen in love with the Diana Black pattern. One plate is only $300 - LOL! I would be terrified to ever use it, but it sure is pretty!

  • MoonAndStarsMoonAndStars Posts: 791Member
    I love the Prouna items. They are gorgeous, and I have been drooling over the Diana Black as well!!
  • rembolrembol Posts: 295Member
    @bunnee That's goregeous! They said we would get 2-4 Prouna items, one of which would be a mug. As beautiful as their items are, what would I do with them? They aren't sending enough items to use as place settings on a table....and it's so expensive I just couldn't get myself to spend that kind of money to buy enough to display on my table. Decisions...
  • LoriLori Posts: 16Member
    @entwashian As per 5th Ave spoiler, they are dishwasher safe.
  • rembolrembol Posts: 295Member
    So I bought the box!! I really wanted more book ends and the Prouna items are so beautiful! I am super excited about this box. Now the wait begins...
  • RRZRRZ Posts: 242Member
    I am still waiting on two boxes (purple encore and holiday) that they have promised will arrive before Christmas. I am seriously considering this box for the Daum item, bookends, and another votive but will not give them any more money until I recieve something. This box is sooooo tempting and I don't mind waiting for a reasonable , just don't want to wait four months (!!!) and let them hold that much money in advance.
  • AnnAnn Posts: 2,229Member

    EXACTLY the problem I have with getting fine dishes in sub boxes. They give us — one mug or a set of four appetizer plates. There is nothing we can do with that. I put all my random dishes up for swap and selected one plate and swapped for 60 of them so I could have a set when I have a party. It is nice to have that set and it would have cost me $2,000 to buy them outright. But all the swapping was a headache.
  • rembolrembol Posts: 295Member
    @Ann Yeah I couldnt imagine having to swap for a full set! I emailed them ahead of time and asked if I could opt out of the coasters for more Prouana pieces and they said yes. The coasters are beautiful but I would rather try and get more pieces to the set. It will be a while until I receive my box but I will definitely post once I receive it!
  • MoonAndStarsMoonAndStars Posts: 791Member
    @rembol how do you get a hold of them? I constantly email and get no response.
  • MoonAndStarsMoonAndStars Posts: 791Member
    Also, has anyone received any info on the "New Year, New Me" box that I see advertised on their site? I'm intrigued...
  • rembolrembol Posts: 295Member
    edited December 2017
    @MoonAndStars I just email them from the chat feature on their website. The chat always says they are unavailable and then a box pops up to email them. I have had a few emails they didn't answer, but for the most part they are pretty responsive.

    Edited to add : I am also interested in the "New Year New Me" box, but I haven't been able to find anything about it. They usually send emails when a new box is released, but I haven't received anything.
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