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Bought this when I couldn't swap for it...

lalalalalala Posts: 1,702Member
I keep seeing people suggest items that we might be looking for, but from other places.
It would be nice to have those suggestions in one place.
(like "looking for this" buy "this" instead)

For example:
A bunch of people keep looking to swap for the Tesla Arc Candle Lighter, but I bought one on Amazon of a different brand (Tacklife) and I found it on a fluctuating price, so it was just under $17.



  • LivingtheDreamLivingtheDream Posts: 1,358Member
    @lalala I was admiring that lighter too! Could you PM the Amazon link to me? I bought a pretty and soft white and gray striped throw from Target for a decent price when I was disappointed with the Pehr throw, which I thought was too small and not warm enough for my needs.
  • BendLBBagsBendLBBags Posts: 485Member
    I couldn’t swap for the Tesla lighter, so I purchased two of them from Tesla (delivered by Amazon) with free shipping. They were $24.95 each and are the identical color and product featured in the Breo Box. We love it, and the other is part of an xmas gift for my brother. I also was able to purchase a bunch of D.L. & Co. Modern Alchemy candles for $9.95 from Nordstrom Rack. It was worth the money to purchase these things, as i was having zero luck trying to swap for them (particularly the Tesla lighter).
  • janemockingjayjanemockingjay Posts: 1,274Member
    I bought the Iles Formula hair set from Birchbox. Sephora has it too and they are currently running a special through December 13th of $15 off a $50 purchase so it would be much cheaper and it’s the best stuff ever.
  • janemockingjayjanemockingjay Posts: 1,274Member
    And if you like the planner from BOS but don’t want to spend that much check out the 17 month agendas from They are $28 and super high quality with even moresections than the BOS planner has, they just aren’t leather.
  • kaleigh89kaleigh89 Posts: 352Member
    @Em_P yes! When it comes to a deal, I am the most patient person ever, so if I see something I want ever but I think it's too expensive, I just wait until it goes on sale or I get a coupon!
  • HappyCatHappyCat Posts: 1,564Member
    @BendLBBags I would love to get the D.L. & Co. Modern Alchemy candles for $9.95. I checked and it looks like they are out on line.
  • ClaudiaClaudia Posts: 440Member

    I bought the Iles Formula hair set from Birchbox. Sephora has it too and they are currently running a special through December 13th of $15 off a $50 purchase so it would be much cheaper and it’s the best stuff ever.

    Is it really that good? I received the packets in my OP box but haven't tried them yet.

  • BendLBBagsBendLBBags Posts: 485Member
    @HappyCat, I got mine from the actual Nordstrom Rack store (not online), which was a happy accident, as there isn't one where I live, but I happened to be 3 hours away in "the big city" for the weekend. If you have one anywhere near you, it may be worth a visit. I plan to keep a few (I'm talking about you "Vanilla Bourbon") and gift the others for Christmas along with some other goodies. Good luck!
  • Svetlana7eSvetlana7e Posts: 88Member
    I cut down on swaps, ebay became to go to for the items I really want. I wanted Rachel Zoe cross body folded clutch. It was impossible to swap it because of such a high RV. I bought it on ebay for $35 and happy as a clam. Also, I wanted lipstick queen from PS box, and got on e-bay for $10. I figured, if I swap for it, I would have to give up my staff and pay for shipping, it is just more economical to buy it on e-bay.
  • JewlzJewlz Posts: 1,542Member
    I bought the silver stelle speaker for $100 which included shipping and an extended 3 yr warranty and best purchase ever!
  • EliseElise Posts: 718Member
    I bought the stelle speaker, the necklace from this year's fall popsugar LE, and the wrap from last year's BOS from ebay/poshmark. Definitely easier than trying to swap for them, as I don't always have luxe items to swap, and cheaper than buying the boxes!
  • janemockingjayjanemockingjay Posts: 1,274Member
    @Claudia yes in my opinion I honestly think it is. My hair is medium thickness with oily roots and dry ends. It made my hair feel like silk and my roots didn’t get oily within a few hours like they do with other high end brands (Alterna, No.4, Redken, Bumble and Bumble, etc). I love having soft hair but the others with rich conditioning ingredients always make my hair even more oily but this stuff didn’t and it smells soooo good!
  • LeahLeah Posts: 4,561Member
    I bought a Play box from Sephora which had the Milk blur stick in it because I couldn't swap for it. Of course, the past two swap requests I had had the blur stick listed so I could've gotten it. I haven't even received it from Sephora yet so I don't know if I want more!
  • reneewreneew Posts: 962Member
    I bought the Roberta Roller Rabbit cover up and the necklace from the PS Resort box for great prices on ebay. That opened the ebay door. :)
  • daynarosedaynarose Posts: 257Member
    omg @Jackiecupcake I used to LOVE that show!! I will admit it scared the crap out of me when I was young... but I still loved it!!
  • lalalalalala Posts: 1,702Member
    @reneew I also bought the Roberta Roller Rabbit cover up on ebay! :)
  • CJ84CJ84 Posts: 423Member
    I bought ALL the Dr Lili Fan Probiotic Recovery Cream I could find on ebay and Mercari
  • KaraKara Posts: 67Member
    For anyone looking for the velvet robe from Happy Rebel, there is one that looks really similar for sale at Gap. It’s $49.99 regular price, but they were having a 40% off your entire purchase sale when I went in today
  • laurablaurab Posts: 737Member
    Im always jealous of the liqour in robb vices, especially the blue and white tequila bottle but I just went to the local liquor store and bought my first bottle of expensive sipping tequila and I like it a lot! Im glad seeing the reviews on the site have pushed me out of my comfort zone a little bit.
  • JewlzJewlz Posts: 1,542Member
    @Kara there is also a crushed velvet robe the same color as Happy Rebel one that also has a hood at target for $20 right now on sale.

    I also bought a watch that was in 5th ave up for swap at rv 750. I paid 70 shipped from a store.
  • boxjoyboxjoy Posts: 3,152Member
    I bought 2 Ripauste on eBay for even less than the box breakdown cost, you know, because my collection of 5 of them was clearly not enough ;)

    It's also been mentioned in a few threads, but GMA deals occasionally features Corkcicles for half price so I paid like $15 for the same one that everyone on the swap site wanted $100+ luxe items for.
  • lisaychuanglisaychuang Posts: 122Member
    Thanks to the forum threads I've discovered Poshmarks & eBay... agree with everyone above that there are so pretty good steals on both websites! Esp for high RV items!
  • GrammrGrlGrammrGrl Posts: 134Member
    edited December 2017

    Like @janemockingjay, I also enjoyed the Iles so much that I purchased it from Sephora with the $15 off $5

    I have very fine, straight, color processed hair with oily roots. My dry ends are a result of overprocessing. This made my hair smell great, was incredibly soft, the conditioner didn't weigh it down and most importantly, it didn't irritate my extremely sensitive skin.
  • wallapopitwallapopit Posts: 464Member
    @laurab Which tequila did you get if you don’t mind my asking? I am always on the lookout for new ones to try.
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