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Last call for teen girl donations: Need pouches/bags, samples, albatrosses, nail stuff

lynndeannelynndeanne Posts: 927Member
WOW - response has been amazing!! Thanks to all of you, we are aiming to get at least 100 pouches - and, if we can get more bags and stuffers, we can go for the full 160 they need.

I drop off the first batch on December 11th, but I will make a second run later in week. You DO still have time to send a box of your albatrosses, samples, nail polish, jewelry, LV Kiki stuff, scarves, or really whatever you think tween and teen girls will like. More details and ideas are in the original thread - including explanation that I'm also collecting items for elderly for @wldflowur13 : Some long-time subscription box addicts have sent a lot, others have sent Sephora size boxes of a few extras. It all helps! If mailing a box, please consider including SAMPLES -- makeup, beauty, haircare, perfume all appreciated. These really help fill out bags and add variety.

CAN YOU HELP? We urgently need more pouches/bags. Ipsy, Sephora, similar, or bags from Amazon list: We have about 70, but can use 100 more. I am sorry for late appeal, but the incredible response to this appeal means we requires more bags and boxes than we have.

We also can use cardboard jewelry boxes and small jewelry bags to dress up the HUGE number of jewelry gifts we have received. That is probably easier to order from Amazon as we would like to have when local forum members help me stuff pouches on Sunday, December 10. (Live near Alexandria, VA? JOIN US - we'll have Robb Vices alcohol to help make it even more fun.)

FINALLY. We have a lot of nice makeup, lippies, jewelry, hair care items, and more. But, I've realized that these items are SMALL. We could use help with bulk purchases of things to help fill out the bags -- shower poufs, nail files, nail brushes, etc. If you can spare $5 or $25, the Amazon list has a bunch of bulk items that would help a lot - items start at $5, with a lot at $10-15. (Individual gifts range from $10 to $100 with a lot around $20.)

All items on list should be Prime eligible.
Amazon list is here:
Bags/boxes are first, then bulk gifts, then individual gifts.

MY ADDRESS: It's attached to the Amazon list, or PM and I'll give to you. I won't be online in morning (I work nights) so you can try @melissaxxmccool if you need my address earlier in day. Or check the main thread - people who have already donated can also give you the address.


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