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Mommy Mailbox December 2017 ***spoilers***

lilyannelilyanne Posts: 235Member
edited December 2017 in All Other Boxes
Did anyone else decide to sign up for mommy mailbox with the 25% off for life Black Friday deal? I just got Decembers box and oh boy it is terrible!

A single hot cocoa packet and chocolate spoon thing, an eyebrow pencil with no sort of packaging or seal which is super weird, a pair of "tassel earrings" which I actually laughed out loud at, expecting oh maybe a tassel and getting the tiniest saddest little puff of threads instead. A brandless box exclusive mug which is cute but definitely dollar store material, and a card calendar which is SO poorly done! It comes with a cheap plastic stand which is so flimsy it won't even hold a single card, let alone twelve months. Besides which, the card stock itself is flimsy and the printing only so so. That has a price of 32.95 printed on the back, which is ludicrous considering the quality.

I don't even know if I want to list the calendar for swaps, because I don't want anyone who needs or wants a desk calendar to end up with a cruddy one.

The reviews for past boxes actually looked really nice, I guess I'm just glad I didn't pay full price for this one! But even at around $25 it's not worth it.
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