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How do you like your Derma Roller?

BlondieBlondie Posts: 77Member
Ok, I’m dying to know what everyone thinks about the Derma Roller that came in a box a while back? Let me start by saying that I’ve never used one before and I’ve never had a professional derma rolling session either. With that said, I will try anything to make my skin look better despite my fear of needles. So I’ve used mine twice. And boy is it painful to me! It even brings tears to my eyes. What does everyone else think? Am I a wimp, or what? What about results? Has anyone used it long enough to notice anything? I’d love to hear what you all have to say!


  • cyclicalconsumercyclicalconsumer Posts: 666Member
    I’ve only derma rolled twice but the last session was ten days ago, I used a 1.00 mm roller. I prepped my skin with Liocaine gel for 20 minutes it was uncomfortable but not close to as bad as the time without numbing cream. I used a vitamin C serum with fereulic acid and a hyaluronic acid serum after sessions.
    I’m willing to give it several months and see what the results are. I didn’t have my usual hormonal breakout after but it would take more than a month to convince me that was due to the derma rolling. I’d love to hear details from those who’ve tried and those who’ve had longer to see results.
  • nelliebelle1197nelliebelle1197 Posts: 2,769Member
    I love mine. @cyclicalconsumer you have to use it several times a week to get results. The pins will dull after a month or two of use so you have to replace. Check out some tutorials on how to make it work best. And I have never needed any numbing agent or found it painful!
  • BlondieBlondie Posts: 77Member
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the roller we received in the box is only .25mm. After some research, it seems that this really only helps your serum to absorb better. This size needle doesn’t have effect on scars, wrinkles, discoloration - which is what I need. But there’s no way I could use a longer needle like @cyclicalconsumer ! I feel like a cat has scratched off my face with the small needle.
  • cyclicalconsumercyclicalconsumer Posts: 666Member
    edited December 2017
    @Blondie I ordered the larger derma roller because I have some dark spots after hormonal breakouts and knew it must go deeper. When I used the .25mm roller I could’ve done it several times a week easily. I’m not easily bothered by needles lots of acupuncture after shingles but when I found myself rolling too lightly with the 1.00 mm derma roller I used lidocaine gel and it worked great.
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  • nelliebelle1197nelliebelle1197 Posts: 2,769Member
    edited December 2017
  • cyclicalconsumercyclicalconsumer Posts: 666Member
    @nelliebelle1197 I didn’t know you could use 1.00 mm several times a week but will try it.
  • nelliebelle1197nelliebelle1197 Posts: 2,769Member
    edited December 2017
    @cyclicalconsumer be careful! Look at Stacked Skincare’s videos. Their rollers are ridic expensive but the instructions and how tos on there have really helped me!
  • MaryNotMaryMaryNotMary Posts: 68Member
    Does anyone know what to clean this with? There is a suggested cleanser in the instructions, but I was hoping that I could clean this with some things that most people have at home. ie. soap. if anyone has any ideas, lmk.
  • MaryNotMaryMaryNotMary Posts: 68Member
    @reneew thank you! ill grab some today. do you submerge it in the rubbing alcohol and air dry? or how?
  • reneewreneew Posts: 894Member
    @MaryNotMary Yes, I just let it sit for a couple minutes, then air dry. Quick and easy. :)
  • LaurenMLaurenM Posts: 83Member
    I used a 1.0 the other day. It hurt but it I felt like I would get more results than the one we got from BF which seemed too light to me. After the rolling, when I put on my vit C serum it hurt a bit too. My skin was a tiny bit red, but by morning it was just fine. I will try this weekly. Glad I saw this thread.
  • needlerollerneedleroller Posts: 1Member
    You can never be certain how people are going to react when you declare to the world that you really enjoy rolling needles into your face. You can safely use your micro-needle as often as a few times a week, but I simply use mine once a month.
  • birdertonbirderton Posts: 378Member
    Has anyone experienced any bruising afterwards? I bought a 1.0 a while back but have been afraid to use it after a friend ended up with a bruise under one of her eyes.
  • CaitieLouCaitieLou Posts: 378Member
    I swapped for one of these little puppies, I just got it a few days ago and I was overly excited, so I ended up using it two nights in a row before actually reading about how I should wait 3-5 days in between uses... but even so - I might be nuts, but I swear my skin looks plumper/brighter in the teeniest tiniest way!! After I used it, there was definitely some redness, but since it was evening it was fine, my dogs didn't care and I'm always putting weird shiz on my face so my husband didn't notice. I'm pretty hyped & optimistic about this thing...
  • cyclicalconsumercyclicalconsumer Posts: 666Member
    @birderton I’d just avoid using it that close to my eyes.

    My dog is weird and tries to lick face masks she also likes to lick lotion and body oils. I think she’s just odd and very needy. She also wakes me up to pet her in the middle of the night.
  • dangsiadangsia Posts: 169Member
    I really want to try one but afraid it will be hurt. Is it really that great? How long does it take to see result? What serum did you pair yours with? I have some acne scars on my face. Does it get rid of them?
  • CaitieLouCaitieLou Posts: 378Member
    @cyclicalconsumer Your dog sounds adorable :blush: Sometimes my younger dog wakes me up by putting his baby (a torn up shred of fabric that USED to be a stuffed squirrel) right on my face, wanting me to throw it for him. It's hard to be mad when it's just so effing adorable <3

    @dangsia - I just use gentle pressure and it doesn't hurt at all (I've got the little needle Ora one). At most it feels like a slight tingle. I've only had mine a week now & used twice so I can't verify any claims, but I'll keep y'all posted!
  • MichelleRMichelleR Posts: 26Member
    I love mine but I haven't been as strict as I need to. I clean with rubbing alcohol after use (and let air dry before closeing it up) and BEFORE use as well. I also clean my skin with rubbing alcohol as an aesthetician recommended this. Sounds counter productive but then I use very good serums after! It also doesn't hurt, just starts to irritate after the second rolling session. You should get irritation. Please watch some You Tube videos as there are great ones out there and what is the point if you aren't using it right!?
  • KECKEC Posts: 340Member
    I would love to know if this truly helps with melasma. I have some on my forehead that is a b****! I have tried 1,000 creams and hydroquinone, etc. I use a Vit C+Ferulic acid serum that seems to help, but maybe that on top of a roller could do the trick.
  • LaurenMLaurenM Posts: 83Member
    @KEC Melasma is horrible!!! I have it. I really had terrible melasma after this summer. I think it was hormonal. I researched and bought IS Clinical White Lightening (dermstore has it). Honestly I am not sure if that did the trick or everything else I was using from the sub boxes, but the Melasma has gotten lighter. I would definitely recommend the derma roller. It will certainly help whatever serum you use penetrate deeper. I am not a fan of the hydro quinone. I have read too many bad things about it.
    Good Luck - Melasma is a real struggle. I will be wearing a hat this summer and heavy duty sunscreen.
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