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Makeup dupe questions and suggestions here

MaryNotMaryMaryNotMary Posts: 142Member
Hi all,

I thought we can start a discussion on makeup dopplegangers. If anyone wants to request makeup dupe advice or if anyone discovered a cool makeup dupe--- we could possibly post it here???

Advice needed:
--Does anyone know of a dupe for Marcelle BB or CC cream? They don't carry this brand in Sephora :(

Jane Iredale Lip Fixation Lip Gloss in "Craving" (without the gloss) looks pretty similar (but not exactly, and does not stay put as much) as Stila's "Stay all Day" line in "Patina"


  • CaitieLouCaitieLou Posts: 772Member
    @MaryNotMary -- So I'm a fan of Marcelle's BB & CC Cream, I really like the light coverage & spf. I've got two other go-to products in replace of this: one high end and one dupe. Garnier makes a BB Cream they sell in a big 2.5 oz bottle and it's moisturizing AND has spf 15. I've found it even has pretty good coverage! I actually got it to try when it was on sale, I think I got it for like $7 (which is crazy cheap for that much BB cream), but I think it goes for like $12 or so full price.

    On the high-end... I am over-the-moon in LOVE with Urban Decay's One and Done ($38 for 1.3oz). Light coverage, it looks & feels like there is no make-up on, but my skin looks so much nicer with it, and it has spf 20!! Expensive, but good stuff.

    Hope that helps a little :blush:
  • MaryNotMaryMaryNotMary Posts: 142Member
    @JennWin1980 omg. I just googled that (i am following La Mer bc I wanted to swap for it and try it) and looks like sooooo many people agree with you!

    There are so many articles about it when you google "La Mer Nivea". Thanks for the tip!
  • cindybear0320cindybear0320 Posts: 788Member
    @JennWin1980 which Nivea? Can you include link or pic?!! Thank you!!!
  • JennWin1980JennWin1980 Posts: 257Member
    It’s the big blue jar! Target has it on sale right now for $6.29! I’m not sure how to post a link here, but the picture should show up!
  • JennWin1980JennWin1980 Posts: 257Member
    @CaitieLou Urban Decay One and Done is awesome! It’s my favorite daily foundation :heart:
  • paigepaige Posts: 475Member
    edited January 3
    I would love a dupe for Benefit That Gal primer! It's not crazy expensive but there is very little product in the tube so it runs out really fast.
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  • MaryNotMaryMaryNotMary Posts: 142Member
    @paige before I asked my Marcelle BB cream question to find a dupe, I stumbled into this site

    It has a dupe for your primer called Technic primer. I've never heard of it though..

    Hope that helps

    and @CaitieLou, thanks for the tip! Im going to grab a sample from Sephora this weekend!!
  • CaitieLouCaitieLou Posts: 772Member
    First off, I really like the idea of this thread and hope it can keep going!!

    Secondly, I am trying to find a dupe for my favorite brow liner - the MAC liner in Spiked. I love the color, the precision, just not the price.... I've tried the NYX retractable liners (brush on one side, liner on other) - it's okaaay, but not much staying power. Any suggestions?

    Thirdly, not so much a dupe question - but I'm wondering what *EYE CREAM* is your go to. One that you love, religiously use, or feel you've seen results from. I have multiple samples open, and I just rotate through all of them so I don't really know what works and what doesn't or what I like most, but I'd like to find one & stick with it.

    Thanks y'all! <3
  • chefkristinchefkristin Posts: 2,334Member
    @CaitieLou I have much better luck with powder brow products than pencils.
  • CaitieLouCaitieLou Posts: 772Member
    Oh lawd.... I've never tried a powder before - but there's a first for everything! Which brand do you use @chefkristin ? Do you tend to use the shade of your brows or lighter?
  • cyclicalconsumercyclicalconsumer Posts: 1,200Member
    @CatieLou I’ve had great luck with ColourPop’s brow pencils.
  • chefkristinchefkristin Posts: 2,334Member
    @CaitieLou I use the Too Faced Brow on the swap site and I like the nyx too that is powder and wax. My brows are on the dark side and use medium.
  • CaitieLouCaitieLou Posts: 772Member
    @cyclicalconsumer @chefkristin Thanks so much for the tips ladies!!
  • finlidanfinlidan Posts: 2,046Member
    Oh man I found the real German Nivea Creme at Burlington once. It was awesome.
  • GlowingAmberGlowingAmber Posts: 565Member
    @CaitieLou I like Julep's brow powder. One side of the pen is a brush and the other has powder in it.
  • LMLuvs10SLMLuvs10S Posts: 133Member
    @CaitieLou @MaryNotMary I love the Garnier BB cream w spf. I have IT CC Cream from Sephora that I use for full coverage. The Garnier is so awesome I always buy more!
  • CaitieLouCaitieLou Posts: 772Member
    OH! Also regarding the original question about BB Creams... I recently bought a Rimmel London BB Cream 9-in-1 Matte (they also make glow/dewy) - I seriously love it EVEN MORE than my Urban Decay Naked, and I only paid $4 for it!!! I got the shade light, it's 1oz, it's got SPF 15 and it goes on sooo smooth and creamy, blends out flawlessly with a damp beauty sponge. I'm in love!!!

    @MaryNotMary @LaurenM
  • VerkatertFinaVerkatertFina Posts: 3,648Member
    Eyecream is worth spending some money on sadly. Kiehls and context are my current favorites. Context is good for day time. @CaitieLou
  • VerkatertFinaVerkatertFina Posts: 3,648Member
    I love the bells Pierre powder you sent me @CaitieLou
    I mix it with my cheap city gal brow powder from ipsy.

    I highly recommend going to sephora for an eyebrow class. They are so awesome n friendly.

    For me, if I use any eyeshadow and slather it up with tarte or benefit brow gel, things tend to stay on my face.
  • CaitieLouCaitieLou Posts: 772Member
    Good to know @Grishma - so I need to try some of this, 'eyebrow powder' magic... And I haven't tried Kiehls or Context before - so I'll add those to the try list :blush: Thanks my lady!
  • bunneebunnee Posts: 742Member
    @CaitieLou - I love MD SolarSciences Crème Mineral Beauty Balm SPF 50. Works great as a primer or for light coverage on it's own. It is NOT cheap @ $39, but MD SolarSciences runs sales a lot - currently they have it for 30% off. As to eye stuff, right now I am using Skin Owl Eye+, which I love, but it is spendy, too. Not sure I am going to rebuy when I am out, have so many others in my stash to try. But I do like it.
  • chefkristinchefkristin Posts: 2,334Member
  • traciellentraciellen Posts: 325Member
    I love Juara Candlenut Body Creme, but i have found Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Smoothing Body Butter just as good if not better for a fraction of the price. Less than $6 at Target.
  • MaryNotMaryMaryNotMary Posts: 142Member
    edited January 27
    @LaurenM Thanks! I think I got a Garnier BB cream a while ago. It must have come in a Walmart or Target beauty box. Ill take a peek in the ol' swap bin ;)

    @CaitieLou, dupes with brow pencils are tough. But I have tried about 4 brow pencils from the swap site.

    1.) The L'oreal pencil (with the wax end)
    2.) Benefit gimme brow Goof Proof-the wide and thin pencil. They have value set kits that come with tools, primer, setting gel, etc.
    3.) Winky Lux universal brow pencil
    4.) It cosmetics brow power universal pencil

    for me Benefit pencils, by themselves, are the best. With the accoutrements, my brows are Kardashian-like. The Loreal might be second best (just looks a little waxy). And Winky Lux is just ok-- that is, don't expect it to still be on your face after Zumba.

    BUUUUUUT, if you use the Benefit 24 hour setting gel ($24) with a lot of pencils (even the cheap ones I've tried), it makes brows look ahhhmazing.
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  • CaitieLouCaitieLou Posts: 772Member
    Hmmmmmm.... Valuable info there, @MaryNotMary - I have the Winky Lux, and it's okay but true about the staying power. I've been wanting to try the It pencil but no one has swapped one to me yet and I refuse to pay for ANOTHER brow pencil at this point in my life unless I am 100% certain of it... I'll look into Benefit!!
  • MaryNotMaryMaryNotMary Posts: 142Member
    @CaitieLou, lol i get it! If I had one unused, I'd send it :)

    this totally sounds like an ad (sorry) but some Benefit locations let you get your brows done at the brow bar for your bday. Tweezing and styling w whatever product. If your bday is close by, you can try sans swapping! My guy didn't do the sales pitch during my session, but idk about each location, though
  • VerkatertFinaVerkatertFina Posts: 3,648Member
    edited January 27
    I think I should take a day off on my birthday and hit these free-pamper-yourself stuff.... Sephora gift, sugarfina cube, benefit brow and if I play my cards right, free drinks at the bar :naughty: maybe I need to get a no neckline top for that last one though :lol:

    ETA: not a original idea. One of my team members did it once. Genius millennial idea!
  • VerkatertFinaVerkatertFina Posts: 3,648Member
    Btw I tried the trestique brow pencil recently. It was better than I expected. Definitely better staying power than winky. It has a more powdery consistency than winky’s waxiness.
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