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Nadiagirl1Nadiagirl1 Posts: 144Member
Help I lost my job now what am I going to pay my debts my subscription boxes and stuff I have insurance from my employer and I suffer depression how an I going to pay my doctors and medicines. This had never had this issue I am lost and scared and i don’t know when I will get a permanent job I might get temporary one


  • lisadlisad Posts: 2,406Member
    edited January 10
    I would contact a professional head hunter/recruiter and ask them their recommendations for temp to hire, updating your resume and getting professionally connected online asap if you have not already done so. I'm not sure the line of work you are in so that would determine the best course to take. Also, cancel all of your sub boxes so additional monies are not taken out and anything else you consider not necessary for your day to day living. Above all, don't panic, take a few days to take it all in so you don't rush into something un-necessary either. Sometimes we are thrown curve balls in life, I'm hoping this leads you to bigger and better opportunities.

    Also, I wanted to add, make sure your employer provides you with your COBRA packet so you can continue your insurance, it's pricey however, if you have immediate ongoing medical needs, you need to consider it. Depending on the reasons for your termination,
    I'm also hoping your employer also provided you with a severance package.
  • AACAAC Posts: 804Member
    Did you get severence? Did you negotiate for it when you got terminated? Also, apply for unemployment. That will help bridge the gap a little.
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  • MandiMandi Posts: 68Member
    I'm so sorry. If you make Dr. appointments for prescription refills only you can use LiveHealth or Dr On Demand, they're $40 or $50 for video messaging a doctor (it's called telehealth by insurance companies) and many docs will refill your prescriptions. Go to the GoodRX website and look up your medication name, you can find coupons for most medications, many pharmacies have different prices so you might change pharmacies and save money. Costco is always cheapest, you don't need to have a Costco card to use their pharmacy either.

    Also many doctors will charge less for your appointment if you pay while you're in the office. They don't have to do a claim with your insurance if you pay right away so you can ask them if they can work with you to lower their appointment price.
  • EtherOrchidEtherOrchid Posts: 159Member
    Although it is never good to be laid off, this is a better time than summer or before the holidays. Now, at least everyone is back from vacation and budgets actually have money to hire new people. Have you ever worked for temp to hire agencies? They often know about openings that have not been posted. If you are on linked in, you could also try sending messages to people you've worked or went to college with. They might have insider info as well. I think you can sign up for Obamacare if you lose your insurance due to losing a job. You might want to check with the govt. as it could be cheaper than continue paying under cobra.
  • SamanthaLSamanthaL Posts: 1,208Member
    I agree with everyone, and encourage you to update your resume ASAP, have someone review it, then start aggressively applying to jobs. Job hunting can feel like a full-time job in itself, and sometimes you need to apply to many before you get called for any interview. Search Indeed, LinkedIn,, etc. regularly, and sign up for alerts for jobs that match your skills/education/interests.

    If you don’t have savings, don’t get too stuck on making the same salary for this next job, especially if you think it might be temporary. I’ve known people that stayed unemployed for longer than they should have because they didn’t want to take a pay cut, which technically wasn’t since they were making $0 at the time (30K is worse than $35K, but it’s better than $0!).

    Also, your insurance should last till the end of the month. Make doctor’s appointments ASAP if needed and refill your prescriptions as far out as you can. I recommend COBRA like others, but if you can’t afford it, make the most of this month’s insurance. I’m sorry to hear that you lost your job, and I wish you good luck.
  • StephMStephM Posts: 39Member
    Deep breaths! What field are you in and what regional market? You may make contacts here. BuiltIn is a great resource for tech jobs and networking events across the country. SheSays is another outstanding group.

    There are lots of hourly retail employers who offer benefits very quickly, if you would consider those. Sub box items sell on ebay if you have extras.
  • GlowingAmberGlowingAmber Posts: 356Member
    @Nadiagirl1 I'm so sorry to hear this. Everyone here has given some great advice, and seem to all agree on a good course of action. Also, if you mention what field you work in, or what type of work you'd be looking for, maybe someone on the forum knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a gal. Good luck, and give that rooster a squeeze! <3
  • EmilyGEmilyG Posts: 173Member
    I'd like to echo all the advice people have given you, and also suggest checking out your local workforce center. They often have classes, can help you write your resume, and can help you find jobs to apply for.
  • meowsicatmeowsicat Posts: 708Member
    File with unemployment - you can do it online. Get that process started while you take inventory of your surroundings. Any sub box stuff you were on the fence about, you can sell either on ebay or amazon. You can also have a garage sale or use facebook marketplace. Sign up with mystery shopping companies - the reputable ones do NOT charge you a fee to join. You can start earning money pretty much right away - I have been mystery shopping for about 30 years now and the extra money is great.
  • dangsiadangsia Posts: 169Member
    I would like to echo all the advices above as well. Also check out local help, there might be temporary food stamp place for you. Please cancel all the boxes or pause them. Sorry cannot offer more help. Hang in there. It will be better soon. Also if you can teach, you might be able to tutor. I was a tutor for a long time before I get a job.
  • Kc12Kc12 Posts: 93Member
    You can also see if you qualify for state disability benefits based on how significant your depression is while you are looking for another job.
  • AACAAC Posts: 804Member
    edited January 10
    @Kc12 do you know if you can get both? I thought they were exclusive of each other (disability vs unemployment).
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  • finlidanfinlidan Posts: 1,875Member
    @AAC @Kc12 my guess is no because to get unemployment you have to show you are actively looking for work and to get disability you have to prove you are unable to work, so you cannot do both at once
  • reganb1reganb1 Posts: 1,155Member
    At least in california, not sure about other places, companies are required to offer you your insurance through COBRA, yes you have to pay it but its still cheaper than having no insurance. If not losing your job counts as one of the qualifiers to sign up for insurance through the affordable care act, I can't keep up with Trump antics though is this still a thing? I work in an industry where getting laid off is pretty routine (I already have been twice). I highly recommend finding a recruiter in your field, I literally had to do zero work on my own to find my last three jobs - they do everything just had to provide my resume. That being said I am not sure what industry you work in and the availability of jobs - but the main things are to get your insurance worked out and then find a recruiter and being networking as much as you can. After the initial shock wears off and you look at things like @Em_P said it can actually be kind of a nice small break or even sometimes a blessing when you may find a path you enjoy more.
  • whitpickwhitpick Posts: 1,358Member
    That stinks @Nadiagirl1 , job loss can be super stressful! What do you/did you do for a living? Some of the group's advice might depend on the industry/type of job.
  • V_Muller2V_Muller2 Posts: 421Member
    I agree with everyone about going through a temp agency because you will get work fast and it could even lead to a permanent job. Also working at banks as tellers pays well if you really need to make some cash while looking. I feel for you, I also suffer from depression and know about all the monthly visits that only last about just 5 minutes and are mostly just for refills. I’d call your doctor and explain your situation and if they could just write you the prescriptions for the time being without you having to make an appointment and just being able to pick them up at the front desk. Also if you are on any non generic they all have coupons available on their websites which saves you some money and usually end up costing $30 but I would also recommend once again if you are not on a generic medication to either ask your doctor to switch you to a generic one or if they can provide you with samples. Most doctors have a closet full of newer medication samples that are usually just for a week but my doctor once provided me with over a months worth of samples because my insurance had not yet approved this new specialty tiered medication and so he gave me a ton to hold me over. I hope this helps and that you are able to find a job and that you are able to continue your treatment at a low cost as your mental health is extremely important and especially so now with this period of stress. Keep us posted please so that we are both able to help and also know that you are ok.
  • V_Muller2V_Muller2 Posts: 421Member
    You can only earn a certain amount of money in order to have disability and it takes a long time to get plus you will need your doctors help for paperwork and for him to actually deem you ill enough that you are unable to work and it would be hard for him to approve this because of the short time frame and why you are requesting it. I don’t think it will work because you have to have a history to support your claim that your illness is so severe that you are not qualified or able to work.
    I also was a nanny awhile back and it’s very easy to find nanny jobs and some pay very well which can be another option while you search for a full time job.
    Please reach out to your doctor immediately over the phone for him to call you back so that you can discuss your situation and options over the phone rather than having to pay for an appointment. I’m sure he will do everything he can to help you and to keep your treatment going. And I hope you read my previous message about the ways a doctor can help you reduce your costs and if you need anything or help, advice or someone to talk to please PM. I know very well the struggle of depression and have had a lot of experience in cutting costs of medication and treatment.
  • careybcareyb Posts: 1,459Member
    @Nadiagirl1 hi thee. As others have said above do not despair!
    I also recommend temp agencies, I have been hired temp to perm several times. The secret is to call them all the time, they say call in the morning to check...well you call every day. They will find you a job. lol
    I'd bet COBRA for your medical will be stupid silly expensive so I would immediately check in on obamacare, you can get it if you have a "life changing incident" which includes job loss. I don't know what your customary salary range is and your family situation, but you most likely will get subsidies to buy the insurance and since the one separate subsidy was taken away you can actually get a pretty kick butt plan for even less money than before!! ( though the govt is paying more so it's up to you) Also, if you are in a state that expanded medicaid you may qualify there as well.
    As for disability, I ended up becoming quite the expert on it. lol Depending on your past earnings you may qualify for SSDI or SDO. The first one is based off your past pay and you can get a significant amount per month if you have enough work history at a decent pay rate. This also lets you get medicare which in my opinion is pretty darn awesome BUT you have to be on SSDI for 2 years before it hits. My disability claim went back a bit so I only had a few months to wait tilI was I able to get it. I got medicaid for those months which filled the gap.
    There is no means test for SSDI, it is based on what you put into the system. You could win the lottery and still keep it. You can drive a Benz and no problem. The application process is pretty bad though. You need some history of your disorder and a dr who will work with the forms they send etc. When I applied 98% of applications were denied on the first attempt. It's horrible. Even people dying of cancer are denied. The you go for a reconsideration and the chance gets better. I was approved within 9 months of applying but I also contacted my congressman who helped move things along. I have a friend though that it took 10 years for her appeals to go through and she finally got it. You can also get up to 2 years of retroactive pay btw.

    If you do not qualify for SSDI then you can apply for SDI which if you qualify as far as a determination of disability you can get a certain amount, less than $1k a month or thereabouts. This is completely means tested though. You can't have much cash or any property really and if you come into money then you get less or lose your benefits. You get medicaid for medical NOT medicare.

    If you worked for a company that had temporary disability coverage you may qualify there. Or if your state has a disability program. NY used to for instance.

    I know I blathered endlessly here and I apologize. It's rare that I have anything really valid to contribute so when this came up I was like I know that crap by heart!! :-)
  • apobecapobec Posts: 49Member
    @careyb mentioned already, but I wanted to reiterate for anyone else skimming the thread that Obamacare/ Affordable Care Act is totally still a thing! Also, the tax penalty ($700 or 2.5% of income) is still in effect, so definitely try to get covered. You might also qualify for Medicaid, so be sure to look into that as well.
  • lynndeannelynndeanne Posts: 815Member
    Lots of great advice here -- I'd also talk to your doctor about strategies for avoiding a major depressive episode. That might be medication, exercise, cognitive therapies, scheduling outings with friends - I don't know, but hopefully you and your Doctor do. I don't suffer from major depression, but one whole side of my family does. What I've seen is that it is easier for them to avoid depression than it is to get out of it once it starts. You've got a red alert here, so get an appointment with your doctor, talk to your friends/family, and get a plan together to try and hold it off. Temping is a great idea if only to keep you getting up and out of the house. On days you don't work, dress up and go to the library or Starbucks or a local job program to do your job hunting. At least for my family members, keeping a routine is critical.

    re Obamacare. Losing job is qualifying event and if you are sole income, you should qualify for subsidies. (Possibly even if you aren't.)

    One key thing: Find out if your state accepted the Medicaid expansion. If they did not:

    1) look at your state's requirements for Medicaid. It's very hard to get in some states.

    And if you show your income as 0 up to max income level that allows a single person (or couple if appropriate) to qualify for Medicaid and you don't qualify for state plan, you'll be bounced out of Obamacare too. But, there is hope:

    2) When you apply on the exchange, you estimate your 2018 income yourself.

    3) You do not plan to be unemployed all year, so simply estimate your income right ABOVE the Medicaid level. That will put you right into exchange and should get you high subsidy. A friend of mine who was in a similar situation got subsides that made her insurance about $12 a month.

    4) Be sure to update your income when you get new job to avoid tax penalty next year.

  • ShwetaShweta Posts: 281Member
    I am sorry to hear this @Nadiagirl1 , Everyone here gave a very good advice. I definitly recoomand enrolling for state insurence to avoid penalty and ask your Dr to prescribe generic medicine to lower the cost , Walmart has 4$ medicine list, you can get copy upon requst. Temp agency will help to get job quicker. hope the situation gets better quicker for you .
  • Nadiagirl1Nadiagirl1 Posts: 144Member
    edited January 12
    Thank you everyone for this great and helpful advice. I actually have experience working in office and administrative support fields. Also I know how to work in the compliance and regulatory department. I am looking around for temp agencies so I can contact them. I’m just very sad that I lost a good job that I like thanks to an individual at work.
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  • careybcareyb Posts: 1,459Member
    @Nadiagirl1 That's perfect then! Temp agencies always have something. Just have to be persistent. :-)
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