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Sub box net worth

Em_PEm_P Posts: 1,046Member
As part of my New Year's Resolution, I went through my sub box stash thoroughly. I don't say "swap" stash because I also have a number of gifting hoards that I have no intention of swapping (unless something special comes along).
It struck me that I actually have a LOT of money tied up in this stash. Like actual dollars I can get on eBay, not theoretical retail value.
So my questions are:
- Do you keep a huge stash?
- Do you think it's worth it?
- Are you ever tempted to just sell everything and invest the money?
We talk about stashes and budgets and stuff, but I guess I hadn't really tried to add up the actual eBay value of my stash before, and it's a little scary. On the other hand, I covered about $500 worth of gifts this Christmas from my stash alone, and another several hundred throughout the year... So for now I'm going to play dragon and sit on it.
Just wanted to get everyone's thoughts.


  • finlidanfinlidan Posts: 1,875Member
    Since I've cut back considerably on the boxes I receive I've already given most of the possible gifts out of my stash. The rest I am planning on listing on ebay. I think it's a few hundred bucks in stuff but better sold than sitting under my bed with the possibility of it being used as a gift. I prefer shopping in stores to find gifts anyway.
  • ChristinaCChristinaC Posts: 59Member
    Last year I went through my sub hoard and thought the same thing. I was so excited to start swapping but by the time I was off the wait list I realized that I just wanted to be rid of stuff and I really didn't want any more STUFF. Even if it was nicer stuff or things I found interesting or useful. I'm at the point where I've found my "holy grail" skincare items and makeup and I have enough of them that swapping isn't really feasible because I'll never get through my stash before everything expires. So, I decided to sell everything.
    I've been selling on ebay but honestly, unless you have some truly amazing things don't expect to make anywhere close to retail value. Of course, I've had a couple of things go for more than RV, but most items from Popsugar, RZBOS, FFF, etc. are so flooded on ebay that unless you're looking to sell for half RV or less, your listing is just going to sit. I've found that most of the things that I have were better suited for gifting. Ebay takes time - writing the listing, taking photos, answering any questions potential buyers have, then the packing and shipping, not to mention there's always the risk of a flaky buyer who wants to do a return or threatens negative feedback (neither has happened to me, but my brother in law sells a lot on ebay and has dealt with problem buyers.) Then you have the fees, the ebay fees, the paypal fees. :neutral: I just feel like my time is worth more than the amount of money I was making.
    Now, if I get something I don't want, I think - will this make a good gift? If I can't think of someone I would gift the item to for a birthday or Christmas I just give it away. Whenever we have a family gathering I show up with bags of my castoffs and let everyone take what they want. Anything left over gets donated.
    I guess it just comes down to what's worth it to you. I work 6 days a week. At this point in my life, my time is worth more than the amount of money I'd make on ebay.
  • Ashlea321Ashlea321 Posts: 126Member
    I tend to be very flexible with swaps so I rarely build up a hoard, especially since I keep away from luxe boxes for the most part. I was considering eBay for the stuff that is just sitting (Dr Brandt I'm looking at you) but is it worth it for $10 profit? I will likely gift or donate.

    I'm also second guessing stuff that I didn't intend to use. Example: I've got the Cargo blush and the RealHer blush palette sitting there unrequested - now that I've got my rosacea under control and I've been watching makeup tutorials I'm thinking maybe I DO want to wear blush.
  • AACAAC Posts: 801Member
    @Em_P I don't want to even discuss how much money I have tied up in my stash! I generally only sell full size on ebay because a couple dollar sample isn't worth the effort to me to take photos, list, sell, etc. I think my rule of thumb is that if it can sell for $20, I try ebay. But anything else goes on swaps - including sub only brands that no one outside the sub world would know (I'm looking at you Manna Kadar!)
    Ask me for my swap profile. :#
  • EddyEddy Posts: 251Member
    edited January 11
    Like @ChristinaC, by the time I was off the swap wait list, I had so much STUFF, that I was running out of drawers and nooks and crannies to hide everything from my husband. So I started to list on eBay. I know I don't break even especially when I factor in eBay fees, postage (free shipping) and PayPal fees but if I cover more than 50% of the cost of the box I am beyond thrilled. When I get a box, I immediately sort into piles of "OMG I am totally keeping", "Giveaways" (my step-daughter's family in Cuba love me), "Gifts" and "eBay". Sometimes things move to different piles as time passes but this seems to work well for me and I get the thrill of the hunt, a buzz from making a sale and I have upped my gift-giving game.

    However, I have had some horror stories with buyers which on bad days make me question why I bother to sell on eBay and I am seriously thinking of taking a break from it all and spending the time helping my husband with his business.

    Edited to correct a grammatical error.
  • NyxNyx Posts: 1,590Member
    I purge my stash regularly. Xmas ate through most of it pretty quickly as I have lots of female relatives who really like the beauty bags I stuff as well as a lot of the lifestyle/popsugar/fff type items. My ebay tends to go in cycles. My husband and I run a business and sometimes we're really slammed. Other times it slows down and I can get back to listing things on ebay until the non-stop cycle of busy/slow/busy/slow comes around again. You sure won't get rich listing sub box beauty items on ebay but my lower limit is ten dollars. I have a 'cost of goods sold' spreadsheet where I have put in a formula that calculates the ebay/paypal fees, etc, after plugging in the selling price and shipping costs. If I can get it to clear ten dollars, I go ahead and list it. If not, it goes to charity and I routinely bundle items to hit that ten dollar minimum. Doesn't really matter to me what the sub box itself cost or what the inflated RV is - if I don't want it and it will sell on ebay and clear at ten dollars, I'll list it eventually and it's just 'pin money' to offset the cost of my subscriptions a little bit. Some items sold really quickly for me - I didn't need the smoker from RV and ended up with two of them. They sold immediately. Pusheen items are iffy. Some sell for more than you'd think, some cute things are really not worth more than five bucks. It takes me while to have a Pusheen bundle to list as I keep a lot of the Pusheen items plus my mother, sisters and nieces all seem to love Pusheen, too. Bundling also helps bring down the shipping costs which is important as I try to always list with free shipping.
  • Jen_GJen_G Posts: 287Member
    I'm so lucky that we have a non-business email list at work called Junk Mail. It has over 600 people on it and is used for everything from buying/selling items as well as getting recommendations on professional services, etc. I wish everyone had a similar option!
  • neblinosaneblinosa Posts: 26Member
    I personally can't be bothered with having to prep stuff to sell or swap and then ship it. I use my stash for gifts if I think it's a good fit. I don't sub to very many boxes so my incoming is relatively light compared to those with more.
  • V_Muller2V_Muller2 Posts: 421Member
    I have been listing things on eBay but have found that it is flooded with subscription box items at prices so low the seller obviously does not make any profit and I found out that it can be cheaper to buy subscription box items on eBay at a lower cost then the subscription box costs. I only list items from my Popsugar Limited Edition boxes which sell and earn me a profit that still is no where near breaking even. Almost all of the items listed don’t include free shipping so I price my item a couple dollars higher and add free shipping and get the Fast and Free logo to appear on the item so it may intise them to pick me over others. I also have a no return policy. I’ve listed full size makeup and a glamglow that sold. I bought a ton of the Trive Highlighters from Popsugar sale and swapped heavily for them because I would sell them for RV within a couple days because they were so in demand and it was cheaper buying from me even at the same RV because I offered free shipping but that has been my only success story. I try to sell enough to help cover my swapping shipping costs. I don’t list samples and nothing under $15. I also sell jewelry from Your Bijoux Box which has not sold well at all even with designer names but I got lucky and sold a necklace for $20 this past week. I usually look up the item on eBay before listing to see how many are listed and at what prices along with if any have any buyers watching the item. I don’t list often because a lot of my items that aren’t luxe just wouldn’t be worth it and make me any money. There still are a fair amount of Limited Edition items listed and most are listed at a higher price compared to regular boxes. But you can often find one or two sellers with a price much lower then the others which means to me that they just want to get rid of it and not really interested in a profit and they can swap up the few buyers looking for those particular items. Like I said it’s worth it if you don’t think it will get you anything worth swapping for and if you would rather make a few dollars and also make enough to cover your swapping shipping fees. I also want to add that I both list items on eBay and have them available for swap at the same time so if you do the same you have to be very careful to take the item off eBay the second you swap it out if you decide to do so.
  • tonynowotonynowo Posts: 75Member
    neblinosa said:

    I personally can't be bothered with having to prep stuff to sell or swap and then ship it. I use my stash for gifts if I think it's a good fit. I don't sub to very many boxes so my incoming is relatively light compared to those with more.

    Same here. I don't have the bandwidth to sell/swap so every so often when I have people over, I put the stash on the table and my friends take what they like (I'm a guy by the way so I have an abundance of wallets/laces/hair paste) the rest goes to charity.

  • V_Muller2V_Muller2 Posts: 421Member
    @Em_P Keep us posted and let us know what you decide to do:) Good luck
  • vanstojvanstoj Posts: 293Member
    I bundle about 20 albatrosses of all types together (manna kadar and luv aj stuff I am talking about you), stick them a precious Oui Please box and list them usually for $29.99 and ship in flat rate medium box. I usually make a small profit and it takes me about 10 minutes to list on ebay. I also give some things as gifts and my daughter recently has become an accessory and hat freak as well as makeup crazy so stuff is now going to her (or she is stealing mine and I have to swap for more, like the glo minerals lipstick in pinup and the pure cosmetics luminizer from Sugarbash). She even took the cargo highlighter off my hands.
  • V_Muller2V_Muller2 Posts: 421Member
    @vanstoj that is a good idea and advice. Never thought of bundling. Does it take long to sell
  • Em_PEm_P Posts: 1,046Member
    I'm definitely keeping a stash for now, but I think I'll try selling in bundles some of my larger and/or spoil-able items.
    I did a few box giveaways at Christmas and that was a lot of fun - I'll likely do that again later in the year.
    But I still have to decide how big a stash is really reasonable.
    With stuff I use, I keep a pile because a) it encourages me to be consistent with using moisturizers and stuff and b) it keeps me out of Sephora. Still not sure about the rest though. I'm starting to suspect I might turn into a hoarder in my old age...
  • Origami99Origami99 Posts: 241Member
    This discussion is really useful for me. I need to seriously downsize, as I’m moving out of state in May. I have an enormous amount of stuff I’ve accumulated (from sub boxes and other) that I need to deal with. Selling on ebay seem like such a hassle, and the $$ returns relatively low for most items. But I really feel like I should try to recoup some value for the items.

    I wish there was a parallel site to this one where MSA users could sell or swap new items that are not from sub boxes. This just seems like such an easier community to deal with than on ebay!

    Have any of you tried hiring (or splitting profits w/) a high school or college student to do ebay selling for you? I keep toying with this idea...
  • Kelly1109Kelly1109 Posts: 410Member
    I have sold (and bought) sub box items on Mercari. It’s an app but it’s super easy to take pics and sell items. It’s similar to Poshmark. You set your price and then if you want can charge the buyer a set rate for shipping (based on weight) or can ship free. Mercari will provide shipping labels if you charge the buyer or purchase the label thru them.

    I’ve sold over 400 items (kids clothes, sub box items, random stuff I needed out of my house, etc) on there. If you have any questions about it let me know.
  • Em_PEm_P Posts: 1,046Member
    @Origami99 I'd be really careful hiring someone to sell for you. it can work out, or you can get majorly ripped off with very little recourse.
    I found it's better to just triage items into things to sell solo, and things to bundle. With bundles you'd get way lower than RV but you can get $50 for a chunk of stuff that you don't want to haul around.
    Good luck.
  • Ashlea321Ashlea321 Posts: 126Member
    Certain items really sell well in my local FB swap group, but I can't figure out why people go for some things and not others.
  • Origami99Origami99 Posts: 241Member
    @Em_P thanks. — That’s always been my hesitation!
  • gabizagogabizago Posts: 164Member
    I put the small samples on a garage sale last Summer and ended up getting $10 out of it. That didn't make me rich, but I was so happy to get rid of that stuff that I was super happy with my 10 bucks lol.

    My current stash is like 10 times larger than last Summer, so I might have to come up with a plan B for everything else.
  • Em_PEm_P Posts: 1,046Member
    @gabizago I've never tried garage sales. But a friend sells stuff on kijiji all the time (nail polish, styling products, etc) and she says it pays pretty well. She meets at a starbucks and it works well for her since she's a freelance writer and works at her local starbucks anyway.
  • meowsicatmeowsicat Posts: 705Member
    Amazon is a fantastic way to unload some of the better sub box items we all have lying around. Many things sell for close to or more than retail if it’s hard to find or super desirable. Just sayin’
  • Ashlea321Ashlea321 Posts: 126Member
    This thread has inspired me to take some pics for the local swap group and see what happens.
  • sarasara Posts: 4,218Member
    @meowsicat, how do you sell on Amazon?
    I would love to swap- ask me for my profile!
  • meowsicatmeowsicat Posts: 705Member
    @sara - create a seller profile in addition to buyer one. It is very easy (or at least when I did mine years ago it was) and start selling. No fees until something sells and no dickering about price - sometimes you get lucky and someone is anxiously awaiting the item to be listed and you get an immediate sale, other times it takes a little bit.
  • sarasara Posts: 4,218Member
    Thank you! Sounds great, I’m going to try it!
    I would love to swap- ask me for my profile!
  • lalalalalala Posts: 1,596Member
    I decided to no longer hold a big stash. I didn't enjoy "creating room" for it.
    If something will be a gift, and not part of swapping, it goes in a storage tub where all 'secret' gifts go that even my family doesn't get to see.

    I had a bigger stash of nerdy things. I didn't want to swap them for more stuff I didn't want (and I tried to swap for things I did want). Before Christmas, my daughter's school did a toy drive and I donated some Pops and such. It made us all feel good. The other things I had left were offered for free on here, and spoken for within a day. I now have almost nothing left in my stash, and I stopped buying new boxes because I was overwhelmed with STUFF to find homes for.
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