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Gentleman's Box - feeling a little taken advantage right now.

HappyCatHappyCat Posts: 1,499Member
I got this box with the black Friday sale. It was billed at the end of Nov and got a box for Nov. It was billed on the 10th of Dec and I got the second box before I had a chance to review the first box. I canceled the box at that point but received a notice of shipping today. I contacted the company and was told that if I didn't have poof of cancellation that was sent to me in an email then there is nothing they will do to help me. I did cancel and but didn't get an email so I'm on the hook for a 3rd month.

IF YOU CANCEL THIS BOX MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE EMAIL PROOF. If you don't have this, even if you contacted them to cancel you are still subscribed. This seems like away to "keep" people subbing. I'm really sad to have wasted this amount money on this. Customer service was polite but not helpful. I will never subscribe to this company again.

On a side note if your interested in the box and it's products I now have more than we will ever need and am happy to swap. I haven't taken the time to list everything but feel free to contact.


  • AACAAC Posts: 804Member
    OMG, that's terrible!
    Ask me for my swap profile. :#
  • finlidanfinlidan Posts: 1,875Member
    I'd request a charge back at that point. I hate when companies pull that crap
  • cyclicalconsumercyclicalconsumer Posts: 666Member
    It’s a$$holes like this & Glossybox and others that make me so paranoid that I screenshot all my interactions with them but only after being burned multiple times.
  • neblinosaneblinosa Posts: 26Member
    I'm not sure of all the details, but if I had not gotten a cancellation notice for sub that I had canceled I would have contacted them again. It is possible there was a glitch and the cancellation never went through which appears to be the case in your situation. I would have taken this experience as a lesson learned to follow up if I don't receive a cancellation email.
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