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Mail carrier being lazy

I’m unsure if my new mail carrier is just lazy or doesn’t care but I live in a subdivision that has cluster mailboxes and for the last few days the carrier is leaving packages randomly in parcel lockers left unlocked.

If I hadn’t received notifications from Amazon that packages were delivered I wouldn’t have went through to locate my packages. I left a message at the post office but haven’t heard back. I know I’m not the only one since yesterday when I went to get mail an Amazon package for a neighbor two streets up is still sitting there.

I don’t know if I’m unreasonable for expecting him to only leave keys for parcel lockers in my locked mailbox or is what he’s doing normal?


  • dangsiadangsia Posts: 169Member
    I know last year mail carrier will drop packages off at random houses in our apartment complex. They will not check the address sometime. That was last year. This year mail carrier has been great. Have not lost a single package. Cross my finger. Call the office and complaint, also tell them to Amazon, just keep complaining, it will get better, hopefully
  • HappyCatHappyCat Posts: 1,499Member
    @cyclicalconsumer Please report your mail carrier to the local postmaster. If the package gets taken from the box then it's you who are out the property. When I had problems with my mail carrier I reported it to the local postmaster and he had "a talk" with my carrier. I have made it well known that when a carrier takes short cuts that could cause me to loss my packages I will contact the postmaster. So if crazy or lazy actions are being taken with other peoples mail it's no longer happening with mine.
  • gabizagogabizago Posts: 164Member
    Once I found one package on the unlocked parcel locker and it was because they delivered the key in the wrong mailbox and the person that received didn't know what to do and just left it there. Maybe this is what happened?

  • floydemsfloydems Posts: 9Member
    I'm not sure if my mail carrier is lazy or just hates delivering all the stuff I order but the other day I was in my basement when I heard a loud crash against the outside glass door. I immediatley went to investigate and saw my mail carrier drive off. My BOTM was on the sidewalk. I assume she tossed it at the door and it bounced down the steps. I was just relieved the glass door was okay and that the package was only a book.
  • ducktorwhoducktorwho Posts: 675Member
    You're not unreasonable, there's a reason they lock. I would definitely complain.
  • cyclicalconsumercyclicalconsumer Posts: 642Member
    @HappyCat I did call today after the fourth day of having packages crammed into parcel lockers without being secured. I had to search for five packages today in the rain and I lost any patience I had left and called.

    @gabizago I’ve had that happen before but the new carrier is just leaving all of the packages for people in our neighborhood in the parcel lockers randomly and leaving the doors open with keys in them.
  • shelli320shelli320 Posts: 579Member
    I found one of my packages thrown on my porch and buried in a pile of snow today @cyclicalconsumer lol But we are having crazy snow today!! I guess we're supposed to get a blizzard. The stores are out of food and everything. People think we are having an Armageddon here. :#
  • ducktorwhoducktorwho Posts: 675Member
    I had one mail carrier who wouldn't take my outgoing packages. I'd schedule a pickup, stick them in the mailbox, and he would just shove the mail in around them. It happened a few days in a row. It was ridiculous. Finally, I called the PO and she must have chewed him out because my husband said he saw him pick them up and he laid them out on the grass really carefully and scanned them in. He wasn't our mailman for long,
  • lilyannelilyanne Posts: 137Member
    My parents have a mail carrier who has some sort of reading disorder (when my Mom finally went to the post office to complain after the sixth time a package for 650 Main St was delivered to her at 560, the post master said that the mail carrier on her route had trouble reading numbers) and just constantly misdelivers packages. Which, okay, maybe you're in the wrong job but if he was conscientious otherwise it would be forgivable. But he does things like balance a large box on top of the mailbox in the rain, or in the middle of the driveway where someone is likely to drive over it. He also, always, leaves the gate open in the yard if and when he actually comes to the side door, even though there's obviously a dog inside because the dog is guaranteed to be sitting on the table next to the door glaring out at any intruders.
  • WhybenormalWhybenormal Posts: 5Member
    It must be going around. Our new one keeps shoving too big packages into our mailbox where they get stuck,things are coming open and spilling out and yesterday a package wasn't delivered because they didn't want to deal with the car parked nearby even though there was plenty of clearance.
  • HappyCatHappyCat Posts: 1,499Member
    edited January 13
    @lilyanne Is it me or does it seem like that person wouldn't qualified to be a postal carrier if he can't read numbers?
  • GlowingAmberGlowingAmber Posts: 354Member
    @cyclicalconsumer I have those same type of mailboxes. My mail carrier must be really nice, because he only leaves packages in the parcel locker if it's raining, or some other bad weather condition. The key is nicely placed in front of my other mail so I can see it. Otherwise, he always takes the time to drop packages off at my front door. I'd definitely be reporting your carrier, because he/she either doesn't know how parcel lockers work, or is flat out lazy.
  • PeggyPeggy Posts: 97Member
    I have the same problem in my apartment complex. All of the mail carriers have their problems, but I'd have to say that USPS is the most unreliable. I've had packages not delivered, delivered to the wrong address, packages for other people left at my door, you name it. The local post office doesn't seem to be interested in addressing the problem. I've reported it only to be met with polite indifference. If it's financially and physically reasonable, I would highly suggest getting a PO Box. You can choose a post office that has favorable reviews, and even if it's mainly a just an address to have packages mailed, you can choose a cheaper small one. If a package doesn't fit, they'll just put it in a parcel locker. It's a bit more of a hassle to have to drive to pick up my packages, but I feel much more secure knowing that I'll at least get them. And although I've never tried it myself, I've heard good things about Amazon Locker, so that might be something else to look into.
  • ShwetaShweta Posts: 281Member
    My one package delivered to neighbour today at their door , she was nice and handed to me when I came back from work but it could be lost, I hope after you complain @cyclicalconsumer things get better :)
  • rachelnycrachelnyc Posts: 754Member
    Ugh, that sounds really frustrating! I hope it gets sorted out soon– I hate that feeling of not being sure what's going on with your packages/not knowing if they're just sitting somewhere waiting to be stolen or damaged.

    I've had the most problems with Fedex in my building. The USPS usually leaves my packages in front of my apartment door, or once in a while on the floor in front of the mailboxes downstairs, but Fedex has been really bad lately. They just leave packages that they're supposed to have me sign for, they left a box with a random person without noting their last name or apartment number and I never got that package or even knew where to look for it (it was also one I was supposed to sign for), and just today I got a note that they "rerouted" a package I missed today to a Duane Reade five blocks from my house, which isn't even something I realized they did/could do without authorization & now I'm going to have to pay for a cab to get it home because it's too big to carry. They didn't used to be this bad– now it seems like they just don't care and don't want to be bothered with trying to redeliver if you're not there the first time.
  • cyclicalconsumercyclicalconsumer Posts: 642Member
    @rachelnyc That sucks, I didn’t know they rerouted that way either but I think if it’s an oversized item they should have to deliver to your home.

    We live on a training route so we have a revolving door of mail carriers but usually they’re ok. I’m unsure why our HOA thinks mailboxes are such an issue but I’m moving soon and a real mailbox again is a prerequisite for me.
  • Nadiagirl1Nadiagirl1 Posts: 143Member
    I actually got a po box in the post office so I can go pick up my packages and they will be safe
  • reganb1reganb1 Posts: 1,155Member
    I feel like the mailman game is just a job of whoever wants to come work we will deal with it and take what we can get. I'm in a super crowded and crazy area but last time I was on vacay I had the mail held and I was only coming home for three days before I had it held again. Nothing came the first day and so the second day I see the mail guy and he goes oh your guy is on vacation and I don't deliver held mail, you will have to wait. I'm sorry you don't deliver held mail? Isn't there just a big box of it sitting right next to my mail you delivered yesterday, today and will pick up tomorrow?!?!

    I mean I guess I can't complain bc they bring me so much stuff I love but at the same time really? Like if I was covering someone's project at work while they went on vacay I could not just be like oh I don't answer questions about X you will need to wait until someone is back from vacay to make sure that patient gets their medication.
  • cyclicalconsumercyclicalconsumer Posts: 642Member
    Today I had two boxes left on my front porch and the rest were locked in the parcel locker I’m hoping it’s not only because I had too many packages today for him to mix them with neighbors and that this will continue. :#
  • jewlzjewlz Posts: 1,403Member
    @cyclicalconsumer I spent a year going to my local post office and calling to complain about a carrier and didn't get anywhere until I filled out this form. Click on the tab that says personnel and then fill out the form. A paper trail seems to get them to fix things. My problem was fixed in a week.
  • cyclicalconsumercyclicalconsumer Posts: 642Member
    @jewlz I will definitely use this if it occurs again, The packages delivered today weren’t scanned and I always feel bad for the Amazon sellers when this happens. I have a Sunday delivery from Amazon tomorrow, I’m leaving a note for him so he knows he needs to fix it so packages not scanned today show as delivered. I’ve informed Amazon that the shipments were here on time.
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