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What's your swap style?

HappyCatHappyCat Posts: 1,499Member
I thought maybe this would be away to make more contacts with swappers who fit our swap style and would be more likely to close. I know things have changed a bit on the site I find myself with less swaps closing. For me I would like to spend less time requesting items, getting no response or responding to items to get a cancel without response.

I really appreciate a communicative swapper. I find myself wanting to swap but finding less and less I need/want. I've been trying to do higher dollar swaps/ larger multi item and really focusing on the value of the item to my shipping costs. I tend to like to spend no more than a padded flat rate envelope on swaps at about $50. I look to use no more than a med rate box for swaps at $100 and would look at a large rate box for much more than that. I tend to go with the listed retail for swap items as I find it's much much easier. I refused to compare all the items on both sides to see what they sell for on ebay currently. I just don't want to spend my time in this kind of pursuit. Most of my non-cosmetic items I will swap for cosmetic items with just a few exception. I do discount my albatrosses but find that heavy/bulk albatrosses don't make sense for me to ship figuring in a swap discount. I don't subscribe to luxury boxes and don't tend to request luxury items.

I also still like swapping cosmetic samples and would a swap partner interested in the same cosmetic samples for other samples (not handbags).

I have a lot of random things from Lv Kiki(I still have a bunch of winter gear), men's boxes(a lot not listed) as well as Le Tote items I'm not using I would also be interested in someone else who has items if not on my follows list at least something different.

Recent swaps that have been successful for me have been with forum ladies and have been ones that have been cost effective on shipping or have been ones for a larger number of fun random items that enabled me to move on a good number of items.

Whats your swap style?


  • MariaNGMariaNG Posts: 1,889Member
    Interesting post @HappyCat!

    I have myself on a swap "budget" of two swaps a month, although rules are meant to be broken :). I know it costs more for you to ship to Canada but when I compare shipping prices, it does cost us more to ship to you. So I don't swap for small things, and try to keep my swaps over $50 to make it worthwhile for both of us.

    I happily swap non cometic items for my followed skincare, and am not too hung up on RV. Definitely don't compare to eBay, and as for RV-- I know your inflated RV item will compare to my inflated item. Well, except for those $30 OP cookies. I can't think of anything with similarly overpriced RV!

    I like communicative swaps too, and I love swapping with forum ladies :).
  • Ashlea321Ashlea321 Posts: 126Member
    edited January 12
    For some reason I rarely have any luck with swaps I've requested - I think because I don't keep a ton of stuff around. Fluid at RV, sometimes use it as a guide but only to avoid hurt feelings. Very flexible on swaps for little stuff if I have any interest. Turnoff: when people put a ton of "only swapping for x" comments, as I never have those types of things and feel preemptively rejected. :) I put in my profile that I like it when people say "I saw you are following x of mine which I think would be a good swap" it has been GREAT as that takes all the work out for me other than going to the post office.
  • Jen_GJen_G Posts: 287Member
    I too like lots and lots of communication, and I will no longer finalize swaps that don't have any at all. I also prefer a quick rejection so everyone can move on (which is the one issue I have with the ignore feature--it makes me look rude!) I also believe that RV is a great starting point, but it's definitely not everything.
  • GeorgiaGeorgia Posts: 567Member
    Communication-I can take it or leave it
    RV to RV-YES (I will not inflate my items value so I expect other swappers to do the same)
    Shipping-We all pay something and I will not haggle over the cost of shipping when it literally comes down to a few dollars difference. Only exceptions are if I swap/request a jewelry item in return for multiple items. This can be $5-$10 difference and I am mindful of that. I also ship First Class when possible and have recently ran into swappers that made a point of stating they will ship priority for items less than 16 ounces and wanted to use that as more RV. I kindly asked them to ship First Class to save several dollars and they were fine with it.
    Notes-I send very few. They are thoughtful when I receive them.
    Extras-I send when I am able to or with big swaps. I appreciate them when I receive them but do not think less of a swapper if they don't send them.
    Caveats on more than two items-I leave your page. I cannot handle this type of personality :wink:
    In a nutshell-If I really want an item I try to go above and beyond to make a swap work. I try very hard to stay RV to RV and always communicate when I go over by stating "I went over RV a little so please feel free to add more items to even it out. Don't feel bad if you want to cancel." I did this recently and the other swapper called me out on the forum for it but did not disclose that I had acknowledged the difference and requested her to add more or allow me to choose again. That was odd. My intent is to always stay even or under on my side as I am a generous person.
  • JenniferLJenniferL Posts: 595Member
    I like swapping with friendly people who don’t take themselves or their stuff too seriously. I think retail value is a helpful starting point, but also take into account how much I paid for the box, what else was in it, and how much I’d have to pay for the item I want if I bought it. To that end, I will totally swap for a full size beauty product if it’s something I use, because I think, in some ways, beauty RV is more honest and straightforward than the pricing for some other items. The markup on beauty products is also ridiculous, but at least it is consistently applied; I’m much more likely to actually pay full RV in a store if I can’t find the product I want on here. I don’t swap too often, and definitely prefer to swap with Forum friends whenever possible.
  • AACAAC Posts: 801Member
    @HappyCat can you include a poll? Then it would make it easier for people to identify with a certain style.
    Ask me for my swap profile. :#
  • boxjoyboxjoy Posts: 2,921Member
    I don't care one way or the other about communication unless there is something that needs to be said but if someone comments I will comment back. If they request without comment then I decline without comment. If someone expects communication I think they should lead with it if they are requesting.

    I check all my items to make sure I have them before I accept a swap and appreciate if others do the same. I understand that things happen but it is frustrating the number of swaps I've finalized or they've even shipped out without including one of the items or the wrong item only to find that they lost it or never had it.

    I travel for work so I often take a few days to respond to a request. I don't swap very frequently so I don't check my swap page everyday. Also, sometimes I wait to see if they are listing anything new if I don't see a match but they seem to sub to boxes that I'm interested in. I don't mind waiting when people take a few days but I usually just cancel on my own if it's been more than 4-5 days.

    Shipping costs are big factor in whether or not I accept requests and I offer quite a bit more RV if their shipping costs will be over $6-$7 if mine are not.

    I am not a strict RV swapper but it's useful to know the RV for comparison and I will decline if there is a huge disparity and the items are otherwise similar in demand, rarity, and shipping costs.
  • JackiecupcakeJackiecupcake Posts: 1,295Member
    I always respond to communication, but I don't tend to initiate it. Like many others, I'm starting to realize how expensive swapping is and trying to cut down. I like @MariaNG 's idea of 2 swaps a month, so I may try to do something like that.

    RV isn't serious for me. I'd much rather swap for things I want or will use than something that is the exact same RV.

    I've been lucky that to have had positive swapping experiences all around. I'm of the mindset that once swapping becomes stressful, I'm out.
  • cyclicalconsumercyclicalconsumer Posts: 642Member
    I’d love to find someone nearby I live close to Ft Gordon in Augusta Ga.
  • chefkristinchefkristin Posts: 2,172Member
    I definitely prefer larger swaps, but it's not a deal breaker. My problem is newbies, I try hard to work something out because I remember the excitement of a newbie. I also tend to be generous with them. There is so little I want/need anymore so it makes swapping a little harder. Communication is nice but I understand there are plenty out there who don't communicate.
  • shersher Posts: 230Member
    I like to use RV as a guide, but don't sweat an exact exchange. If I want something badly, I will be generous and if someone seems really nice, same thing.
  • SneakertreeSneakertree Posts: 466Member
    In theory I want to swap everything but shipping costs make it so much harder. I have to take into account not only the swap but also whether I really want the other item. I tend to check people's pages daily that request a swap to see if there is anything I can find to make it worth it and then the swap gets canceled. I tend to be pretty lax with my RVs but then so many times someone will write that they'll be picky with "x" and "y" is only there for unicorns that all you're really left to choose is makeup you already have. I'm really new to swapping but I also kinda dove in and amassed a bunch of boxes in six months. I try to send a little extra and I almost always send a note which is something I also do with all my poshmark sales. I wish the site could have a postage option to make heavier swaps easier like poshmark has a $6.99 flat rate which I can never negotiate with a carrier.
  • LaurenLauren Posts: 691Member
    Like most, I start with RV and adjust accordingly for rarity, category (home, fashion, beauty), shipping cost and how much I want something (or to be rid of something).

    I definitely have an affinity for swapping with people I've already had good swaps with or feel I have some sense of from the forum - it's easier and more fun for me.

    One big turn off for me is when I get requests for rare/high value items with no communication and they don't have anything I follow - especially if I have it marked for being something I want followed items only for - that's almost an automatic decline for me anymore

    I'm terrible about including notes - lately I've taken to just writing "thank you" on the inside of the box lid.
  • ssk7783ssk7783 Posts: 228Member
    I'm pretty open. I like communication but it's not necessary unless of course something goes wrong. I tend to aim for RV but I can also be flexible if it's something I really want or will use. I wish people would just decline requests faster if they aren't interested. No note necessary, but I'd like to know if I should try someone else. I ship fast but don't mind if you don't as long as you keep me updated. I don't list most of my beauty and like looking through people's follows and including them as extras. But if I don't have time, sometimes I skip this in favor of shipping faster. If you have too many caveats on items or in general, I probably won't send you a request because it seems like it would waste your time and probably mine. I look at all requests and try to respond within a day.
  • Angelbunny17Angelbunny17 Posts: 29Member
    Sometimes I get really busy with work and with my kids so it takes a long time before I look at the other persons swap items. I can’t use my phone at work because it is a secure facility so that makes it take longer, so I hope people don’t think I’m ignoring them. Or I don’t get the email since lately my spam filter takes everything. I haven’t sent any notes but maybe someday I will get organized enough to do that. I just recently learned about followed items so I included some extras from their followed list the last few swaps. I take shipping weight into account. Also box size. I have some items that are small but have to be packaged in a larger box with lots of packing material so the outer box is not damaged, some people like their pops or collectible items to stay in the box for display, stuff like that. I am not firmly set on retail value but when I request a $30 lightweight item and then you ask for a $200+ Heavy to ship item I think that’s kind of rude lol. Or when they only have samples but want a high RV item. I like when people put RV on the item so if it’s not one I know, I can try to match it fairly closely. I will need to start doing that too.
  • Jen_GJen_G Posts: 287Member

    I’d love to find someone nearby I live close to Ft Gordon in Augusta Ga.

    Same for me in the greater PDX area. I've already had two "in person swaps" and they were both great. I know there are a few other forum members in the area and I'd love to do a swap meet or something like that. Maybe we could gather at a local McMenamin's, have a pint, and swap stuff, especially stuff that's hard/expensive to ship!

    Would anyone in the Portland/SW Washington area (and beyond, if you're willing to make the drive) be interested in something like that??
  • shersher Posts: 230Member
    I have to admit that it took me a while to clue into looking at people's follows so that I could send extras that matched their interests. In fact, in the very beginning of swapping, I don't think I knew about extras at all, and for that I apologize :(
  • merryannmerryann Posts: 665Member
    @JennG I come to Vancouver for business a few times a year; if we can arrange it I’d love to meet up! :)
  • HappyCatHappyCat Posts: 1,499Member
    Additional I seen that some normal swaps tend to be slow to close. I think of all the less than ideal factors I encounter I don't like it when someone requests an item/items and don't respond back to my responses. Most times I like try to match the value or choose something less. I get tired and discouraged when after I respond back it stays open for days or weeks, with no responses. Normally it cancels but sometimes the person comes back after an extended time to start up a negotiation again, at this point I'm pretty done with it all. That being said I know there have been times I've done this normally it's around a swap that doesn't quite fit value wise, for the shipping cost or some other random factor from my perspective.

    Swaps can sometimes now seem more like international peace treaty negotiations than simple transactions.

    <3 Quick closing easy to negotiate swaps.
  • LisaMarieLisaMarie Posts: 817Member
    I like swaps with someone who is very upfront. If you will only swap item x for item y tell me from the get go then I can make my decision based on that instead of combing through pages and multiple counterswaps. I try to do that also on my albatrosses when I want their lower priced item for my higher rv albatross that they follow.
  • LaurenMLaurenM Posts: 82Member
    I like communication. I would prefer if someone tell me upfront that they don't see a match at this time. I have tried to do that with swap requests. I hate just leaving them open. I would rather let the person know that I will check back for added items. ( I am not ignoring them)
    I will sometimes include a comment right away saying that I noticed they are following my ___ .
    I sometimes tell them I also have ___ and ___ unlisted if they are interested.
    I try to swap RV to RV unless I feel that my RV of an item (OP Beret looking at you) is completely inflated. Then I will take it down a lot! Or if I really want something.
    I don't mind swapping non-beauty for beauty if I want that beauty item or I am sick of looking at the non-beauty item on my list (OP Beret, Emma Chloe Necklace, FFF Cuff)
    Swapping sb fun.
    I have decided that multi-swaps are the way to go. I have added some smaller RV items to my list thinking that it may enable swappers to find some other items they are looking for or can add.
    I also try to be flexible. If I really want a swap to happen and I see that sugar scrub on the swapper's list I won't add it. I will find the other things that I want.
    I like to put in a note and some sort of extra. I never expect it.

  • JenniferLJenniferL Posts: 595Member
    One other thing: if I know for sure that the swap won’t work out for me, I try to cancel as soon as I review it, and let the other swapper know. If the swapper has an obvious match for the item they requested and I know I want to move forward, I will also respond pretty quickly. The only time I might take a while to respond is if I’m undecided about something, and thinking it over.
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