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How long should I wait for someone to ship before leaving negative feedback?

eevangeleevangel Posts: 9Member
The swap was agreed on 2 weeks ago and my items have been delivered. I've left 2 comments on the swap, but the other person has not replied. :/


  • Origami99Origami99 Posts: 278Member
    @eevangel did you look at their swap profile recently to see if they posted saying there was a problem or emergency? Sometime I see people use that area to comment if there was a family issue they are dealing with that would explain the delay. Also, did they mention that they are a weekly shipper? If so, that’s less if a delay then if they say they ship in 3 days.

    Usually I give someone 3 weeks, with a couple of “hi, just checking in, can you let me know when you will get the items in the mail” before then, escalating in urgency. At 3 weeks I give a deadline (of 3-4 days) for them to ship the items or resolve the issue in some other way you both agree to, indicating that if the issue is not resolved then you will report them to MSA and give them a negative rating. Luckily, I’ve only had to do that a couple of times. Good luck!
  • SnowflakeSnowflake Posts: 1,197Member
    @Loric - life happens - and not everyone uses PayPal shipping to be able to create the label and have the box picked up by USPS
  • lovethesnowlovethesnow Posts: 711Member
    I give benefit of the doubt. I've had someone go over a month. I, myself, have probably gone over a month. The key is communication. I always tell a swapper no hurry on their end so they know I don't really care how long they take. I am also much more flexible in December. I just assume everyone's house is as crazy as mine during the holiday season.
  • Brandi1441MarieBrandi1441Marie Posts: 341Member
    @Loric I wouldn't mind waiting a month, as long as it was told to me from the beginning or any delays were communicated in a timely manner. I had a pif to send out that took over 2 weeks because I ran into car trouble and had no extra funds/transport to finish that up. She was super sweet and understanding and that meant a lot. I've had swappers wait to ship because of events that happened and were communicated to me and it was fine.
    I'd be super upset if it was a time sensitive swap, or if there wasn't any messages letting me know though. And your way isn't wrong I'm not trying to imply that, just it's different and I think as long as you let someone know your expectations then you won't deal with as much stress. I try to let people know when I can ship by when we first accept the swap, and would let them cancel if it was a huge deal.
    I just feel like in the end these are just items. But then again I have never done a high-value swap so that could make a difference.
  • Brandi1441MarieBrandi1441Marie Posts: 341Member
    @Loric I'm glad you know how you want to swap, it's just a very strict way of swapping. I don't have my "crap together" in any means, I'm not a super organized/structured person but I feel like my swaps have all gone well, I've shared kindness and brightened peoples days and cutting people like me out of the site with those kind of requirements would not make it a better place. Maybe not worse but not better.
    Your way could weed out a lot of the "bad swappers" but it would cut out a lot of the good with the bad and I just don't think it would be worth it. If you start swapping though, I would suggest using your profile to express your view and save you some stress.
  • GlowingAmberGlowingAmber Posts: 505Member
    @Loric I suppose since you've only been here for 10 days, you haven't been keeping up with the forum recently, but there has been a huge effort to "clean things up" in the last several days. And a lot of boat rocking
  • SMZSMZ Posts: 1,786Member
    edited February 13
    @Loric I would estimate that less than 1 in 100 swaps is actually swap lifted. So yes, you have a less than 1% chance of being swap lifted. It seems like more because people post a lot when they are nervous about slow shipping, Ect.

    Personally, I’m nearing 100 swaps and have never had an issue that wasn’t resolved quickly and to my complete satisfaction. Overall, it’s an amazingly wonderful community. Most send swaps out with beautiful packaging or thoughtful extras, so it’s more than just a business transaction. Many swaps feel more like a gift from a friend!
  • LivingtheDreamLivingtheDream Posts: 1,358Member
    @Loric When I have access to a printer, sometimes I can get a label out fairly quickly. When I don’t and have five swaps, it takes me like an hour+ to wrap up the swaps and hand write the labels. I had to delay my trip to the post office by a few days because we had a snowstorm, and then I had full-day obligations the two days following the snowstorm. S*** happens. I communicated with my swap partners, and sent everything out once those events passed.
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