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ShelliBeanShelliBean Posts: 1,029Member
edited March 11 in Free Stuff
The Contest to bring more contests, hopefully!!
I just want you tell a funny story. It has to be a story about you or something that happened with family or friends; not just something copied from the internet. Also, let the community know why you'd love to see more fun contests! The person with the most lols wins the contest. Contest will last 2 weeks!
Winner to get full sized Fringe Studio candle. It's gorgeous.
I will make it into a little relaxation bundle w/sheet masks, graze snack, teas/cocoa(by preference/also have kcups) and some other goodies!
I've been away a little bit and really missed you ladies! ENJOY!! XO,
Shelli :*
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  • careybcareyb Posts: 1,651Member
    Nice! I'll have to think about this! lol

    What a lovely Sunday morning treat! :-)
  • ShelliBeanShelliBean Posts: 1,029Member
    Oh and maybe I'll sweeten the deal with a cube of Sugarfina! WOOT! And thanks @careyb. ;)
  • H_FH_F Posts: 120Member
    My husband, daughter and I are “Apple” people. My son is not. We make jokes back and forth about why Apple or Android is better or Apple or PC all the time. One day he was trying to tell me why Androids wer bettter and he could use “OK Google” on his Android but he kept messing up.
    Even though I never use Siri, after his third failed attempt, I said “Siri, text Alex you’re a dork.” Something popped up I clicked it without reading what it said, laughed and said “See, Apple’s better”. Then I looked down and saw what I had done.
    My phone had sent two messages. One was to my son Alex. It said “You’re a dork”. Awesome, that was my intent. The other message was sent to the mother of one of my son’s friends.
    In my contacts I have the phone numbers of my kids friends listed along with my kids name. That way when I type “Alex” in the contacts, it brings up his list of friends. In this case the contact was “Casey Bxxx Alex”. Casey doesn’t have a phone. It’s his mother’s cell phone number that I have listed.
    I quickly sent another text explaining that no, I was not calling her a dork. She sent back “lol, that’s awesome.”
    I’m don’t think I’ll ever use Siri to send another text. Who knows what could happen? Ask my mother-in-law what she wants for supper? Tell the clinic to pick up toilet paper?
  • TamaraTamara Posts: 1,084Member
    @ChristyMammal You were TOTALLY fly! Bonus: Cute dog!!!! Soooo cute!
  • VerkatertFinaVerkatertFina Posts: 3,648Member
    @CaitieLou you mean Skype don’t you :lol: guess the typos haven’t let you be, yet :lol:
  • CaitieLouCaitieLou Posts: 772Member
    @VerkatertFina NO I mean SWYPE! For really!! Bahaha :joy: isn't that what it's called when you text but you don't type the individual letters, you SWYPE across all of them?

    I have had many, many autocorrect incidents, I have no patience for spell check.
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