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Alright Fashion Experts--Read with Caution If You Gross Out Easily (and HELP please)

magoosmommagoosmom Posts: 299Member
First--I'm sorry if this grosses anyone out. I get skeevy about all kinds of stuff, so I totally get it. Like, loose wiggly teeth. And I'm a teacher. So they all want to show me. WHYYYY? LOL

I am so lost. I LIVE in my sandals all spring, summer, and fall. I've already broken out my sandals this year in February because it hit 70+ degrees.

However, a minor tragedy has struck and I lost a big toenail. Well, part of one. And what is left? Does not look cute. At all.

Is there any hope of still wearing my sandals or do I need to resign myself to hot, sweaty feet until the toenail grows back? Are there any options? Wrap it in gauze? Paint the nailbed and pretend it's a nail? Anyone know of an instant nail growth kit? :D

My poor toe and I will be anxiously awaiting your verdict, with the vain hope that this won't be the summer of tennis shoes. *shudder* LOL

Seriously though--any ways to make it work or should I just accept reality? Thanks a bunch!


  • michellebellemichellebelle Posts: 642Member
    @magoosmom oh, sorry to hear this! I still shudder to think of the time 15 years ago when a colleague dropped a table on my toe. I lost my big toe nail and couldn't wear open toe shoes for an entire season! It took months to grow back and has never been the same! Hopefully @ssk7783 suggestions will work for you! I wore closed toe shoes that entire season and it sucked!
  • MaxzmomMaxzmom Posts: 101Member
    They make press-on/glue on toe nail sets now that you can get at the drugstore. they work pretty well and you can use the whole set or just the one you need and match your polish. That should work until it grows back and no one will be the wiser.
  • Em_PEm_P Posts: 1,133Member
    I second @Em1 's advice. talk to your doctor too, or research online, how to best promote the nail's healing before you do any fake nail / painting solution. To me it sounds like it will just make your nail grow back slower and worse...
    Not sure if it's better to do gauze or bandaid - bandaid might let in more air, and with a layer of polysporin, promote growth... Bandaids are also more discrete than gauze :)
  • Em1Em1 Posts: 1,299Member
    @magoosmom @Em_P Oh, a band-aid is more discreet! And people are less likely to ask about a band-aid than gauze. I like gauze because it's basically mesh so it lets air in from all around, but a band-aid might just be a lot easier and less fuss with similar benefit to gauze.
  • WhitpickWhitpick Posts: 1,633Member
    I'm totally with @Em1 and would put a band-aid on it. Just wrap a band-aid around it and redo as necessary.
  • VerkatertFinaVerkatertFina Posts: 3,648Member
    I had a strange thing going on with my toenail for the longest time (The details are gross so I'd rather not elaborate). Per doctor recommendation I wore close toed cloth shoes that were atleast half a size bigger (I wear Wakai shoes to work, A LOT!). My work place doesn't allow open toed shoes. It took several months to heal but it didn't get gross after I started taking proper care. Strange as it may sound, your toe need to breathe to heal faster.
  • boxjoyboxjoy Posts: 3,262Member
    Keep an eye on it so it doesn’t become ingrown. I would also recommend a hair/skin/nails supplement to encourage faster growth.
  • ElissaElissa Posts: 532Member
    I had a toenail that was removed about 8 years ago. Fortunately, it was winter in Pittsburgh so open toed shoes were not an issue. It did take 6 months to grow back fully though.
  • lilyannelilyanne Posts: 333Member
    I assume you have a podiatrist? Even if you don't want to go in to see them, could you email or call them to ask whether the nail should be free or imprisoned in shoes?

    I had an ingrown toenail excised in December and my podiatrist had me do two follow up visits (because I'm on a med which suppresses my immune system for rheumatoid arthritis, so my healing is much slower than a normal person) and is always available via email.
  • Flauta1980Flauta1980 Posts: 39Member
    There are gel caps that you can put over the toe that don't look too out of place. Also, taking prenatal vitamin will help your nails grow faster.
  • LivingtheDreamLivingtheDream Posts: 1,463Member
    Since most people are making recommendations about the toe itself, I'll make fashion recommendations. Keds slip-on sneakers are comfortable and not overly hot, and I would still wear them in the summertime when I know I have a lot of walking to do. And they're actually fashionable and in style. I'd also suggest looking for sandals that are open on the sides and have a small peep-toe opening, so your toes have barely any visibility at all. That way, you're not suffocating your feet, but you're also not drawing attention to your toes. Perforated shoes (flats, booties, sneakers, etc.) might be a good option too.
  • LivingtheDreamLivingtheDream Posts: 1,463Member
    edited March 13
    Btw, your original post didn't gross me out, but @ChristyMammal's post did! *Shivers and gags* I wouldn't have wanted to see that, but thanks for making me imagine it!
  • magoosmommagoosmom Posts: 299Member
    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I debated on whether to put this out there and I'm so glad I did! So many things I didn't even think about.

    I actually don't have a podiatrist. I've never had feet/toenail issues until now so I never needed one. I've never had an ingrown toenail or anything, so this has really thrown me for a loop. I'm going to check in with my regular doc and see if he recommends anything though and if he wants, he'll refer me to a podiatrist. I need to see him about something else anyway, so it can be a 2-for-1.

    Thanks again--y'all rock!
  • lilyannelilyanne Posts: 333Member
    Oh 1000% go see your doctor! I mean I have always been a person who hated going to doctors and just assumed things would work out, but I developed rheumatoid arthritis aaaaannnddd.... Haha doctors a poppin! I will say I went to my GP first for my ingrown big toenail, and she sent me to a podiatrist upstairs in the same building, who was able to take me within half an hour and who is amazing!

    Hopefully you'll luck out as well :) your doctor will know if it's beyond his pay grade, and refer you where you need to be.
  • MandyGMandyG Posts: 8Member
    I'm not sure what happened to your nail, but if it's not due to a fungus or recurring problem, there are silicone tips which fit over toes which need protection. They are flesh colored and won't make your one hurt tue look like Fred Flintstone feet.
    Or put a breathable band-aid type cover on it.. just don't get water underneath.

    Personally, I'd never put any sort of acrylic or artificial nail on my toe or toes, because even at the tender age of 20, the circulation in our feet and toes is much less than the circulation in our hands and upper extremities. You can get a nasty infection under the fake nail from a shower. Plus, walking in the bathroom, etc..

    I once had a great toe nail removed due to an ingrown toenail being infected for a long time despite lots of antibiotics. I didn't worry about it with sandals, as it soon looked pretty much like the rest of my foot if I didn't tan during sandal weather. No one ever pointed or asked about it, so I don't think it looked weird to anyone but possibly me.
  • MandiMandi Posts: 122Member
    I would recommend taking some nail/hair vitamins so it can hopefully grow back quickly. Going to the doctor sounds like a good idea too if you can.
  • Em1Em1 Posts: 1,299Member
    Does it help that I'll be a doctor in May? ;)
  • KristyKristy Posts: 2,532Member
    I would suggest the bandaid route, or perhaps a sandal that has more coverage. I love my Keen sandals and they would definitely conceal your toe, and allow your feet to remain cool.
  • ChristyMammalChristyMammal Posts: 138Member
    Oh! In case you're concerned about a funky re-growth: I have always been super accident-prone and lost multiple toenails as a kid. I didn't really do anything to ensure proper regrowth, but they all grew back just fine and I have normal toenails today. :)
  • texbettytexbetty Posts: 815Member
    This is actually funny, no not the toe nail getting lost part but the fashion part. I have lost toe nails several times (long hikes in boots) and so has my daughter the Marine. I have never worried about wearing open toe shoes LOL. If someone doesn't like my naked toe they don't have to look. My nails have always grown back pretty normal. I lost my big toe nail in Cozumel on the beach once and another time dancing......maybe I should take this post over to the embarrassing stories.
    Good luck with the toe, I am on the side of keep it clean and let it breath :-)
  • missycat928missycat928 Posts: 1,213Member
    I lost my big toenail in high school when my foot stopped a line drive in softball. To be honest, I don't remember how long it took to grow back, but it wasn't as long as you might think. Once the "ugly" part of the nail is cleaned and healed, you will likely be able to "polish" the remaining part of your toe nail bed for short periods of time. It would be pretty odd for people to stare so long that they notice, I think. I am pretty sure that I did the same thing (polish the bed for a short period of time). I just wouldn't leave the polish for longer than 2-3 days at a time, though... and only when you know you are going to be wearing your sandals.
  • KECKEC Posts: 371Member
    edited March 13
    I had a thumbnail fall off after it started to hump up and turn colors (yuck). I was at my dermatologist's (before it fell off), so I asked her what might have caused it. She said I had probably traumatized my nail somehow, bumped it or over-buffed it. She recommended keeping it covered with a band-aid and neosporin or something similar once it came off, and clean the nail bed each day. Keep it free of bacteria as much as possible! It did take FOREVER to grow all the way in, and it was normal again. I made sure to keep it clipped short for a while afterward to remove stress from it.

    So, if you happen to have a dermatologist but not a podiatrist, you could try checking with that doctor for advice. The skin needs to be unobstructed by polish, acrylics, etc to fully breathe and heal. You could try using vitamin E oil on it as well; seemed to work for me.

    Edit to add, a perforated flat would work for summer, or espadrilles that are breathable and still look cute in the summertime for work.
  • RainRain Posts: 699Member
    @ChristyMammal OMG what is it with the Social Security Office??? It's the only place I've ever been that's more Walmart than Walmart. I used to lose my SS card every time I moved, and I saw the weirdest people there. The worst was a couple who was arguing with the employees about who the father of their baby was, but kept stopping to make out. It was like a Jerry Springer episode.
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