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Somewhat forum related - package bombs

mycatbuttersmycatbutters Posts: 940Member
Not sure if this has made national news, but my city (Austin) has now had three package bombs. They are left on people's doorsteps. So far there is no links between the victims except race so they are looking at the hate crime angle.

As swappers, online shoppers etc...can you imagine? They're saying the boxes aren't marked from any particular store but I'm wondering if that is too much info and the bomber will change it up.


  • cleegiantscleegiants Posts: 2,089Member
    I saw the news alerts for this @mycatbutters - in the Washington D.C. area. so scary! Obviously we are all used to receiving packages on a semi-regular basis, so it's definitely a troubling thought to think about these acts happening in your backyard. Hope they catch whoever is sending these, and stay safe!
  • Mel12Mel12 Posts: 288Member
    What an awful situation! I'm confused though about how the police are going to be able to field all the calls they will receive if everyone follows the instructions:

    “Under no circumstance should use touch them, move them or handle them in any way. But instead, make that call [to 911] and, if you can, exit your residence or go to the back of the residence until that time that we can get there and deem that safe.”

    Can you imagine how many people order things and forget about them?
  • tonynowotonynowo Posts: 95Member
    @mycatbutters I am in Austin as well. Not much info is known but it doesn't sound like a random thing. It is SXSW so it could be some crazy looking to make themselves a name during a high profile week. I know the city courts visitors with SXSW, ACL, F1 but it has also brought a sea change to the city that I don't think is always for the best.
  • MandyGMandyG Posts: 8Member
    My husband, thus, our house, is a soft target for terrorism because of his career... HE attends all kinds of counter-terrorism seminars and practices, but never tells me anything except " Don't worry. If it made it through the USPS, it's going to be OK on the doorstep".
    Meaning, he thinks every package will be face up on the doorstep. He's not here when the deliveries occur, so he doesn't know what a huge heap packaged things are in most days.

    I am thinking of having all our packages held at the PO and anything on the front porch area gets a 911 call. IDK, nothing seems really " practical" when we're talking about insane people killing innocent strangers.

    Is there a viable and reasonable solution? I ask because I do not know.
  • KnitrexKnitrex Posts: 146Member
    I assume the packages are being left by the individual? I don't see how an explosive could survive any of the package delivery services. So maybe sign up for USPS notifications. That way you know exactly what is being delivered each day.

    With all the people who have cameras at their front door these days he/she should get caught pretty soon.
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