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Paying for Subcriptions

nelliebelle1197nelliebelle1197 Posts: 3,067Member
edited April 2017 in Reference
I just want to throw something out for newbies and neophytes to sub universe.

We have had a few subs go under, issues with subs not living up to promises, etc. If at all possible, don't buy your subs with debit cards, cash through Paypal or prepaid debit cards. These financial products have different rules and regulations for chargebacks. In many cases, especially with bank debits, they don't even have to work with you on this. And using cash through Paypal is an invitation to lose money because of the time limits and difficulty accessing people. This is especially true for older pre-paid annual subs, etc.

I have a real credit card attached to a Paypal account so I have the convenience of Paypal and the protection of a credit card. I have observed through all these threads over the last couple years that the best way to save yourself on hassle and loss is to just use a regular old fashioned card when possible. A lot of people are recommending Discover in the LLB thread. I have Chase and did have to get a little feisty to get a full refund, but it worked!

Just a thought and hope to save someone else from the nightmare of a terrible experience! Getting your money back is the best way to mitigate the pain of a dead sub!


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