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Cool hunting omakase 2017 Spoilers

Anyone get their omakase 2017 yet?
Mine is coming thursday


  • DianeERDianeER Posts: 1,269Member
    Looking forward to seeing what you get!!
  • bunneebunnee Posts: 600Member
    Me too! Please post when it arrives!
  • cleegiantscleegiants Posts: 1,937Member
    If you don't mind me asking @Rawcook, which level did you get?
  • RawcookRawcook Posts: 53Member
  • cleegiantscleegiants Posts: 1,937Member
    How exciting for you @rawcook! Can't wait to see what they include. Much too pricey for me, so I shall live vicariously through you. Still think that MSA and co. should have gotten the 10K one for "research" :smile:
  • PeggyPeggy Posts: 97Member
    Awesome! I'm so glad someone on the forum is getting this box. I've been dying to know what they send. Please share when it comes!
  • RawcookRawcook Posts: 53Member
    @Parker did you U get the $1000 box?
  • ParkerParker Posts: 25Member
    #4 - Dandelion Chocolate + CH Omakase - Ltd Ed of 200
    Haven't tried these yet but they sound divine! Chocolate with tahini, roasted sesame seeds and candied yuzu peel.

    #5 - ANNA by Rablabs + CH Omakase Heritage cocktail picks
    Cool. Topped with blue sodalite stone.

    #6 - Jon Burgerman Holiday 2017 Sticker Pack
    I saw these in last year's collaborations and am happy to have them. Very cute.

  • ParkerParker Posts: 25Member
    @Rawcook yes this is the $1000 box. :)
  • RawcookRawcook Posts: 53Member
    Cool, that's what I got, moves coming tomorrow, everything looks great, value seems great also
  • PeggyPeggy Posts: 97Member
    Awesome haul - thanks so much for sharing!
  • RawcookRawcook Posts: 53Member
    @Parker did you choose more items at less value or less items at more
    I chose more at less
  • ParkerParker Posts: 25Member
    #7 - Cristina Orozco Cueavas Studio + CH Omakase Catch All Set - Ltd Ed of 100
    These are heavy cotton in with a quilted pattern. They are smallish but will be great on my nightstand. I went to the artist's website and she does beautiful work.

    #8 - Season basketball + Hank Willis Thomas + CH Hunting - This is a custom designed regulation size basketball. OK, not really me and I don't want to gift it to my nephews because they won't appreciate the uniqueness. But I'm sure some collector will love to have it and that is what ebay is for! It's cool and I appreciate the message and creativity.

    #9 - Native Union + CH Omakase NIGHT Cable - Ltd Ed of 100 - A cool and super useful cable. Always appreciated.

  • ParkerParker Posts: 25Member
    @Rawcook I also chose more items at less value.
  • ParkerParker Posts: 25Member
    #10 - Danner Milliken + CH Omakase Digital Artwork - This is essentially a USB drive / paperclip with 7 digital images included. I have not opened the images but again appreciate the uniqueness and artistry.

    #11 - Nice Collection + CH Omakase Leather Feather - Ltd Ed of 100 - Cool item and I know someone who will appreciate this as a gift, so score!


    #12 - Hickies + CH Omakase shoe ties with Swarovski crystals - Ltd Ed of 100 - who doesn't love sparkle at the holidays? Now which shoes will I attache these to??

  • CheyChey Posts: 637Member
  • ParkerParker Posts: 25Member
    #13 - AAA + CH Omakase Keychain - Tied dyed leather from Morocco. Functional and cool. Lt Ed of 50

    #14 - John Arsenault FOR YOU! Book + CH Omakase Exclusive Print - Book plus print signed and numbered by the artist. These photographs are gorgeous. I love this but know someone who will love it even more, so it will be gifted.

    #15 - Port of Mokah + CH Omakase Coffee Sampler - Ltd Ed of 75 - Exclusive bean in gorgeous packaging. I'm going out tomorrow to buy some half and half and cannot wait to grind these beans and try them in my press pot. I love coffee!

  • ParkerParker Posts: 25Member
    #16 - From the Road + Curious Corners + CH Omakase Ombre Scarf - Ltd Ed of 50 - These are hand woven in Nepal and hand dyed in NYC in Japanese indigo. The shade of blue is so beautiful! My photo doesn't really do it justice. The ombre is very subtle and I wouldn't have even noticed it if it wasn't called out in the description. There is no note on the fabric content but it seems to be cotton or linen. It's a bit stiff but I get the feeling that this is one of those pieces that will break in and last a lifetime. It's quite large and I also think it might make a beautiful table runner.

    #17 - Made In Cookware + CH Omakase Skillet and Sauce Pan Set - Ltd Ed of 25 - Did Cool Hunting stalk my Pinterest??? I love to cook and this cookware is awesome! This 8" skillet and saucepan come with a lid that fits both. Made in USA and of super high quality (think All Clad!). Can't wait to use these this weekend!

    #18 - 18! - Artisan Project + CH Omakase Kitchen Towel Set - Ltd Ed of 100 - hand woven in Morocco. This simple item is one of my favorites. I collect dish towels! They are such interesting little works of art. These are very high quality and I love the vintage look.

    OK I swear I am not a Cool Hunting plant. I really loved this box! The quality of the items is fantastic and the box really did feel customized to me. I didn't calculate RV because the value is there for me, both in experience and items. I will keep most items, gift a few, and sell one or two on ebay. It's a winner.

  • ChristineCChristineC Posts: 30Member
    Congratulations--what a unique box! I regret not pulling the trigger on this box myself. Thank you for posting the pics
  • RawcookRawcook Posts: 53Member
    Can't wait for mine coming tomorrow. Loved everything you got, and I hope I get the coffee, I'm a real coffee head, and those shoes are amazing, but at only 9 pairs, I doubt I'll get them. But judging from a what you got, I bet anything I get will be great in its own way
  • bunneebunnee Posts: 600Member
    This box is still available. I am sooo tempted!
  • ParkerParker Posts: 25Member
    @Rawcook can't wait to see what you get!!
  • ChristineCChristineC Posts: 30Member
    The box is no longer available. I just tried to add the $1,0000 box to my cart and it is sadly sold out
  • ParkerParker Posts: 25Member
    In the letter that was included with my box, Cool Hunting mentioned that that they had over 40 different collaborations this year, so there must be some very cool items yet to be identified!
  • RawcookRawcook Posts: 53Member
    Yeah they had 40 collaborators last year too, a few were 1 of's for the higher levels, but everything looks so good, also they only sell t b e box in the summer so got have to wait till July to buy it
  • maddiewinmaddiewin Posts: 1,315Member
    @Parker thank you for sharing your box. I am excited for you. @Rawcook cant wait to see what your box has. @Parker @Rawcook did you have to filll out a survey after you purchased the box.
  • mycatbuttersmycatbutters Posts: 863Member
    What a great experience! I can't wait to see what's the same and different in the other box.
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