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Robb Vices - November 2017 Spoilers



  • tonynowotonynowo Posts: 75Member
    @Liz Cadman Thanks. I do love your blog. I may be more critical than others but I am very conscious where I spend my dollars.
  • erineevanserineevans Posts: 190Member
    @Liz Cadman well said. Part of what makes this community great is that we all have opinions and do share them (whether good or bad). Comments on the blog and forum can allow potential subscribers to see everyone’s point of view and opinions, not just see the reviewer’s perspective.
  • hildolhildol Posts: 847Member
    edited December 2017
    @michellebelle I bought the same thing. Josh is fantastic!! Professional and kind. He "made" the box for me.
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  • TheDuchessTheDuchess Posts: 252Member
    @RobbVicesDaniel I welcome your comment. Do you think that since you know the owner of art star personally, youre not as bothered as you should be (well as we think you should be) that your RV customers were accused of fraud due to missteps made by the art star owner— or perhaps even Robb Vices missteps?
  • terriergirlterriergirl Posts: 168Member
    Thanks for coming to the forum, @RobbVicesDaniel . I appreciate your voice and opinion on this platform.
  • vanstojvanstoj Posts: 293Member
    @RobbVicesDaniel, I also appreciate your participation on the forum. I appreciate your curations and always enjoy receiving my big black box. I did order from both ArtStar and NY PRime beef and loved both items I received. I understand that no one gets it right all the time, but Robb Vices does get it right most of the time (at least for me). I am looking forward to my January box already!
  • @TheDuchess Honestly I am more bothered at my misstep for not delivering the ArtStar offering with individual codes from the start (which let them open to actual fraud from people who likely grabbed the code from coupon sites and ordered dozens at a time) This led to the reaction that I think you are referring to which I know was not her intention.
  • H_FH_F Posts: 69Member
    Just like any other review on MSA, the coupons were mentioned, but not included in the overall value. There were personal opinions on the contents, again like all reviews. I didn’t think it sounded any better than it is.
    The Robb Vices review was factual, based on what was in the box. I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect a review to be based on the opinions or experiences of users from the forum.

    NYPB ran out of a product. It happens to all the time. Places run out of items. It doesn’t make the coupon worthless, it can still be used on other things. They can’t magically make everything a T-bone. There are only so many T-bones you can get out of a cow. Sorry to all the vegetarians or vegans but, they need to be able to sell all the parts of a cow at a relatively even pace. It’s perishable inventory management. They wouldn’t be in business selling what they do at their prices if they just tossed the overstock in the freezer until they needed it.

    I do believe that ArtStar made a mistake by letting the coupon code work on the Little Collectors art in the first place. But just like any store that marks something incorrectly, they fixed it. The coupon is still valid and can be used on the site.
    Congratulations to the people who were able to get a stellar deal before the issue was fixed. I wasn’t one of them. And yes, accusing a customer of fraud is bad business. No doubt! My only complaint is that I have two boxes but was given only one code.

    I think it’s been a learning experience for all parties and hope Robb Vices is able help their vendors better understand what to expect in the future.
  • reneewreneew Posts: 891Member
    @RobbVicesDaniel Thanks for your comments. I was able to use both cards, and love the products. I will say the November box stands on its own without the cards, though. Every box I've received is pretty cool, even if not something I would have bought. I would love the ability to get boxes for things for storage, if you could look at that. The sabre come to mind. :)
  • jamzillijamzilli Posts: 682Member
    edited December 2017
    Going through swaps and looking up items, I just by chance came across a relevant post from 2014!

    I was most annoyed with the RV Nov review when @Liz Cadman glossed over/forgave the 'gift card' terminology and just accepted it as a coupon. However, she is being truthful in her explanations here that she views that as a common issue and just looks at how it can actually be used for her reviews. Whether you agree with that is another story, but I just had to smile at the extremely relevant quote from 3 years ago!!!

    From that old review which had a Nike gift card:
    This was the other “special extra” in the box – and it’s an actual gift card code! Complete with pin number! (I’m so used to subscription boxes sending out “gift codes” which are actually coupon codes, so this is awesome).
  • kaleigh89kaleigh89 Posts: 264Member
    edited December 2017
    @RobbVicesDaniel You have stated repeatedly that the gift cards/coupons/other codes are never intended to be part of the value of the box. I completely understand that. However, my issue is that despite you saying that, those boxes that don't have codes included are consistently a higher value than those that do. I went back all the way to April and used the values indicated by Liz on the review (I excluded the July 2017 box because that special edition tequila didn't have a stated RV.) The average value for those boxes without codes was $268.50. The average value for those boxes with codes was $210.75. That is a small but significant difference. Here's the breakdown by month (and yes, there are a couple outliers because this box is known for having a varying value).

    April 2017 - Codes - $385
    May 2017 - Codes - $200
    June 2017 - Codes - $134
    August 2017 - No Codes - $434
    September 2017 - No Codes - $249
    October 2017 - No Codes - $131
    November 2017 - Codes - $124
    December 2017 - No Codes - $260

    Now, obviously Retail Value isn't the only thing to consider for a sub, especially one like this, but it does seem (to me anyway) like those boxes that include codes are not as well curated as those that don't.
  • AACAAC Posts: 801Member
    > @rmnphoto said:
    > Please add me to that list of people who want original packaging included. How do I store this saber??? I live in an apartment. I do not have space for a display cabinet. If I put it in a drawer it gets scratched up. I can't just shove it in a closet without a box. Even just a sleeve that covers it would have been helpful. Same with the decanter. How do you store a glass decanter that doesn't sit flat WITHOUT any type of box?? Little things like this would make a huge difference! Many of these items are meant to be special indulgences. How can we treat them as such and care for them and enjoy them for years to come if we have no way to store them and keep them safe.

    > @Eddy said:
    > The sabre would have been a great gift for my step-son but alas, I don't think I can gift it without a box or some sort of sleeve.

    Obviously I’m not speaking on behalf of Robb Vices here, but sometimes they legitimately can’t get retail boxes. I’m a small business owner (in addition to being an attorney), and I’m shocked sometimes what comes in retail packaging and what doesn’t. I sometimes have to get creative with my own packaging so it doesn’t look incomplete or unfinished. We are used to seeing things in pretty boxes at department stores, but more and more manufacturers aren’t selling to big box stores so they don’t provide it! It’s kind of crazy!
    Ask me for my swap profile. :#
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