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** FREECYCLE ** post your list + join in on the fun!

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Please make sure to read ALL the rules before participating.

This rules thread last updated: 4/20/16
Freecycling is when a person passes on an unwanted item to another person who needs that item. From silverware to mobile homes, people worldwide are choosing to freecycle rather than discard. The practice frees up space in landfills and cuts down on the need to manufacture new goods. Thousands of groups dedicated to connecting people who want to give away something to people with a need are forming worldwide.

  • Start by listing at least 5 items to participate. Feel free to update your list with as many items as you like, there is no limit! But the more items you have on your list, the more potential claims you can get!
  • Leave your MSA swap board feedback score in your list, as follows: 0-0-25 (for: negative-neutral-positive)
  • Please try to keep be fair and post items of equal or similar value. If you're claiming a $20 item, try to have a item on your list of close value. ie: don't claim a $20 item and only have $1 items on your list.
  • Items on your list can be all different values.
  • Photos are optional, or if your item is on a website somewhere, feel free to post a link to the item.
  • Items can be subscription box items or non-subscription box items.
  • When you've added items to your list, please post a notification in the Freecycle Comment Thread ( so we can all be sure to check your updated list!
  • Please try to update your list consistently and if possible, immediately, when you claim something or when someone claims something from you so we can help each other keep track and accountable!
  • Please make sure you are tagging usernames of who is claiming from your list and usernames of who you are claiming from.
  • When you update your list, please post the latest date so we know how current your list is.
  • You cannot claim from another list if you do not have a list of your own posted.
  • IMPORTANT: You are only allowed to claim the 1 item above the amount of items that have been claimed from your list (i.e: if you have 4 items claimed from your list, you can have a total of up to 5 claimed items from other lists)
  • First two claims are open claims since we all need to start somewhere. Once you have claimed your first two items, you must wait until you receive at least 1 claim before you can claim another item.
  • When items from your list are claimed, be sure to cross out the item or (if you are on a mobile phone) write “CLAIMED” next to it with the username of the person who claimed it. Please do not delete the item from your list. This helps keep track of how many items you've posted and in turn, how many items you can claim. (to cross out text, use this code - just delete the * (stars) for it to work: <*del class="Delete">TEXT GOES HERE</*del>
  • To claim an item from someone's: Simply send a private message or inquire about the item by tagging the user + leaving a comment in the Freeycle comment thread (located here:
  • You can claim from ANYONE’S list, not just the list of the person who has claimed your item.
  • Your “items claimed from others” list must never exceed 1 over the total amount of items claimed from your own list.
  • Please add a line of "items claimed from my list" and place the total amount of items that have been claimed from your list.
  • If you feel like you're at a standstill, please feel free to update your list with more items to get the freecycle moving :)
  • Please try to list only new or lightly used items. Be sure to indicate the condition of item if not new.
  • +10 feedback rule applies. (feedback should be from MSA swap boards) Please make sure your swap profile is in your signature link if we need to check feedback! Exceptions can of course be made, please PM me with your situation!
  • Please send out items within 1-2 weeks of someone claiming an item from your list.
  • Sender pays shipping!
Here's an example what your own post of freecycle list should look like:


Updated 4/11/16
Feedback: 0-0-98
Items claimed from my list: Total 3
- Jules Smith Crescent Moon Necklace
- Klorane Dry Shampoo Claimed by @chelsear 04/11/16
- 5 Hello Lucky Cards
- Baggu Standard Size Sailor Stripe Bag
- $25 gift card to 31 bits
- Barkbox goodies Claimed by @NYX 04/10/16
- Julep Grab nail polish grab bag Claimed by @happywife 04/9/16

What I've claimed from others: Total 2
1 - Fragrance grab bag from @MrsH
1 - 4 sheet masks from @celyn

In case I can't always be on the freecycle to help with things, if you have other issues or concerns, please reach out to our other FREECYCLE HELPERS: @chelsear and @SJP - they are informed of all the rules and up to date on how the freecycle swap works. Thanks!

This rules thread will remain updated and current! Hopefully there won’t be any problems with this but if there are any updates or announcements, please refer back to this main post. Any questions, concerns, suggestions please comment here:

If you have problems with another swapper - please send me a private message.

Whew. Yay!!!! You made it.

I know that was a lot but want to make sure all rules are specified up front. If you made it through and read all of the rules, THANK YOU! Hope you all have fun and this goes well!

♥ Happy freecycle swapping everyone! ♥
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  • chelsearchelsear Posts: 1,912Member
    edited April 2016
    Updated 4/14/16 with lots of NEW listings!<\b>
    Feedback: 0-0-174
    Smoke free pet free home
    Giveaway:Claimed ratio - 10:10

    Available Items (newest additions at top):
    - Coach purse, small shoulder bag made of camel-colored leather, lightly used (see photo)
    - Snack box - box of candy and treats and snacks from assorted sub boxes (can customize if vegetarian or whatever!)
    - Tarina Tarantino Pearl Glow Luminizing Primer full size
    - Julep Vanish Cuticle Softener - brand new
    - Julep 3 Piece Mystery Grab Bag (can be polish or cosmetics or mix, you choose!)
    - Light blue "Topaz" ring from Prize Candle ($10 appraisal), size 8-9. Photo attached. Freed from its wax prison just last week! A bright light blue round cut solitaire in a silver tone band. Put on for photo and to judge size, but never worn otherwise.
    - iPhone 5 case tortoise shell - NIB (photo attached)
    - ModCloth Evening Reservations Dress - Size M but much more like a small or a juniors medium (photo attached, black strapless dress with bow, i can take more if needed) - never worn just tried on. Would fit a size 4 or a size 6/8 with smaller boobs than a 34DD

    CLAIMED from me: Total 10
    - iPhone 5 case red ballistic plastic - CLAIMED by @HappyWife on 4/12/16
    - One Love Organics Dry Shampoo - CLAIMED by @HappyWife on 4/14/16
    - Super awesome travel mystery surprise - CLAIMED by @Em1 on 4/14/16
    - Super awesome travel mystery surprise - CLAIMED by @lisad on 4/15/16
    - Super awesome travel mystery surprise - CLAIMED by @kylajaclyn on 4/15/16
    - Super awesome travel mystery surprise - CLAIMED by @monamonster on 4/16/16
    - Snack box - CLAIMED by @diamondsonhertoes on 4/16/16
    - Julep mystery grab bag x 3 - CLAIMED by @HappyCat on 4/17/16

    If you get something and it doesn't fit or isn't your cup of tea, you are welcome to swap, offer it on here, or regift to someone more suitable!

    My items claimed from others: Total 10
    1 - from @CaptBeefcakesBaby
    2 - from @dhnk
    3 - from @MisaMisa
    4 - from @dhnk
    5 - from @MrsH
    6 - from @dhnk
    7 - from @dhnk
    8 - from @CaptBeefcakesBaby
    9 - from @Em1
    10 - from @SJP
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  • dhnkdhnk Posts: 387Member
    edited April 2016


    Updated 4/21/16
    Feedback: 1-0-41

    1. Boscia Peppermint Blotting Linens, new.
    2. Grab bag of Japanese candy goodies.
    3. Pineapple Earrings (see photo below)
    4. Whitney Howard Blessing Ring Keychain. I have the words: gratitude, mother, and pet - these make great gifts! (see photo below)
    5. Surprise clothing lot! 2-3 pieces. Size SM-MD
    6. Antler chew for dogs - Nature’s Own Naturally Shed Jumbo Elk Antler - 5.5”
    7. Fig + Yarrow Complexion Water (sprayed 2x) and Cleansing Nectar (3/4 full) (see photo below)
    8. FFF Hello Legs, New!
    9. Makerskit Airplant Kit. Opened up but totally new and unused! (see photo below)
    10. Rifle Gold Stripe iPhone 5 Case, New in box. (see photo below)
    11. Lollia Little Lux Perfume in Relax, Lavender & Honey. .25 oz bottle, tiny + cute! (see photo below)
    12. I love you to the moon and back 8x10” wall print (see photo below)
    13. I Love You to the Moon And Back Necklace in silver, new. (see photo below)
    14. Grab bag of 5 decorative washi-tape, all new!
    15. Matters of Delight Positive Pens (see photo below)
    16. You're pretty tote bag from Parris Chic boutique (has faint pen mark underneath design, see photo below)
    17. Rifle Paper Co Pack - includes Rifle journal, pencil, and tattoo.
    18. Gold Scallop Bracelet from Ruche (see photo below)
    19. Wooden Alphabet Rubber Stamp Kit, New! (see photo below)
    20. Gold Hexagon earring studs from modcloth (see photo below)
    21. Greeting card grab bag (5 mixed cards from Hello Lucky, Moglea, & more!)
    22. Happy thoughts gift book (see photo below)
    23. Heart Eye Emoji Dog Toy Stuffy, new!
    24. Cat-Lady Grab Bag (includes cute cat clips + cat pens! no actual stuff for kitties, hehe, sorry!)
    25. 2oz jar of Raw-Wild Harvested-Alkaline Coconut Oil, great stuff! Expiration: 10/17 (read about all the uses here:
    YOUR CHOICE: PICK ANY 2! (will count as 1!)
    • Skinny Tie Madness Light Blue Pocket Square
    • Taft Men Midnight Paisley Tie
    • Herb & Dirt Organic Facial Serum, use before 6/16. Used a dozen times..
    • My Mind's Eye 6 Large Party Picks (see photo below)
    • FFF x CosmoBody Jump Rope, New
    • FFF x Merrithew Mat Strap Plus: Yoga Mat Carrier, New
    • Birchbox+Glamour neon blue/pink headphones, new in package.
    • Matcha Green Tea Caramel Corn Snack, 2.05 oz bag, yum!
    • Adventure Bowl for Dogs by Zippy Paws, New.
    • Murad Eye Lift Perfector
    • Thimblepress 8x10" Donut Love wall print (see photo below)
    • Tiny harmonica Necklace, really works! New!
    • Robot Pocket Watch Keychain, really works! New!
    • Tarte Lipsurgence in Amused, swatched 1x+
    • Burt's Bees Lipstick in Sunset Cruise, New in Package
    • Surprise bag of dog treats (new!)
    • Surprise Dog toy (new! may have tags, may not)
    • Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturizer SPF20
    • Harry's Foaming Shave Gel
    • Alpaca Charm Keychain
    • Temporary tattoo grab bag from Tattly
    • Cat Face Watch (see photo below)
    • Thimblepress Colossal Confetti (see photo below)
    Claimed from my list: Total: 24
    - Poppin Notebook Cahier, Spiral Large in Pool Blue + a pack of pretty pens! Claimed by @HappyWife 4/12/16, Sent 4/15
    - Cat-Lady Goodie Bag Claimed by @Chelsear, 4/12, Sent 4/15
    - Cat-Lady Goodie Bag Claimed by @Mrs H, 4/12, Sent 4/15
    - Cat-Lady Goodie Bag Claimed by @zelie1997, 4/12, Sent 4/15
    - Cat-Lady Goodie Bag Claimed by @irisheyes_75, 4/12, Sent 4/15
    - Cat-Lady Goodie Bag Claimed by @chefkristin, 4/12, Sent 4/15
    - Cat-Lady Goodie Bag Claimed by @JenM, 4/12, Sent 4/15
    - Help Ink 8x10" Good Deeds wall print Claimed by @Nyx, 4/13, Sent 4/15
    - Sterling Forever $30 Gift Card Claimed by @Shea, 4/13, Sent 4/15
    - Heart Eye Emoji Dog Toy Stuffy Claimed by @chelsear, 4/14, Sent 4/15
    - Happy thoughts gift book Claimed by @Renee, 4/14, Sent 4/15
    - Accessories Grab bag Claimed by @meshellll, 4/14, Sent 4/15
    - Live Beautifully Fruited Tea Balm 3 pack, New Claimed by @lisad, 4/16, Sent 4/19
    - Lime Green Striped Turkish Towel Claimed by @LisaD, 4/16, Sent 4/19
    - Bento Boxes for kids Claimed by @merryann, 4/17
    - Harmonica Necklace + Robot Watch Keychain Claimed by @Nyx, 4/18
    - Sheet Mask Lot + Live Beautifully Body Bar Claimed by @Aminah, 4/18
    - Bag of Dog Treats + Cat Watch Claimed by @CaptBeefcakesBaby, 4/18, Sent 4/19
    - Rifle Journal/Pencil/Tattoo Lot Claimed by @AmyKat12, 4/18
    - Earrings Claimed by @Chelsear, 4/18, Sent 4/19
    - Bracelet Claimed by @Chelsear, 4/18, Sent 4/19
    - Jules Smith Crescent Moon Necklace Claimed by @SJP, 4/19
    - Positive Pens Claimed by @HappyWife 4/19/16
    - Bracelet Claimed by @SJP, 4/20
    What I've claimed from others: Total 18
    1 - Spongelle from @HappyWife, claimed 4/12
    1 - Dog Toy Grab Bag from @CaptBeefcakesBaby , claimed 4/12 (received 4/18, thank you!)
    1 - Paper Grab bag from @zelie1997, claimed 4/12 (received 4/18, thank you!)
    1 - Patchology Mask from @chefkristin, claimed 4/12 (received 4/18, thank you!)
    1 - Cleansing Oil from @caitlinycordero, claimed 4/13
    1 - Box of Awesome from @SJP, claimed 4/13
    1 - Sports Bra from @nyx, claimed 4/14 (received 4/18, thank you!)
    1 - Rain Flower Cloud Pot from @JodiAnne, claimed 4/14
    1 - Bodipure glove & sock mask @monamonster, claimed 4/14
    1 - OPI All Stars minis 10 pack @mycatbutters, claimed 4/14
    1 - Julep Konjac Sponge @kylajaclyn, claimed 4/15
    1 - Julep Travel Caddy @kylajaclyn, claimed 4/15
    1 - S&P Shakers @olive1924, claimed 4/15
    1 - Mason Jar Soap Dispensers @Nyx, claimed 4/16
    1 - 31 Bits $25 gift certificate @Nyx, claimed 4/17 (received 4/18, thank you!)
    1 - Nars Orgasm Blush @merryann, claimed 4/18
    1 - Bijou watch @merryann, claimed 4/18
    1 - sheet mask grab bag @jenn l, claimed 4/20

    * NOTE * if you receive something from me and you're not a fan of it, please feel free to re-swap it! I seriously will not be offended!

    Thanks for looking :)
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  • HappyWifeHappyWife Posts: 2,164Member
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    Updated 4/17
    Feedback: 0-1-84
    On Vacation :)
    Items claimed from me: 10
    I claimed: 9

    Claimed Items:
    Modcloth Light weight scarf Claimed by Lisad 4/12 ✔️
    Royal Apothic Firming Eye Cream- New Full Size Claimed by CaitlinyCodero ✔️
    Happy Mail Grab Bag Claimed by CaptBeefCakesBaby ✔️
    Victoria Secret Coconut Milk Body Lotion Claimed by AmandaV ✔️
    Snow White Tea from Owl Crate-sealed Claimed by mamaglee ✔️
    DW Home Candle 15.2 oz in Amber and Wood - new never burned claimed by Jodianne
    Spongelle You have my heart on a string Claimed by Dhnk ✔️
    Skin Care Grab Bag- (6 samples in Whole Foods Beauty Bag) + Home Spa DIY book (picture below) Claimed by Bridget. ✔️
    Grey/silver Deepna Gurnani Headband - new in package Claimed by SJP

    ✔️ Indicates shipped
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  • MrsHMrsH Posts: 357Member
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    UPDATED 4/21/16
    Feedback: 0-0-23
    Smoke free and dog free home, but not kitty free
    prefer to ship to US only

    1 - Jewelry Storm Endless Arrow Ring
    2- Hair styling products grab bag (no shampoo/conditioner, no foil packets) claimed by @CaptBeefcakesBaby
    3 -Lip gloss and lipstick grab bag
    4 - Lot of several sample/travel size Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (I have many of these from Clinique GWP, and would love to see them go to someone who will use it! I’ll update the # of samples I have later – it’s at least 4) claimed by @chelsear
    5 - Lot of 24 Partylite votive candles in summer scents – 4 boxes of 6 votives in each, each box is a different scent claimed by @lisad
    6 - lot of Partylite votive candles - fall/winter scents claimed by @Elissa
    7 - scrapbooking page kits grab bag - you tell me what themes you are interested in! (I am a CM consultant and have lots of inventory of retired products)
    8 - Clinique skincare samples grab bag - includes Take the Day Off makeup remover, Clinique Smart custom repair serum, and whatever else will fit in a small flat rate box

    claimed from me: 4

    What I've claimed from others: 5
    From dhnk, Treat_Choself, CaptBeefcakesBaby, Elissa, lisad
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  • Treat_ChoselfTreat_Choself Posts: 218Member
    edited April 2016
    Treat Choself to some of my unloved stuff!! I am decluttering and this thread is making me so happy I don't know what to do with myself!

    Updated 4/13/2016
    Feedback 0-1-30

    All of these items are new and from a smoke-free home with a non-shedding dog (I shed lots, though!). US shipping only, please.

    1- Patchology Flash Mask Trio Claimed by @MrsH
    2- Sparklepop Sydney Pendant (I have two and you can have both if you want) Claimed by @SJP
    3- 20, give or take, high end perfume samples. No repeats unless I screwed up, and only 2 Harvey Prince.
    4- Voltron T-shirt from Loot Crate. Size 3x Womens, which is smaller than you'd think. Claimed by @CaptBeefcakesBaby
    5- Watercolor silk scarf from Little Lace Box.
    6- Makeup mixed lot, I'll throw in whatever I can that stays under the 1st class mail limit. All will be new, probably mostly liners, mascaras, eyeshadows. Some might be from Ulta grab bags or things like that.
    7- Exfoliate me!!! A 4 oz. body scrub, 2 1 oz. Face scrubs, a deluxe sample face scrub and 10 1ml foils of the Paula's Choice Resist Triple Action Dark Spot Eraser 2% BHA gel (this contains hydroquinone, so people with darker skin tones may want to avoid). Claimed by @JodiAnne
    8 - Darby Smart DIY Chandelier set
    9 - Legend of Zelda necklace from fanmail
    10 - Black Tie Geek Skinny tie
    11 - Masquerade! A collection of 10 facial (and other?) masks.
    12 - Sweet & Spark $30 gift card, no exp. date
    13 - Sweet & Spark $30 gift card, no exp. date
    14 - Blackheads-B-Gone! Nose strips and other assorted items, mostly Korean or Japanese, for congested skin.

    What I've claimed from others:
    1: Breath of Life sunnies from @CaptBeefcakesBaby
    2: Blessings Bag from @CaptBeefcakesBaby

    Giveaway:Claimed ratio = 4:2
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  • lisadlisad Posts: 2,375Member
    edited April 2016
    Lisad Free cycle list
    Updated 4.20.16

    GIVEN 12

    1. Laundress Fabric Fresh Spray - GONE TO MONAMONSTER!
    2. Box of Style foot pedals - GONE TO AMINAH!
    3. Chakra love coral rope necklace with result non paper towel GONE TO CAPTBEEFCAKESBABY
    4. Bella Freesia Travel candle tin from birchbox -GONE TO EM1!
    5. Silver Travalo from LLB- GONE TO AMINAH!
    6 Jessie Steele brown and white polka dot apron -GONE TO WENDYM!
    7. Blue stones stretch bracelet loyal, wisdom tranquility with bling owl charm -GONE TO ELISSA!
    8. & gold necklace - GONE TO KYLAJACLYN!
    9. Make custom finish effects - matte/dew -GONE TO MRSH!
    10. Rifle paper 2 pocket notebooks bon voyage set - GONE TO MERRYANN!
    11. Stephanie Johnson pink/black sleep mask -GONE TO MERRYANN!
    12. Stowaway creme lipstick trio in box -GONE TO CAPTBEEFCAKESBABY!

    What I've claimed from others - 12
    1. party light candles from @MrsH
    2. Scarf from @HappyWife
    3. Pathology masks from @Shea
    4. Super awesome travel surprise from @chelsear
    5. Lunch tote from @cat
    6. Nest rollerball trio from @diamondsonhertoes
    7. Tea balms and Turkish Towel from @dhnk ( 2 ITEMS)
    8. All about Eyes from @AmandaV
    9. Blue clutch from @Jdunbar6
    10. Office Supplies Surprise from @SJP
    11. Rollerball perfume from @lisa82411
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  • irisheyes_75irisheyes_75 Posts: 325Member
    edited April 2016

    Updated: 4/20/16
    Feedback: 0-0-138

    I'm even so I think now is a good time for me to bow out. Thanks for the fun! :smile:

    Items I've Sent:
    - Ann Taylor LOFT tortoise shell sunglasses w/case (brand new/never worn - photo below) ** CLAIMED by @mini2z **

    Items I've Claimed:
    - Cat Lady grab bag from @dhnk
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  • SJPSJP Posts: 2,226Member
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    SJP's Freecycle List:

    Updated 4/21/16
    Feedback: 0-0-16
    Items claimed from my list: Total 12

    --- BOX OF CHEER -- pretty/wrapping/packaging/sparkly/happy/tasty/fun!!!

    -LLB Serendipity Pamela Barsky pouches (choose 2---counts as 1 request):
    ~~~~New York Does Not Suck
    ~~~~What would make you think I am a tourist?
    ~~~~where do new yorkers come from?
    d) Highly decorative glass box/container. Teal mercury-type glass with a spray of sparkly branches around a silver flower in the center of the lid. Very pretty for a vanity or desk.
    A) Whole Foods Beauty Bag---BAG ONLY
    1) Vintage Brooch---similar to Sweet & Spark styles valued at $40-$70 (will post photos later)
    7) 3D Dragonfly Card. Blank interior, sort of sage green envelope & interior. Dragonfly is green felt with sparkly eyes.
    8) Very pretty purple picture frame. Enamel-like finish, with some sparkly bits in each corner. I'll add more info about it in a bit.
    9) Thanksgiving post cards from my swap profile
    10) Julep Mixed lot of 3 polishes
    11) Umbra Geo ring holder
    12) Bauble Bar ear jackets

    a) (Claimed, see below)
    b) (Claimed, see below)
    c) (Claimed, see below)
    2) (Claimed, see below)
    3) REMOVED
    4) REMOVED
    5) REMOVED
    6) DELETED
    B ) (Claimed, see below)

    a) CLAIMED-Office Supply Box---an assortment of cute/fun office products CLAIMED by @lisad
    a.2) CLAIMED--Office Supply Box 2.0---cute/fun office products CLAIMED by @olive1924
    b) CLAIMED---TEA! 2.0---another box of assorted teas & tea items CLAIMED by @AmyKat12
    c) CLAIMED---Final Box of AWESOME---whimsy, fun, cheer in a box!---CLAIMED by @JenM
    13) CLAIMED---Olay Cleansing System---similar to clarisonic CLAIMED by @Jenniferjoy
    14) CLAIMED by @CaptBeefcakesBaby --Eye products grab bag--CLAIMED (Sent)
    15) CLAIMED One Sparklepop necklace --- CLAIMED by @Holly
    16) CLAIMED---Box of AWESOME---CLAIMED by @dhnk
    2) CLAIMED--Box of AWESOME, part 2!------CLAIMED by @kylajaclyn
    *B) CLAIMED---TEA! An assortment of teas, and tea related items.---CLAIMED by @stacy
    CLAIMED---one LAST Box of AWESOME----CLAIMED by @chelsear
    CLAIMED---one more LAST Box of AWESOME----CLAIMED by @AmandaV

    What I've claimed from others:
    1-Rain/cloud/umbrella necklace from @JodiAnne,
    2-Sparklepop necklace from @Treat_Choself ;
    3-mini mirror from @Holly ,
    4-bracelet from @cat ,
    5-Starbucks tin w/hot choc from @Jenniferjoy ,
    6-another bracelet from @cat,
    7-necklace from @dhnk
    8-headband from @HappyWife ,
    9-Sabe Masson from @CaptBeefcakesBaby
    10-bracelet from @dhnk Total 10
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    Swap Profile:

    ***Please be aware that I don't always get notifications when tagged, so if I haven't responded please PM me.***
  • monamonstermonamonster Posts: 1,436Member
    edited April 2016

    Feedback: 0-0-91

    CLAIMED from me: 7
    1.LUSH sampler (Ro's Argan body conditioner, butterball bath bomb and a 3.3 fl oz shower gel) @CaptBeefcakesBaby 4/12/16
    2.Handmade beanie - made by me! (you choose your color(s)) @kylajaclyn 4/15/16
    8. Set of 2 kitchen scrubbies - made by me! (you choose your color(s)) @kiyokoh 4/15/16
    9. ISH contour palette in light/medium @Shea 4/13/16
    10. Greeting card mystery pack - 8 assorted cards @diamondsonhertoes
    11. Smash journals -2. These are for scrapbooking or messy journaling. They have different papers/pockets on each page (see photo for example) @zelie1997 4/14/16
    12. Bodipure glove & sock masks (from FFF) @dhnk 4/14/16

    What I've claimed from others: Total 8
    1. From @lisad laundress spray
    2. From @Shea blue stuff :)
    3. From @CaptBeefcakesBaby passport cover
    4. From @CaptBeefcakesBaby sleep mask
    5. From @chelsear travel surprise bag
    6. From @CaptBeefcakesBaby bracelet
    7. From @merryann fabletics tank top
    8. From @Nyx FRENDS headphones
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  • zelie1997zelie1997 Posts: 205Member
    edited April 2016
    zelie1997's Freecycle List
    Smoke-free home

    Updated 4/21/16
    Feedback: 0-0-83
    Items claimed from my list: Total 7

    **I have removed most of my remaining items from my list as I need to take shipping expense break. Anything I already committed to sending will be mailed out within the week. I'll post more items this weekend.

    1. Scrapbooking and greeting card grab bag (Happy Mail, Messy Box, Planner Addict, etc) CLAIMED @dhnk
    2. Removed
    3. Jewelry grab bag (Flitwicks, Popsugar) CLAIMED @CaptBeefcakesBaby
    4. Geek grab bag (Nerdblock, Nerdblock Jr, Teeblox) CLAIMED @CaptBeefcakesBaby
    5. Removed
    6. Removed
    7. Free week of meals for Hello Fresh (invite to be sent by email, for new subscribers or different email address)
    8. Removed
    9. CANDY BOX!! (we have a candy store a block away from our house with TONS of candy
    - Swedish fish, wax bottles, saucers, coke bottle gummies, rock candy sticks, etc). It's pretty similar stuff to the 30 days of candy thing. It'd be fun to put a box together. If you request, please let me know your favorite flavors!
    CLAIMED @KPeters
    11. Bookish grab bag - minimum $15 value CLAIMED @kylajaclyn (will mail next week)
    12. Removed
    13. CANDY BOX!! (we have a candy store a block away from our house with TONS of candy
    - Swedish fish, wax bottles, saucers, coke bottle gummies, rock candy sticks, etc). It's pretty similar stuff to the 30 days of candy thing. It'd be fun to put a box together. If you request, please let me know your favorite flavors!
    CLAIMED @Elissa
    14. CANDY BOX!! (we have a candy store a block away from our house with TONS of candy
    - Swedish fish, wax bottles, saucers, coke bottle gummies, rock candy sticks, etc). It's pretty similar stuff to the 30 days of candy thing. It'd be fun to put a box together. If you request, please let me know your favorite flavors!
    CLAIMED @CaptBeefcakesBaby
    15. Removed
    16. Removed

    What I've claimed from others: Total 5
    Cat lady goody bag from @dhnk
    Fandom goodies from @CaptBeefcakesBaby
    80s cross stitch from @mamaglee
    Journals from @monamonster
    Cat necklace from @HappyCat
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  • chefkristinchefkristin Posts: 2,009Member
    edited April 2016
    Kristin's freecycle list - smoke free home but not kitty free

    Feed back: not on swap list but have swapped with Chelsear, Bettyk, sjp and letsgeaux, happy to ship first.

    Spongelle heart on a string CLAIMED @CaptBeefcakesBaby Shipped

    Patchology 3 pack mask plus Laneige water bank mask CLAIMED @Dnhk Shipped
    Hydroxotone advanced under eye cream-full size

    Yah! lunch box from psmh

    Food stirs sugar cookie mix and heart cookie cutter from popsugar and Meri Meri toot sweet napkins from popsugar (pink/white stripes) 20 count large size CLAIMED @lisa82411

    Terrapin Ridge Farms pecan honey mustard CLAIMED @misamisa

    Aztec hot chocolate from Luxor CLAIMED @kylajaclyn

    Claimed dhnk grab bag and captbeefcakesbaby juice, Renee diva curl, lisa82411 curl cream and sponge, and Amine bracelet
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  • JenMJenM Posts: 29Member
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    Swap profile is under Jen
    Updated 4/21/16
    Feedback: 0-0-19
    Items claimed from my list: Total 4
    Items: All new unopened except where noted
    Pet free/smoke free household

    Available Items:

    - Nancy Drew 2 Pack PC game. Includes The Deadly Device and Alibi in Ashes

    Claimed items:

    -Bookish grab bag-various items from book boxes with extras-claimed by @kylajaclyn

    -Kid grab bag. Includes small toys/trinkets. Will also include some Playmobil figures/accessories that we have duplicates of. They are like new-claimed by @CaptBeefcakesBaby

    -Kawaii/Cute stuff grab bag. Includes items from Doki Doki crate as well as other Kawaii/cute items.-claimed by @Bridget

    -Geeky grab bag. Includes items from geek boxes as well as snacks.-claimed by @lisa82411

    What I've claimed from others: 3
    1. @dhnk
    2. @SJP
    3. @kylajaclyn
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  • Em1Em1 Posts: 1,200Member
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    Em1's Freecycle List

    Updated 4/20/16
    Feedback: 0-0-46
    Items claimed from my list: Total 2
    - Liquid lipstick bundle: All 3 Stila shades from Birchbox (Bella, Beso, Venezia), Ofra full size in Rio, The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes mini in Committed. Total 5!
    - Davines hair styling bundle: This is a Relaxing Moisturizing Fluid (1.69 fl oz), All in One Milk (1.69 fl oz), Naturaltech Replumping Hair Filler Superactive (1.69 fl oz).
    - Stowaway Cosmetics Raspberry Creme Lipstick
    - What to Pack notepad
    - Gramr Thanksgiving postcard pack
    - American Colors Plaid Scarf claimed by @Shea
    - Whish Shave Cream, Pomegranate: 1.7 fl oz, NOT the Birchbox sample tube
    - Smashbox deluxe trio -- Filter: Vanilla/Sable/Sumatra
    - No Dark Shadows Complexion Enhancer/Concealer Full size, color: Wow. This item only comes in two shades it seems, and Wow is the lighter shade. claimed by @chelsear
    - $10 credit
    - Arrow lip balm from Birchbox

    What I've claimed from others: Total 2
    - Bella Freesia candle from @lisad
    - Box of Awesome from @chelsear
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  • MisaMisaMisaMisa Posts: 635Member
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    Updated: 4/13/16

    Feedback: 0-0-206

    Available Items:
    - Juice Beauty Glowing Cheek Color in Fig
    - Tarte Apple of my Eye eyeshadow quad
    - Eloise children's book. Read once.
    - Stowaway creme lipstick trio
    - Choose any 3 used books from photo below (Looking for Alaska, Trapped, Hunted, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Murder and Salutations, Darkest Kiss, Heads in Beds, I Know why the Caged Bird Sings, Safe Haven, A Spell for Chameleon, American Gods, Stardust)
    - Joe B Chevron pants NWT, size Medium in Juniors sizing, so small or x-small for women.
    - 5 sets of zumba nail decals

    Claimed items:
    - CLAIMED BY @chelsear Black lace dress from ModCloth (size Large but fits like a Medium, better for a bustier girl than myself 34C, NWOT)
    - CLAIMED BY @kylajaclyn Skull scarf from Dailylook
    - CLAIMED BY @mycatbutters Your Bijoux Box chocolate statement necklace

    Items I've claimed: 2
    pecan honey mustard from @chefkristin
    Julep clutches from @CaptBeefcakesBaby
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  • JodiAnneJodiAnne Posts: 2,097Member
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    JodiAnne's FreeCycle List

    Updated 4/16/2016

    Feedback: 1(spiteful swaplifter)-0-89

    Items claimed from my list : 5

    Items claimed by me : 4
    **exfoliate me from @Treat_Choself
    **candle from @HappyWife
    ** bath beauty from @Nyx
    **snakes and ladders from @diamondsonhertoes

    1. Nima Oberoi Lunares Geo Stopper (come on...someone has to know someone who drinks wine! You probably can use it for a 2 liters bottle of soda too!! Gotta keep your coke classy!!) **CLAIMED BY MY HERO @jenniferjoy **

    2. Luv AJ Ombre Bracelet plus $500 (in monopoly money...but please someone take this bracelet!!!I can't even give it away!!) *pending..possibly have a taker**

    3. Hair Medley= Toppik Hair Plumper, Coolway Smoothing Lotion -full size, Loreal Air Pump--full size (from Target box)

    4. Lip Duo= VBeauty Lip Spread in Kinky and Suede Matte Stick in Pinup both full size


    6. 3 past ipsy bags..... never used

    7. Rain cloud necklace from April's peachesandpetals box **CLAIMED BY @SJP **

    8. 35$ hello fresh gift card

    9. Rain cloud mini flower pot from P&P **CLAIMED by @dhnk

    10. Full size Model Co. Bronzer

    11. Silver cross bracelet--see photo

    12. Beaded earrings never worn--see photo

    13. Sterling silver Hershey kiss necklace--never worn see photo **CLAIMED by @cat

    14. Gold sparkly bangle bracelet--see photo

    15. Brown clip bracelet---see photo

    16. Bamboo-ish material coin purse--see photo **CLAIMED by @cat

    17. Orange bead bracelet--see photo

    18. Turquoise and silver necklace once--see photo

    19. Hand stamped bracelet with string closures--see photo

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  • MamaSarahMamaSarah Posts: 123Member
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  • KPetersKPeters Posts: 411Member
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    Kerry P list

    0 - 0 - 602

    Requested by me: Zellie1997 candy store bag, Cat bluetooth mouse
    Claimed from me: WendyM #11, Jenniferjoy #13, Elissa #13, Nyx #5, Happycat #15

    Have a cavapoo pup but most items stored in closet in storage totes. :)

    1. set of 5 delicate gold rings size 7.
    2. set of 9 gold rings with stones size 7
    3. set of 4 black or grey rings size 7 -sent to Nyx too just cause. :)
    4. set of 5 jewel tone rings size 7
    5. set of 7 grey black rings size 7- Claimed Nyx
    6. set of misc hair jewels.
    7. wristlet or small make up baf floral with sequins
    8. Mini bag from peaches and petals
    9. 2 bags from fan mail
    10. vs beach tote
    11. orange and Tan leather magazine tote - Claimed WendyM
    12. paint smear magazine tote
    13. Coach hair ties: pink and brown c, blue c with stripes,carriage with stripes, blue with circles- Claimed Jenniferjoy and Elissa
    14. 2: grab bags of travel hair and body care.
    15. Grab bag of makeup Claimed by Happy cat
    16. Grab bag of facial goodies
    17. Grab bag of perfume and lotions.
    18. Walking dead Soap on a rope. (Ears on a string-kind of creepy)
    19. Adult coloring book set of 2: Floral wonders color art and Botanical wonders color art -RAK
    20. Adult coloring book set of 2: Stress less Coloring Mandalas and Stress relieving patterns.

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  • WendyMWendyM Posts: 863Member
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    WendyM's List
    Only 1 item Still Available!
    1. Greeting card mystery pack - 8 assorted cards with envelopes PLUS I'll add some more specifically for you when I find out who you are!

    What has already been claimed (and mailed):
    1 Trust Me grab bag- I'll look at your following list & maybe ask you a couple questions. to @HappyWife
    2. Candle grab bag to @Elissa
    3. Sweet & Savory grab bag- seriously yummy! to @diamondsonhertoes
    4. Skin care grab bag to @HappyCat

    Things I've claimed from others:
    1. Orange bag from @KPeters
    2. Kawaii grab bag from @kiyokoh
    3. Jesse Steel apron @lisad
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  • caitlinycorderocaitlinycordero Posts: 235Member
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    Caitlin's Freecycle list!

    Updated: 4/23/16
    Feedback: 0-0-104
    Items claimed from my list: 1
    1. Cole Haan black leather clutch/wristlet (photo attached)
    2. Express strapless dress in blue, size 6 (photo attached, worn once for wedding)
    3. iPhone 5c case
    4. laundry by Shelli Segal dress in back, size 4 (photos attached)
    5 laundry by Shelli Segal one shoulder dress in size 10, coral color. Was hemmed to fit someone around 5'5-5'6. Worn once for wedding (photos attached)
    6. DHC cleansing oil, new and full size CLAIMED by @dhnk
    7. Cargo tinted moisturizer in Nude, SPF 20 Full size and sealed in box.
    8. SmartBrow eyebrow filler duo and cleanser in Burnette shade
    9. Battle is on notebook

    What I've claimed from others: 2 (headband from @Nyx , eye cream from @HappyWife )
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  • NyxNyx Posts: 1,561Member
    edited April 2016

    NYX's FREECYCLE LIST: All items are new and unused, from a smoke-free home. For beauty items - not all are sealed as we often receive them that way but all are new, unused, unswatched, unsampled. Cuz yuk. Message me if you wanna grab something! Take my stuff!

    Updated 4/18/16
    Feedback: 0-0-73
    Items claimed from my list: -8-
    Items I have claimed: -7-

    1. Hair Bundle: 2oz Frizz Ease Hairspray, 3oz Suave Moroccan Infusion styling oil, 2oz Soapbox coconut shampoo, 1.7oz Clear Scalp Therapy 2-in1 shampoo, four hair ties-- shipped in a red Allure box - see photo.
    2. Silver Train Case by e.l.f. with a pack of e.l.f. Lotion Wipes in vanilla & coconut. @cat got it!
    3. Red Sorial card case.
    4. $25 gift code for 31 Bits. @dhnk got it!
    5. Deepa Gurnani silver/grey hair band. @caitlinycordero got it!
    6. Merrithew Mat Strap Plus in hot pink.
    7. Grab bag of lotions and scent samples - small assortment.
    8. Sexy stilettos - size 6 - black with pink soles - never worn, see photo.
    9. Know Your Spock - Mens T shirt - Medium 100% Cotton, new w/o tags.
    10. Beauty assortment: BB Cushion sampler, Frat Boy blush sample, full size Black Dahlia nail lacquer, full size Pacifica shadow trio, Manna Kadar Liplocked in Lucky shade, all shipped in a pretty Birchbox. See photo.
    11. Black & Grey ombre racer back sports bra - new in package @dhnk got it!
    12. Really big, heavy glass wine bottle stopper - new in box - see photo.
    13. Bathing Beauty grab bag - Lush bomb, pink scrubbie, body wash, body butter, davine's styling oil packette. @JodiAnne got it
    14. Big glass set of mason jar type lotion and soap pump jars - both new and unused. @dhnk got it!
    15. Halo 5 ammo tin and code. see photo.
    16. "Love Never Dies" grey sueded wish bracelet with silver alloy skulls - handmade by me - see photos.
    17. Brand new dress by DePhilo rec'd in the now-defunct Relish Clothing Mystery Box. Size Large with tags attached. Pretty tunic style dress with long, belled slit sleeves and a button close at the back collar. Body is fully lined. Dress is solid black - any dots in the photo are just camera flash weirdness. See photo.
    18. FRENDS "The Donna" Earbuds from FabFitFun VIP Box - white and silver. @monamonster got 'em!
    19. Assortment of crafts/scrapbooking odds & ends. See photo.
    20. Jewelry grab bag with a watch, funky skull/cross necklace, blingy rings, assorted charms/pendants. See photo.
    21. FRENDS "The Donna" Earbuds from FabFitFun VIP Box - black and silver. @dhnk got 'em!

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  • ElissaElissa Posts: 462Member
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    Elissa's Freecycle List:
    Updated 4/18/16
    Feedback: 0-0-311
    All items are from a non-smoking home with one dog.

    Items claimed from my list: 6
    Items I have claimed: 6

    1. Jules Smith watercolor scarf CLAIMED by MrsH
    2. JL Blin Paris dichroic glass pin (see picture)
    3. Nanette Lepore Nanette rose gold watch CLAIMED @CaptBeefcakesBaby
    4. Happy jackson Yay lunch! Lunchbox
    5. Pixi by Petra book of beauty minimal makeup face palette CLAIMED by Shea
    6. Get to work 17" laptop cling (see picture)
    7. Julep Rosewood and Clover Pink Your Happy Look pore minimizing blushes
    8. Julep Its Balm in Almond nude Creme and Apricot Nude Creme CLAIMED by Holly
    9. Julep Light on your lips lipstick in lady in red
    11. Gold love glass coasters set of 2 from Serendipity CLAIMED by Robyn
    12. Cinnamon Basil seed starter kit from Serendipity
    13. Black signature bag from Coach gently used (see picture)
    14. Polka dot leather mini purse keychain from Coach CLAIMED by Nyx
    15. Bare Escentuals silver loose powder compact with case
    16. Bare Escentuals Color Shift eye brush (see picture)
    17. Bare Escentuals Loli eye color (see picture)
    18. Bare Escentuals Night Owl eye color and mini White Gold eye color (see picture)
    19. IPod/iPhone headphones (no microphone)
    20. 2 Oh Snap! Jolly Gingerbread Gentle Foaming Handsoap BBW
    21. 2 Oh Snap! Jolly Gingerbread Gentle Foaming Handsoap BBW

    Items I've claimed:
    - coach hair ties from @KPeters
    - blue stretch bracelet from lisad
    -candle grab bag claimed from
    - candy bag claimed from zelie1997
    - 4 pairs knee high socks from diamondsonhertoes
    - party lite votives from MrsH
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  • HollyHolly Posts: 416Member
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    Holly's List

    Updated 4/13/16
    Feedback: 0-0-150
    Items claimed from my list: Total 1

    1. Pixie by Petra Book of Beauty Minimal Makeup
    2. Popsugar 2016 planner
    3. Danielle Creations Chrome Mini Mirror @SJP
    4. Chloe and Isabel necklace from Birchbox (worn to 1 brunch)
    5. Spark Joy
    6. Gramr Gratitude thanksgiving cards
    7. Dr. Who tardis belt and Hunger Games Mockingjay Necklace
    8. Dr. Lili Fan Probiotic Age Defying Serum

    What I've claimed from others: Total 2
    -Sparklepop necklace @SJP
    -Julep It's Balm @Elissa
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  • JenniferjoyJenniferjoy Posts: 197Member
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    Jennifer's list
    Updated 4/15/16
    Feedback 0-0-6
    *****Coach wallet--unused, but edges are imperfect (see photos) CLAIMED BY STACY :)****
    Vs slippers med (sz7-8)
    Batman tall thick socks.
    ******Kitchen/edible/spices grab bag this includes via Starbucks and some of the marshmellows--not the whole package though, because I had to try them! **** CLAIMED BY KYLAJACLYN****
    ***Tin with Starbucks hot chocolate.***CLAIMED BY SJP
    Makeup/face/hair grab bag includes a Bite lip mirror.
    Clairsonic brush heads--they say acne.
    Grapefruit lotion.
    VS small green panties--bought with gift card.
    Vintage look pin-no box lid

    Picked: 3 item--coach hairtye, geo stopper, and olay brush.
    Given: 3 item-coach wallet
    Kitchen grab bag.
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  • stacystacy Posts: 87Member
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    Stacy' list
    Updated 4/20/16
    Feedback 0-0-147

    -February and March Raw Spice Bar spice lot
    -nail strip lot
    -English Laundry Pour Femme body lotion 6.8 oz
    -English Laundry Pour Femme roller ball
    -E.L.F lot (see picture)
    -4 Mostly Memories Candle CO soy wax melts (Cinnamon Danish, Warm Apple Strudel, Lavender Vanilla, and Japanese Cherry Blossom)
    -Blue and greyish infinity scarf NWOT
    -Celebrity Pink shorts size M NWT
    -Whimsey Box Pajaki Chandelier
    -Makeup/Nailstrip lot
    -Golden Tote brown belt
    -Face scrub/cleanser/sunscreen sample lot
    -Face mask lot
    -2 Julep nail polishes-Myriam and Mariah
    -Dog notebook from Pet Treater
    -Dauville Bud Vase-Gold from Birchbox**claimed by @Shea **
    -Isaac Jacobs 4x4 frame from Birchbox**claimed by @Robyn **

    Picked: 3
    Given: 2
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  • AmandaVAmandaV Posts: 658Member
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    Amanda's list
    Updated 4/13
    Feedback 0-0-24

    ***I will do my best to respond quickly, but I am often in meetings during the day where I am unable to check the site. Will promise to respond within 12 hours. Ship on Wednesdays and/or Saturdays.

    1. Black boots size 8.5 Modcloth stylish surprise
    2. Set of 3 greeting cards
    3. 'The One and Only' book by Emily Griffin (read but in good condition)
    4. Set of two framed pictures - positive sayings
    5. TRAVEL ESSENTIALS grab bag!
    6. PAMPER YOURSELF grab bag (will avoid anything that you would rather not have i.e. certain scents)
    7. Kelly Green scarf
    8. Gold tone 'X and O' earrings from Kris Nations
    9. Lovebirds salt and pepper shakers
    10. SHARP OBJECTS paperback book by Gillian Flynn (author of Gone Girl) - condition like new, amazing book!

    ***lovebirds salt and pepper shakers - CLAIMED by Bridget***
    ***ALL EYES ON YOU grab bag - CLAIMED by Lisad***

    VS lotion from @HappyWife

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  • AminahAminah Posts: 163Member
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    Aminah's list
    Updated 4/20
    Feedback 0-0-87

    ***I will do my best to respond quickly, but I am a school teacher and have long periods where I can't access the online world, will promise to respond within 12 hours.***

    Smoke free, pet free home! Newer items are at the bottom of the list!

    1) Silver ring with emerald green stone, size 6.
    2) Nail polish duo: Shades in the pinks/red family (Lucy b's in scarlet and nailtini in Mai tai).
    3) Pink lip duo: Pink sequin vintage lip gloss by Jessica liebeskind and Danimer liquid lipstick / lip gloss in shade #35 hot pink (received in swap, never used but it was given with faded writing).
    4) Pantene hair spray & dry defy (both travel sized).
    5) Marble beaded bracelet. **CLAIMED**
    7) Pink infinity scarf.
    8) Maroon / Purple sequin scarf. (Received as gift, new never used).
    9) White faux leather flats, size 6. New, never worn.
    10) Gold bangle set, size small/medium.
    11) Colorful boho necklace + earring set. **CLAIMED**
    12) Mini black sequin heart clutch / bag.
    13) Burnished gold owl statement necklace.
    14) Eyes and cheeks duo: Ipsy x NYX eyeshadow palette and Jelly pong pong luminizer gel.
    15) Girls quilted grey lounge pants in size 9/10. New with tags.
    16) Gold, green, and red indian style bangles. 7" in circumference so it best fits S/M sized wrists.
    17) Set of 6 red scented votive candles.
    18) Set of two burnished gold necklaces with black detailing.
    18) Burnished gold crystal necklace and ring set. (Ring has stretchy band, so one size fits most).
    19) Hello Fresh - 3 free meals and $35 off first box.
    20) NEW 'I love you' message in a bottle necklace.
    21) NEW pink pedicure set.
    22) NEW Olay Dark Cirlce Correcting Hydraswirl.
    23) NEW Faux pearl earring set.

    I received a lapel pin + mini cross notebook in a recent swap. Feel free to add to any claim!

    Claimed: 3
    Orange blossom mist (@Shea ) ✔️
    Travalo (@lisad )
    Sheet mask + lotion set (@dhnk )
    Given: 2
    Colorful boho necklace (@Cat )
    Marble bracelet (@chefkristin )
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  • zelie1997zelie1997 Posts: 205Member
    Go back to page 1 and check out my list (please and thank you ;) )
  • mini2zmini2z Posts: 2,352Member
    edited April 2016

    mini2z's free cycle list:
    1/1/397 (next swap is my 400th). Read the reasons for the 1/1

    1. Biotherm face set - 5 or six boxes/tubes of products
    2. Plaid scarf PSMH
    3. Dove pure care hair old full size bottle in a box
    4. Royal Appothic Eye cream (the tea stuff)
    5. Blue faux wrap dress from Golden Tote in a large
    6. Canadian chocolate assortment - smarties, aero, coffee crisp, & more

    Claimed by me:
    Sunnies from @irisheyes_75
    Sunnies from @merryann
    Bracelet from @cara0700

    Claimed from me:
    Wrap dress @CaptBeefcakesBaby
    Candy bag @Diamondsonhertoes
    Cream @cara0700

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  • ReneeRenee Posts: 144Member
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    Renee's List
    Updated 4/14/16
    Feedback: 0-0-22

    - Alice in Wonderland Ring (adjustable) from Fandom on Month Club
    - Beauty Counter Nourishing Cleansing Balm CLOTH ONLY from PSMH
    - Derma E Hydrating Night Crème with Hyaluronic Acid from Target Beauty Box
    - Incoco nail polish applique in Lovestruck from Target Beauty Box
    - Laneige BB Cushion Sample from Target Beauty Box
    - Tiny Prints Gift Tag Stickers from PSMH
    - Bonnie Nourishing Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in Pink Sapphire from Goodebox
    - Yarok Feed Your Shine Hair Serum from Goodebox
    - Goody 3 Flat Silicone Elastics from Target Beauty Box
    - Roc Deep Wrinkle Night Cream from Target Beauty Box
    - Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick in 047 Wardrobe from Target Beauty Box
    - Bloom That $20 GC from PSMH
    - Next by Nature Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans from PSMH
    - Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien from Play! by Sephora

    *All items are on my swap list if you want pics.*

    Items I've claimed from others: 3
    Items claimed from my list: 2
    Devacurl 3-step sample kit @chefkristin
    Tribe Alive Necklace from Globein @CaptBeefcakesBaby
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  • catcat Posts: 1,921Member
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    Update: April 21 - List has been deleted - Everyones items have been mailed off - Best wishes to everyone - Decided to discontinue for reasons that many people have expressed in the other thread.
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