A Different Kind of Subscription: Indoor Gardening 🥬

This Christmas, my husband and I decided to splurge on an indoor hydroponic garden. I did a lot of research into different products on the market, and we ultimately chose Gardyn. This is what it looks like full of plants:

When you sign up, you get the Garden system and 30 little seed pods. My plants have been growing for a little over a month, and I’ve got lettuces, herbs, tomatoes, peppers, and even some flowers going They’re still small, but they’re coming along!

Water and light are both automated, and there’s an app that helps monitor growth, teach you about your plants, and remind you when it’s time to refresh the water tank. As a tech fanatic, I think it’s super cool. You can also opt in to their seed subscription where you’ll get auto-charged for new pods every month.

As for negatives, the biggest downside so far is that the light is really bright. I prefer “mood lighting” in the evenings, and I find the brightest light a little glaring. It automatically turns off at 9pm, but from about 7 until 9 I’m like:


Once my plants are bigger, they shouldn’t require as much bright light, which is good news. I also have to call out the cost. I bought my Gardyn on sale, but it still cost over $500. I did the math, and I think I’ll see that flow back into my wallet over time, but… yeah. It’s an investment for sure. Lastly, I signed up for the subscription when I joined, but I’m not sure if I’ll continue. My plants are still growing so it’s hard to tell how frequently I’ll need to replace them, but I have a feeling I’m going to end up with a surplus of seed pod credits.

Still, I’m very happy with my purchase. Watching the plants grow has been a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to a big burst of green against my kitchen wall. I’ll keep you all updated as the plants grow! I can’t wait until everything is large enough that I can make an entire “big salad” from my indoor hydroponic garden.



@Lindsey-MSA, the Startrek meme is making me laugh so hard!! :laughing:

I am very intrigued by these indoor gardens. I saw one on my beloved Bespoke Post recently that could be mounted on the walls as well:


My only hesitation has been that I feel Wyatt would most definitely snack on the plants given the opportunity. I’ve already lost many a library book because I wasn’t giving someone enough “attention,” haha.

This is very cool with the auto-pods. I think my parents may enjoy it because they both have serious green thumbs. I’ve read a lot about how plants have a lot of healing/therapeutic properties just by being in someone’s home. Similar to be having a fish tank and feeling relaxed by watching the fish!

Excited to see the yummy salads you create :heart_eyes:


I used to have a tabletop hydroponic garden, AeroGarden was the brand. At the time I think it was the only hydroponic gardening system I’d heard of, so this was a while ago. I enjoyed it, but I ultimately found it limiting for a few reasons: (1) the size (it was small-ish) because I wanted to grow things like tomatoes, and even the smallest tomatoes were almost too heavy for the garden to support (2) the small variety of pods available at the time & you could only use their branded pods and (3) the filter was the worse. It clogged and broke all the time, and I constantly had to buy new ones.

I do often think about getting back into hydroponic gardening, so I’d love to hear about your experience as your garden grows. The size of yours is amazing, and I can imagine I could grow so much more with that!


I hear you about the limitations of the smaller tabletop gardens. They’re great for those with limited space, but I too wanted to be able to grow tomatoes, peppers, and lots of greens. The goal is to (hopefully) replace a lot of my grocery store veg purchases. I’ll definitely report back!


That thing is insanely beautiful! It reminds me that I have an aerogarden put away in lieu of this hydroponic fish tank that grows herbs or flowers on top.


@Lindsey-MSA I am so excited that you purchased this and posted about it. I am extremely interested in gardening… Indoors and outdoors! I’ve used an aero garden in the past four years & have loved this… I can’t wait to follow along & see your plant progress!

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We’re getting close to #saladtime.

I’m expecially excited about the way my little tomato plant is coming along.



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I remember that Seinfield episode! That crack me up!! :smiling_face_with_tear:

The plants looks healthy and growing well. You will be so happy when you do the first harvest! Enjoy!!