Age of beauty swaps/expired items

I have mentioned this before. I just got a swap request where the swappers items were all 5-6 years old.
I will say it again, if people are going to swap here, there needs to be a cosmetic age limit enforced…
What I am going to do is swap out my items and be done,
What is wrong, is new swappers are swapping for 6 year old eye and skin products. My cousin used an expired product and ended up with cellulitis and Hyber baric therapy for a. Long, long time.
So I’m going to swap out with trusted swappers, and be done.
But the mods, administrators, need to take a more active approach to protect everyone, instead of hiding thier heads in the sand and looking the other way!

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And since I have been here since 2015, I’ll be happy to help point out items that are on the swap site, that are 7 years old! I am appalled that this is allowed.

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Some items are easy to tell. But there are some items that’s hard to tell since they appear repeatedly in the same box, like items from FFF, ME, QVC, Sephora, etc.
If it’s old listing, maybe the swapper was just too busy to unlist it.
The sad part is there are old items that newly listed. :persevere:

There are the ones that you can get in Boxy or FFF add ons all the time (which always makes me wonder before ordering them, since you don’t know the exp date beforehand too).
You are definitely correct about some really old stuff, it’s just hard to tell bc of this issue sometimes.

I 100% agree that expired/old products are a huge issue on the site. I once received an item in a swap that had expired over 2 years prior to when I swapped for it, and was completely unusable (and when I messaged my swap partner there just to be like “hey, nothing to do at this point, but just so you know,” I was met with total radio silence, but that’s another story entirely).

The hiccup with wholesale removal of older listings is the repeat appearance of products as others have mentioned, but also that sometimes people will list a product received in one box under an old listing for that same product from another box, rather than create a new listing under the box it came from. I know that when I do that, I try to make note that I received it in the MM/YYYY box from X sub, but not everyone does that and I’m sure I’ve forgotten to do that on occasion.

Someone once suggested having the site automatically list the posting date, like, this product was posted on June 2, 2022. Which would help people know if it’s old product. I think that’s a fantastic idea, although it doesn’t prevent people from deleting and re-posting old products. But I suppose if people want to “work” the system, they will find a way to do it, regardless of what system is in place.

IMHO, another major issue is the huge number of inactive swappers and all of their listings. I mean, I get that people take breaks, but I’m confident there are people who haven’t been on the site in well over a year and have no intention of coming back. It gets frustrating to look to swap for something only to find entry after entry from people who haven’t been active. So it’s expired listings in a way, since almost certainly those people won’t be swapping their items.

Ok, I’m done. Imma gonna shut up now, lol.


I agree expired products are an issue. I don’t have any ideas how admins could police this effectively, though. Things we can do to protect ourselves individually -

Swap for brands that include an expiration date on their products. There’s a swapper with several La Roche-Posay items I follow who has proposed swaps to me a few times. Each time I send a message asking the expiration dates of her items. Ghosted.

Swap for newly launched products that couldn’t have expired yet.

For safety, I try to swap for sealed items mostly. This doesn’t help with knowing the age/expiration of a product, but it helps reduce risk of contamination.

Agree with Sherri, it is helpful when swappers state which month & sub box item came from. We can avoid listings that omit this info.

Any other tips??

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Just to add, especially for newer swappers (I agree with everything you said), you may recall a few(ish) years back, there was a HUGE overhaul on the swap site, because folks on the old forums asked for it to help cut down on the duplicate/multiple listings for some items. Many of the listings didn’t get merged, and so some came up as flagged…which the lister did not always know about unless they happened to check every single one of their listings or a swapper saw it on Counterswap (it wouldn’t show up otherwise I don’t think).

At one point I know I had well over 400 listings, and we were asked to cull that. But anyway, because of that, I am wary of making a new listing for something, unless it’s something that hasn’t been listed at all yet. Personally, I say what month/year the box is from in the description and hope folks read.

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