Alltrue Box - Spring 2022 Dates

Hi All, I wasn’t sure if I should post this here or under the Spoilers topic, so I flipped a coin! :grin:. I thought I would share the dates that have just been released by Alltrue for the Spring 2022 box with everyone. Mark your calendars and enjoy!

  • Spoiler 1: Thursday, 2/24
  • Spoiler 2: Friday, 2/25
  • Spoiler 3: Monday, 2/28
  • Spoiler 4: Wednesday, 3/2
  • Spoiler 5: Friday, 3/4
  • Add-On Market: Opens 3/4 and Closes 3/14 *
  • Spoiler 6: Monday, 3/5
  • Annual Subscribers Customization: Opens 3/12 and Closes 3/20 * *
  • Open & Closing times have not yet been released for the Add-on Market
    ** Open & Closing times have not yet been released for Customization
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I am still waiting on my Winter box.

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Me too. I was wondering if I was the only person STILL waiting. 3 months+ wait time is ridiculous…

Wow! That is ridiculous! I am an annual member so perhaps that makes a difference. I received mine in 2 1/2 weeks,

Welcome to the forum, @nab8033!
I am still waiting on my winter box. It is the last in my annual and I didn’t resubscribe this year. :frowning:

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You are definitely not the only ones still waiting for their Winter boxes,

I already had an annual, then added a seasonal when they had their “Black Friday” deal for $24.99.

Haven’t received either yet.

I just received tracking today for my winter box. And I was an annual member that finally canceled after this debacle.


I’m a newish annual member and my winter box has yet to ship.

I am an annual and have been one for three years. I STILL have not received my winter box. signs

Welcome to the forum! I am an annual member and I still haven’t received my box either from the winter. Hopefully soon!

I got the annual membership in November and still have not received anything. So frustrating.

I did the black Friday $24.99 seasonal deal and haven’t received my winter box yet either. And no communication from AllTrue whatsoever.

@woodall1880 I did not get a spoiler today. Did you or anyone else?

I suspect that the release of the box art is what they consider to be the first spoiler.

My boxes just shipped… One yesterday, one today! This has taken way too long… However, As long as I get it, I’ll be happy… I tend to get these boxes for my gift closet… But dang… It sure takes a long time!!


Got a shipping notification for my box!

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It actually showed up today!

10 days ago, I posted that I finally got tracking on my winter box but it still hasn’t arrived yet. :disappointed_relieved: Pure torture.

I finally got my winter box… I must say, after receiving this I’m looking forward to spring! I really like a lot of the spoilers, and hope to get that sooner than later.

I received 2 of my 3 boxes yesterday… FINALLY!! Very happy with them… The last box has been stuck in Las Vegas for the last week… Must be having a great time out there with all the glitz and glamour!! lol