AllTrue... It's back

I’m just gonna leave this here. :open_mouth:

(I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it with my own two eyes (you need to be logged into your account to see this, it’s under “Live Warehouse Updates”))


I saw this too (on my account) & I’m speechless (not in a good way). What about their vendors?!?! I’m not going back. I was lucky enough to get my annual sub money refunded to me because I used my Discover card (they really are the best when it comes to these things) but I watched other people in anguish about their own financial loss as they weren’t as lucky as I was. I’m more sickened with the vendors who are out not just money (some hundreds of THOUSANDS of dollars) but product. These so-called new owners need to be transparent & show people that the vendors got paid & people paid orders truly were shipped. Sigh.

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Agreed - I just saw an email that was sent to a subscriber. They talk about how they want to be transparent yada yada yada, yet were completely silent about the vendors that were screwed, and who exactly it is that has taken over. I suspect the same owners found a way to establish a new business venture and are the “new” owners. But I tend to be cynical by nature.

I would be shocked if they make it. I can’t imagine many people renewing. It seems far too risky.

I was lucky in that I didn’t renew my annual just before the extreme delays started, so before the whole shutdown, but I really feel for those who got screwed in all of this (subscribers and vendors). I’m glad Discover took care of you.

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More info, they just dropped the below on FB (and on IG too).

Also: I’m learning more… evidently if you cancelled your AllTrue sub so it wouldn’t auto-renew, or you filed for a chargeback (note: merely filed for one, not that you were successful), they will not honor any remaining boxes you are owed. However, they are offering a discount to resub to get the spring box. :roll_eyes:

And also, vendors have not been paid.

Thank you for posting about this, Sherri. I’ve done a post on the main page as well.

I used my Discover as well and got my money back. They have great customer service.

This is wild to me

I lurk on r/causebox, it’s 100% grab some popcorn and pull up a chair.

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For anyone interested (@Kai-MSA ?), Forbes, who originally reported on AllTrue closing shop back in April, has published another article, this one about the reopening. Here’s the link:

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Okay that line - “new owners who have promised transparency but won’t say who they are”


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Has anyone received their summer box yet?