Alltrue subscribers?

Do you get Alltrue/Causebox?
I saw some things that peeked my attention. I told hubby I would not get anymore boxes right now. But, if someone gets it, and you can add on items… and we could swap …. Well, :wink: send me a message if interested. I can also just send you money if you can just do add ons. However, I have thousands of items not listed.

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This one is very tempting. My annual just ended and I was not going to re-up since they have been pretty slow this year (still haven’t received winter) but I really like that orange blanket!

Can you order extras like with FabFitFun from the same category?

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Yes, you can. I actually did in my winter box.

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The problem is that I want 3 things from Category one. Blanket, jug and tray.
Would you be willing to get them for me?
Are they in add ons now? Or will they just be in the reg box? I would pay you upfront the cost if you could do it. I don’t mind Ned paying a little extra or sending you a cpl items. I just hate paying retail prices when they are so overpriced!

OMG got my Winter box at last! things look great I used the Woolzies Spray on my Woolzy Ball right away . I picked up the box will I was doing laundry. Perfect timing and 3 lovely scents.
I guess it’s a little late to give my Mother the wrap for Christmas. That was the plan. Oh well I can just give it to her.