Am I Missing Something?

Sooo, I usually regularly check MSA probably for the same reason you guys do… To see the spoilers, deals, and other subscription box news. Well, for whatever reason I haven’t checked it in a few weeks and it seems like it’s not being updated like it used to? Some of the supposed “latest posts” are from December 2022 and January 2023?? Am I doing something wrong to where I can’t see the updated posts in spoilers and other areas of the website orrrr is it just not being updated like it used to?


There are very few updated posts and those do not tend to be the content you mentioned. The mission of the site seems to have changed. I haven’t visited in months and I used to read the posts everyday. I only saw this one because it came to me in an email of summary of site activity. So pretty much, your post is the only new one sorry to say.


You are not. MSA is a shadow of its former self. The things that those of us who were around “back in the day” appreciated about the site - spoilers, reviews, new beauty deals, sub box news, etc. - are barely available. Swaps were taken away some time ago, spoilers are extremely rare to non-existent (they at least used to host a spoiler thread on this forum, they don’t even bother doing that anymore), and reviews and news are minimal. Most of the site is now dedicated to “sponsored” articles, i.e. stuff someone pays them directly to post.

Clearly MSA is operating under a new business model now, one that is far from what it used to be (i.e. sub box focused), and one that I think most of us find to be extraordinarily disappointing. I used to visit the site multiple times daily. Now I swing by maybe once a week purely out of curiosity, to see if things are still as disappointing as they’ve been (and that has proven to be the case each time I’ve checked).


Couldn’t agree with you more! I have no idea how this new model will work for them if everyone who used to come here daily only checks in about once or twice a month, if ever. This site makes me so sad. We are definitely feeling the void…nowhere reliable to swap, no single place to get spoilers, reviews, discounts, etc. Somebody please make a new MSA for us sub box addicts :pray::sob:

I think a lot of us are using the other site and reddit to check for spoilers and stuff, MSA just isn’t updating or writing as many reviews on boxes as before. The last CEO left last year I believe and I’m not sure who is in charge now, but things are worse than they’ve ever been and it’s sad to see. They didn’t even do any spoilers or updates for Fab Fit Fun, the biggest, most successful sub box!

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Oh, I didn’t know the CEO left! I wonder who is running the show now. It doesn’t say on the About Us page although I see a whole bunch od writers I don’t recognize.