Any recommendations for an international-themed box?

I’ve given up on JourneeBox, but I love the concept of a destination-centered box. Anyone have a similar box they would recommend?

Trove seems to be one option, but it’s a bit pricey so I’m hesitant to subscribe without reading some reviews. Has anyone tried that one?

I’m guessing you are looking for home goods and the like, but just in case I’ll mention Universal Yums. It’s a monthly snack box and each month the snacks are from a different country. So you get a taste (literally) of a different destination each month.

(Side note, not that you asked, lol: I too have been really disappointed in JourneeBox. I ended up skipping the Riviera Maya box because it just had no appeal to me personally, and Nottingham will be the last box in my annual sub (that I signed up for 2 years ago). Well, that is assuming they actually put that box together and send it out, I’m not 100% convinced that will be the case, tbh.)

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I was thinking more home goods, but Universal Yums is a great suggestion! We already get that one, and it is probably our family’s all-time favorite box. :slight_smile:

As for JourneeBox, I asked for a refund of my final box, and they refused but said I could skip the Riviera Maya if I wanted. I told them that I wasn’t sure Nottingham would ever ship, and they told me it was 85% complete right now. I’m sticking with the Maya box just to be done with them, but at least there is hope that folks will eventually get Nottingham.

@mary_l, thanks so much for the info! I’m surprised they refused a refund, since it seems others who asked for one got one. I am now hopeful that I will get the Nottingham box - heck, at this point I’d take 85% of it, lol. I will not be renewing my sub after that. It would be great if they can turn things around and get things back to where they were in their heyday (I really appreciated the unique nature of this sub), and if they do, I will definitely consider resubscribing, but I just don’t trust things enough to move forward at this time. It’s not even the delays so much (which are understandable, but then again, no other sub I have has experienced delays to the extent JB has), it is how they handled things, primarily the lack of communication and transparency. Ok, I’m done now, lol.

Specific to Haiti, the Mama Box (The Mama Box — Haiti Mama) includes lifestyle, beauty, and home decor products. According to their mission statement:

“Haiti Mama works to reunite families separated by homelessness, orphanages, and exploitation. We work to restore family systems through community social work, education, and employment.”

I will be receiving my first box shortly and update after that.

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@mary_l just posted a luxury travel box I found from Canada…


Thanks @Bambi! I’ll check that one out!

@ebbgirls Where did you post it? I can’t seem to find it. Thanks!


She posted it in the Spoilers thread. :slight_smile:

Here you go:

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@Lindsey-MSA embrassing myself. I missed the 5 in the $15 shipping to the USA. I edited the post.

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Thanks Lindsey!

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Ahhhh it happens. $1 did seem like a super great deal! :rofl:

I would recommend either the JourneeBox or GlobeIn. I have subscribed to both in the past and have really enjoyed them.

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Which one?? I’m in BC.

Hi @Bunny! This is the one she posted spoilers about: The Travelista Spring box from Canada

Have you heard of it?

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Thank you! No, first time hearing about it. I’m going to check it out :slight_smile: :grinning:

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The Mama Box

My Cozy Box from The Mama Box (The Mama Box — Haiti Mama) arrived today. As promised, I’m attaching a few photos and posting my impressions here in the MSA Forum.

The Mission

I discovered this box through one of the several Facebook subscription box groups. I love their mission:

  • Can you imagine the world without your mama?

  • 80% of children institutionalized in orphanages have families in the community.

  • Parents are just too poor to feed and educate their kids.

  • Orphanages are an out-dated solution to poverty. Children need their family; mamas deserve to be mamas.

  • We provide a community-based service alternative. We work to reunite children with kin, rehabilitate impoverished parents, and restore broken family systems.

  • Our services empower each client to meet their own individualized goals for sustaining themselves and their families. We are committed to ethical practices that show dignity to the people we serve.

The box contains items made by Haitian parents, and they have a lovely, individualized feel.

The Box Contents:

I received soap, a throw (listed as a blanket, but really throw size), wooden coffee spoons, a pouch of Haitian spice hot chocolate mix, a bookmark, a “market” mug, and tin earrings. Everything fit the theme.

Here are my initial impressions:

The soap : I am not usually big on bar soaps, but this looks like an exception. The delicious brown sugar, vanilla, and fig fragrance goes well with the cozy theme, and with three kinds of oil it looks to be super gentle.

Haitian spice hot chocolate : This Haitian brand is Kada Nati, and the spices include cinnamon. I haven’t sampled it yet -but I am looking forward to it.

The market mug – is a basic tin mug, good for outdoor spaces. The paint trim is slightly imperfect, reflecting the individual production and adding to the appeal. It looks perfect for taking your morning coffee out to the porch, patio, or front steps.

The handmade bookmark is a nice addition. I doubt I’ll use it, but it would be a great insert for a gift book.

Coffee spoons : Super cute and well-made, these could be functional or decorative.

Multi-purpose blanket : As I’ve noted, his is really throw-sized. It is not very thick, but the flannel-like fabric is tightly woven and cozy, and the edge stitching is well done. The earth tones make this a likely candidate for fall getaways or cabins in the woods – or for any rustic decor. It truly reflects the box theme. I love having something that doesn’t have a mass-produced look

The tin earrings are lightweight and flat out adorable. They’re my favorite offering in the box. Although I’d also be happy to have them, I am apt to offer them to my daughter.

The rest of the details:

Shipping : The company promises quarterly shipments on the 15th of February, May, August, and November. My box arrived on the 25th, so that’s about right.

Packaging : Minimalist; everything arrived in fine shape.

The cost : The listed prices are $59/quarter or $200/year. I made a one-time purchase with a discount coupon and paid $52.80. This is not bad at all, especially taking into account shipping costs.

The stated box value is at least $180. I’m a bit skeptical, but I’m often skeptical of stated retail values on sub box sites. Increasingly, I am looking at whether the company is sending things that really add value to my loved ones’ lives or mine. After years with some of the bigger name box brands, I’m increasingly aware of how much I won’t use or gift – as well as quality issues that can arise when the offerings are mass-produced. There’s a lot to be said for minimizing our collective carbon footprint by minimizing unwanted/unneeded extras.

Here, I was looking to support a nonprofit mission. According to their site:

  • 100% of Mama to Mama box revenue is reinvested into the Haitian economy.

  • Our box has created work for 250+ artisan.

  • We train Haitian parents + pay fair trade wages.

I think I got my money’s worth.


This is a great review @Bambi! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Oh! That looks intriguing!
Looking forward to your review once you receive your box.

Thank you! Great review!