Anyone else grabbing a Trendmood box? Volume 14 just went live!

I’m really excited about the Danessa myricks duochrome eyeliner that changes colors depending on lighting!

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I thought I was getting it but I tried the Glow Recipe plum last week and it’s too heavy for my face. So bummed because I love most everything I tried from them. I think I will pass on the box.

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I got it yesterday! Early access via the app. :grinning:

I have and love the GR moisturizer, so I’m happy to be getting a backup.

Now to see what shade DM eyeliner I get… knowing my luck I’ll end up with the yellow one. :woman_facepalming:t2:

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IKR, my luck I’ll end up with the one odd color. :joy: I am excited though. I did get mine ordered.

I’m really surprised that it’s still available. :open_mouth:

Back in the day they’d sell out in like 2 minutes. Lately some of the boxes have been meh, so I wasn’t surprised to see them available later into the day, but I figured people would jump on this one and it would be a sell-out for sure. It’s possible that she has more inventory these days, or that people are watching their spending, but I’m still pretty surprised about this particular box still being available.

At this point the box has been around for two(ish) years, so I think that they’ve been able to get more inventory! I do also think while this is a nice box with the glow recipe and eyeliner, it’s not super super jaw dropping- dry shampoo isn’t very exciting and good molecules is a very affordable brand.