Anyone else having issues with Vellabox?

Hi all! Is anyone else also having issues with Vellabox? They seem to always be delayed shipping orders, and customer service isn’t responsive to emails. I’m not sure if it’s a one time thing, or if I should open a dispute with PayPal while I still can. I’m hesitant to open a dispute because I do enjoy the Vellaboxes, if and when I do get them. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Arisa ! Welcome to the forums!

I wish I could be helpful but I’m not familiar with that box.

I just wanted to jump in and welcome you

Hopefully others on here will be able to be more helpful :wink:



@Arisa I don’t currently get them but I did and never had trouble.

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I am not familiar with the Vellabox! What sort of box is it? And I’m sorry you are having issues with it

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Thank you!

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It’s a natural candle box! Each month features a candle from a different small-business candle company from across America. I wasn’t sure if my current issues were just bad luck or if other people were also experiencing problems. If I don’t need to cancel I would actually prefer not to because the boxes are very nice when I do get them!

I cancelled at the end of November cause I was drowning in candles, but they were having problems with the site and I had to have them cancel on their end. They did get back to me right away though, what email address are you using? They got back to me within 3 hours and the email was is that the same as you’re using? They also have an insta you can try.