Anyone want to see my Japanese snack haul?

I am addicted to Japanese snacks so I placed an order a few weeks ago and now the package has been delivered and I don’t remember what I ordered :joy: let me know if that’s something y’all are interested in seeing!

Um, yes. Also, I would like to see all of the gummies. Japanese candy is the best.

Yes. I don’t know much and love learning about new treats.

What I ordered:

Koala’s March Cafe Cookies in Cocoa

Super Mario Choco Egg

YBC Lemon Cream Mini Biscuit Sandwiches

Oyatsu Tsunack Corn Puff Snacks In Rich Sauce Mayo (that may sound weird to you but I promise when they have flavors like that it always tastes phenomenal)

Kameda Honey & Soy Sauce Rice Cracker

Kato Potato Snacks in Corn Potage

Yaokin Umaibo Nori Shio Snack Stick Set (5 umaibo sticks)

Matsuyama Texas Corn Takoyaki Snacks

Yaokin Umaibo Natto Snack Stick Set (10 umaibo sticks)

Coris Suppine! Ramune Candy in Pineapple

Lotte Pastille Herb Mint Gummy Candy

Eiwa Munimunidayo Marshmallows in Cola (cola flavored candies and gummies are REALLY popular in Japanese snacks. Much more so than I see here in US snacks)

Tohato Poteco Christmas Potato Ring Snacks in Nori

I will be eating all of these, and some of these will be in the middle of the night munchies. If there are any in particular y’all would like more insight on, let me know! I’ve have Natto umaibo before and I really like it- it’s savory with the slightest hint of funk. Corn potage is another umaibo flavor I love, so I got that different snack in the familiar flavor. The rest I kinda just thought looked interested so I grabbed them. The total was $47.88 including international tracked shipping for Japan (I purchased from the Japan candy store, and they give you free shipping over $40), and I placed my order on February 4th and received it 20 days later on todays date.

Is that a lot for snacks? I mean it’s more expensive then American snacks, but I can’t get these in American stores so I know I’m going to pay more. The individual prices I didn’t personally find to be too crazy.


Of course we want to see and hear about them. In fact, I think you should be sending them out so we can taste test them with you! :rofl:

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Wow… What a haul!! Happy snacking!!


These were really good. I had one of the mini bags (it came with 4). The flavor was a good mix of savory salty slightly sweet, and I really loved the fun texture the crackers were shaped in