Anyone watching the super bowl today?

Super Bowl Sunday is my favorite holiday. I am making two different dips as well as cheeseburger stuffed pretzel bombs. I did my eye makeup purple and gold because Joe Burrow was an LSU tiger first before Cincinnati even dreamed of drafting him. And I bet $5 that the Gatorade that will be poured on the winning coach will be yellow/green/lime. I am READY.


Since the 49ers couldn’t get into the Super Bowl this year, I won’t be religiously watching it, but it will certainly be in the background.…

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I love also your makeup look with your braids. So cute!


@Jessica-MSA After the game I must know about these cheeseburger pretzel bombs! Yum! How is the cake btw?

How did the pretzels come out!? Were they the most delicious things ever because they sound VERY tasty.

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My cheeseburger pretzels are probably the best game day food I’ve ever made. So freaking good. Heading up another to eat now. The cooked ground beef was mixed with a copycat Big Mac sauce and stuffed with American cheese inside pretzel dough.


Ummm. Recipe please. Yummy


I’m all about the food on Superbowl Sunday and maybe the football a little too! Tehe. :grin:

We watch every year even though our team – the Lions (sad trombone) – never makes it to the playoffs. At least Stafford won with the Rams this year so I guess we can pat ourselves on the back for that. Only 12 years of losses with the Lions could prepare him for that come from behind victory. :wink:

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